Poems about bad



I'm probably a bad friend.

A couple of days ago,
I had a dream that i was mad at my friend,
And so i tried to frame her
By hiring someone to shoot me in the chest
And put a tardis in the wound
Because she's a doctor who fan.

bad,  friend.

Author: Jasmine Marie
Date: 07/04/2020


Bad Stuff Mouth Can't Tolerate

Abusing my best friend
Because she slept with my ex-boyfriend
Knowing how much he meant to me
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Disrespecting my mother
Just because she didn't prepare my meals on time
And keeps fussing over small things
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Hating some girl
And calling her slut
Just because she refused to sleep with me
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Calling a friend
And bitching about another friend
After all those memories and moments
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

Saying “i hate you”
To the person I called my world
After all the promises of “always and forever”
Is not acceptable to my mouth.

All this stuff, and many more
Sears through my heart
And burns a hole full of void
Named “Bad Stuff my mouth can't tolerate”

bad,  mouth,  stuff,  t,  tolerate.

Author: Muskan Kapoor
Date: 06/04/2020


I want to be bad

I want to be bad
I don't want to be the teacher's pet
I want to cuss out the teacher
I want to ditch class

I want to be bad
I don't to be good
I want to sneak out
I want to smoke weed

I want to be bad
I don't want to be nice
I want to get in fights
I want to be the one stealing

I want to be bad
I don't want to be an angel
I want to have sex behind the school
I want to wear all black

I want to be bad
I don't want to be polite
I want to flip people off
I want not care what anyone says

I want to be bad
I don't want to be sweet
I want to be the one everyone talks about
I want to be the one breaking all the rules


Author: Heather Wright
Date: 06/04/2020


Bad Noise

Clamouring to be heard
Cock-a-doodle doo
Cries the vain bird

So many people
Too much noise
Fighting for the steeple
They ruin my poise

Trying to be number one
Fighting for thier piece of the pie
They bicker and cry
Because they get none

bad,  noise.

Author: Jonathan B Wilson
Date: 06/04/2020


A bad joke

Do "chicks"
Still dig "scars"?
Because I've got a load of physical,
And emotional ones
That contradict my singularity

bad,  joke.

Author: Flaws
Date: 06/04/2020


Bad Love

You see a romantic in your reflection
Looking for love without the directions
Try to make progress before it gets hectic
This kind of friction isn't kinetic
Flustered hearts remix their words
Subtle confusion amplifies the hurt

The sun shines, revealing your guilt

Hide in the shade

You've destroyed what you've built

Hide in the shade

And try it again

bad,  love.

Author: Wes Mills
Date: 04/04/2020


Hangovers aren't all that bad

Hangovers are alright
When the night before you sang out loud with friends in a garage
And swung upside down from monkey bars in a park at 6am

Feeling broken isn't so bad
When you have friends who tell you they love you
And want to see you smile
And feel welcome
And feel safe
Because that's what family does
And they're no different

I think the world wanted me to feel and become something different last night
In order to do so i couldn't let you be the one exception from being so closed-off for so long

Even though part of me wants to cradle an ice pack against my skull
I feel liberated
I feel alive

bad,  hangovers,  t.

Author: Netanya Janel
Date: 03/04/2020


In the end ( aka bad gas)

Take it out
On someone else
Better, yourself.

I cannot see the reason for your blame
Though it strikes me odd, you tend to think the same
Your reasoning does not much good for me
And it's time I set you free
Throw out the key.

Well it does no good to rummage through the past
These things will only give us back our gas
Well it's better just to let bygones be gone
And we'll meet back here again
Out on the lawn.

I know you liked me best. I loved you most
But it's useless now to chase that lover's ghost
And it's getting late and we are getting tired
Distance turns these things around
That's how we're wired.

So take it out on someone else and see
No they won't be puttin' up with misery
And then you'll come back draggin' on your knee
But I will not be around
I'm leaving town.

I do believe I see a lonesome tear
Have I touched the nerve which makes my heart to fear
That you'll always be the one I call my friend
Ain't it just like you and me
In the end.

aka,  bad,  gas.

Author: g clair
Date: 03/04/2020