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Just have my baby!

I want you
To have my baby!
I don't want to just drink Tea
And talk about politics.
I am not really interested
In taking romantic walks in the park.
I just want you
To pump your sperm into me
And make me pregnant.
We're done.


Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 07/04/2020

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Your First Baby

The blood and flesh of each of you
Your eyes, your smiles
The laughter you share
The tears, the love
The feelings with care
The time, the years
As your life bonds together
Their thoughts, your ways
They come from your heart
Their meaning, their heart
Their yours from the start
The lives you share
All come together
Your children, your blood
It came from your hearts
It's life you love
From the life you started
From two
Of you who loved together
And didn't know
How children grew


Author: DC raw love
Date: 06/04/2020

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Baby steps

Her world was shattered long before she had the slightest chance to experience the harshness of it.

Im pretty sure there are people who get better, who make it through.
And although some people recover parents divorcing and loneliness and being practically raised by themselves, some others turn into drugs and become cheaters and they should have the concern of someone. i mean, who pays attention to these forgotten souls? who will help them become who they were born to be and not a weak copy of their flawed parents?

I'm not bluffing, people do get better and i know at the moment it may seem as the hardest thing you'll ever experience.
Baby i know you think you need those boys but you don't, you need the beach and fresh air, and a hot bath when things seem to heavy for your fragile shoulders to handle, you'll need friends who get you ice-cream after rough break-ups, skateboards and probably a shot or two, and fresh air when the air gets so thick your lungs finally begin to charge all those empty cigarette boxes hidden under your bed.

And you will get better, you will overcome it and you'll thank god or better yet you will thank yourself for holding onto to that ray of sunshine, for staying away from the shadows and the chaos, for keeping those dark thoughts that used to haunt you at night in a corner of your mind you no longer have the need to visit.
Remember, i love you

baby,  steps.

Author: Daniela
Date: 05/04/2020

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Baby, someday you will be dead

Baby, someday you will be dead
You'll needlessly of nothing lustful

Bodyheart or

Nipples hardly be (notbe, infact)
The loving stupor of thy fragrant zone
Or the unchaste familiar kissing breasts
Not sore, not felt (save for rushing of
Wormsdirtroots) not beguilers, food
Instead be you'll, baby: crush of soil
Or finely whitish powder scattered to
Mingle in puckish breezes sweeping
The grass in your onceexquisite piercing
Waist(so notdead, baby, i wonder if your
Green stem supple might slightly acute
Chafed of thorn, baby might like my
Hands rushing


Unfleece you, and in your livid youthful
Hipsspilll them full of

baby,  dead,  someday.

Author: PK Wakefield
Date: 03/04/2020

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For the Baby

I put the baby in the stroller every week
So she can see her mother
Not a body,
But a tree slowly growing above the headstone,
It's branches stretching and crackling in the breeze.
The baby looks at the tree and coos, because she can still smell
Her perfume settled on the leaves,
The leaves that rustle
And barely cover her whispered laugh.
The first week it started raining, so I couldn't see her tears,
And she couldn't see mine,
Rolling down, down, back to the earth.
I put this baby in the stroller every week
To visit her mother,
Knowing she hasn't let her go.


Author: Abby Sanderson
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204744

Zed is Dead Baby

They wake up
And shake off
The layers of dead skin
Scraped off in their sleep
Into a heap
Of dead thoughts
Swept up
In a maelstrom
Of dead weeks
Spent in their bedroom
Without a peek
Dead swoons & sweeps
Through the rain drops
Through the levees and creeks
And the dead fog
Unchanged from the bleak
Still breathing smog
Dead fantasies
Life shaped oblique
Singing the same song
A sunken verse with dead rhymes

baby,  dead.

Author: Timothy Brown
Date: 02/04/2020

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Please Baby

Sing me a song
Write me a letter
Hum me a tune
Talk to me
With your heart again

Don't worry what comes
Please give me words to love myself with
Please Baby


Author: Hers
Date: 01/04/2020

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Baby you are

Baby you are my everything
Baby you are my super hero when life gets rough
Baby you are the only thing that makes me happy
Baby you are the one person I trust
Baby you are my best friend
Baby you are the person I want to love for the rest of my life
Baby you are my future
Baby you are my life
Baby you are the one who gives my life purpose
Baby you are the one I love
Baby you are the one I will absolutely always love
Baby you mean everything to me
Baby you're my whole world


Author: Sammy Ann
Date: 01/04/2020