Poems about bagels

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Bagels or God?

I sit here eating a bagel.
Wondering how many calories are in cream cheese.
My eyes are 360 on this pedestal surrounded by books and humanity.
I see a man pick up a bible
He seems lost in his contemplating
Does he believe?
Will he believe?
It doesn't matter to me.
I'm happy with this bagel.
I'm satisfied by simplicity.

bagels,  god.

Author: Rebecca Sue
Date: 16/07/2019

№ 768152


Hot and fresh
Steam exposed
Center when
The crisp shell
Is hand cracked
Or gently sliced
Lox, cream cheese,
Butter or jam
Sides of bacon,
Sausage or egg
Adorn the soft
Middle in
Sandwich form
From Poland to N. Y.
With all your
Varieties, you truly
Hold your own.


Author: Allen Robinson
Date: 03/03/2019

№ 708286

Also the Smell of Bagels

Blades of grass collecting crusted mud beside the train tracks
Of the downtown transit
Remind me fast of how much traffic we passed on foot paths
Through both the Summer and Fall

If you don't recall, it was a lot of traffic.
Better call sometime because if you don't then I won't.

Loose change falling from a palm into a used cup becomes
Your swinging wallet chain
Regardless the fact there's barely a reason for rerun
I find similarity

Enough to see the lies of your lines
Between those of some clean, plate glass windows

bagels,  smell.

Author: Talarah Shepherd
Date: 08/01/2019

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Iced Coffee & Bagels

If I could I'd probably
Try to see
If you wanted to accompany me,
To an innocent breakfast.
"I like my bagels toasted,
With thick cream cheese
In the middle please. "
But to be honest,
I don't know that I wouldn't want more
Than just an innocent breakfast sandwich.
"Also, can you add chocolate syrup
To that iced coffee? Strange, but it's how
I want it, please. "
I'd look over my bagel
To see if you were enjoying your croissant,
And possibly try to
Get you to sip my coffee.
All the while staring heavily at your lips;
All the while I would silently beg for you to
Hold on to me like you do that French pastry.
All the while wishing you would look at me
The same way as my bagel & coffee
Are looking at me now.
"One more thing,
Could I get some napkins
And a straw please? Thank you. "
But I know
It would never be
Innocent breakfast
Because I will always
Want more.

amp,  bagels,  coffee,  iced.

Author: Jasmin Mishele
Date: 26/09/2018

№ 429915

Posh Bagels and Strawberry/Mango Italian Sodas

When the walls started closing in
And my brain turned to syrup
I slid down into a stupor
My mother makes me strawberry/mango Italian soda
The sluggishness liquefies
My brain becomes active
The bubbles floating my thoughts to the top.
When my vision is narrowed
And the fire is lit within
Burning the inside's out
Pass me some of that pop
And its the little things that matter

Observant servant to the soul
Not even owning your own body
Glitch glitch glitch
All over my face
Can't say a word without a fight
Stuck in my head, can't get out
Maybe if I keep talking the words
Will sometimes maybe came come from my mouth

My thoughts suffocating me
My head aches
Please please no more
I want to step out
Looking outside the bagel shop
Calmed my mind

bagels,  italian,  mango,  posh,  strawberry.

Author: Nebraska Saint-Claire
Date: 30/04/2018

№ 340264

Brick lane bagels

You can focus freestyle on a tightrope for the last mile but you can't balance on the tips of your little fingers, an interesting observation of no visible value,
I make it anyway

And making it any way is if anything something.

These are the days when 20th Century Fox couldn't be bothered to update their name so what chance do we have?

Rerunning shotguns to undercut the current trend of hand held mayhem, it's a blast if nothing else.

I'm fighting inertia with a dame nicknamed Porsche or it could be a light headed moment

Did you guess it was Sunday or were the visions in your way and was the lady from Harlem still on your mind?

Pixies or pixels we dance through this star storm until the music arrives at the end.

I got old yesterday and if I let it
It will get in the way

I think old is the new candy floss
Tripping up to be whipped up into
A high chair
A bib and some tucker
(and here fucker would rhyme)
I'm a sucker for politeness
I tighten the belt on my language
And don't use fucker at all.

You'll either read or dismiss this
And it won't make a difference
20th Century Fox.

bagels,  brick,  lane.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 08/02/2018