Poems about ball



My Ball

My ball always gets away from me
Oh no, there it goes
Down the stairs
Past the rug
Under the door
Off the porch
On it rolls without me
Down the path
Over the bridge
Around the lake
Across the lawn
On the porch
Under the door
Up the stairs
Down the hall
Into my room
My ball always gets away from me
Oh no, there it goes again


Author: Lady Ravenhill
Date: 03/04/2020


I hit a ball through someone's window and I'm sorry, but can't apologize

I've come into this space
A parasite
Feeding off others' light.
Just a taste,
It's all I wanted,
But a life without excess
Is a life of waste.
So I took it all,
Just to see it fall
Before me.
I can't stand my being;
My own face...
My existence.
I hew
Into ellipses
Just because
The trouble
Amuses me-
I have no
Bearing of how it makes
Others feel,
It proves me
A poet.

apologize,  ball,  hit,  t,  window.

Author: Michael Angelo
Date: 25/03/2020


It's a Ball Room Massacre

Please kill with your lace gloves slick to tightened,
Plaster your lips with a gentle smile,
Homicide's just another ball room dance,
You got to make a good impression.
You got to sweep and rake them from their feet,
Spin their breath across the room
For all to see.
Dance with an eloquent air,
Cut with the demon's envy.
It's just another party
Of a masses blood and cheers,
Champagne and of all respectable tears.

ball,  massacre,  room.

Author: Devon Baker
Date: 25/03/2020


Extinction of Ball Rooms

A rip in the door, a tip in the drawr,
Philosophy or trigonometry,
Epic failure,
Filled with pens & paper clips,
Minds to the matter,
Key opening frogs,
Toads totaling mirrors,
Mane of Moroccan Curls,
Sashaying across broad shoulders,
And smooth hips,
Laying on clouds,
Because you can't afford to breath,
On the ground,
Tree topped eye lined,
Eye lids,

ball,  extinction,  rooms.

Author: Madeysin
Date: 13/03/2020



€......by Jerry Howarth
Grampa is a legend in the softball world
He was voted into the Softball Hall of Fame
When ever Grampa was scheduled to pitch
It broke the attendance record every game.

Grampa was a fast ball pitcher
For the Perry Baptist church team.
He was having fun, just messing around,
But with every game Grampa picked up steam.

He began to experiment releasing the ball,
Making it curve left & right, drop and rise,
He even learned to make a slow pitch,
Making it difficult for the batter's eyes

Grampa had a favorite trick he loved to play The crowd thought it was super great!
The ball started out fast then changed slow
€How slow did it get Grampa? ” “So slow
The batter swung three times before it crossed the plate.

Well Grampa's pitching became so well known
The major leagues began competing with many others,
Offering Grampa Millions of dollars.

Grampa developed a fast ball so fast that...
€How fast was it, Grampa Parson? ”
It was so fast it was beyond measur'n.

Now Grampa had what he called his
Roller coaster pitch that no one could ever hit
It was such a crazy pitch, he had it patented
So no one else could copy and use it

Grampa was now playing on a professional team, making over a million bucks a year,
His agent made a deal for $20, 000 a game
Every time he pitched a no hitter

Every game he played was a no hitter,
Thanks to his patented pitch
At $20, 000. 00 a game
Grampa was getting really, really rich!

But back to Grama's special pitch,
It was greatly irritating to every batter
They were determined to knock that ball
Right down Gramp's kooka-defrater

Hear the crowd yelling, whistling, and clapping
Coming up to bat is the world home run king!
Here it comes, that, fast, slow pitch
The home run king gives three mighty swings.

Three strikes an yer out, the rules of the game
It's the first time in the history of soft ball fast pitch, that a batter strikes out on
Just one pitch

This poem cannot end without a mention
About Grampa batting power
That's right, Grampa hit a ball so hard,
It sailed about a thousand miles or so
It broke out a window in the Trump Tower.
YEAH It did! And broke Donald's favorite champagne drinking glass.

Well this is enough humble bragging about
When Grampa G. E. Parson was a Grandson
And I hope the reading of this poem
Was a lot of fun!
-Grampa G. E. Parson

ball,  play.

Author: Jerry Howarth
Date: 03/03/2020


Ball and chain

I was so happy for you
When you finally walked out the door
It was clear to me I was dragging you down
Now look at you soar

As you float in the stratosphere
And look down upon the collective
Please consider the start of your journey
A reference for perspective

ball,  chain.

Author: vinny
Date: 03/03/2020


The Ballad of the Ball

Gather ‘round all
And let us tell the tale
Of an ill-fated night
That was destined to fail

Dressed in traditional garb
A suit and a tie
He left that night
And let out a sigh

Not wanting to go,
But with a promise to fulfill
He would be there
Even if him it would kill

He did it for her
€Twas his only goal
But secretly he knew
It was also in hopes of feeling whole

And so he entered
With hopeful eyes
But what came next
Was to his surprise

The girl he looked for
She was not there
Instead she was replaced
With something he couldn't bear

It was her alright,
But intoxicated
The night was for naught
And all hope faded

He goes on now,
Living, but broken-hearted
He loved her once
But it's long departed

ball,  ballad.

Author: Blaine Namfuak
Date: 03/03/2020


Crystal Ball

We are on this
Colossal crystal ball
Holds secrets
Of this universe
Its origin unknown
Maybe it
Carried life forms
From all planets
Multiple universes
A microscopic replica
Of the macroscopic universe
Secret origins
Our minds unable to investigate
Visions not perceptive
Lacks the depth
Cannot read from the crystal ball
History is concealed
At its core
Forces which created this
Was aware not to reveal much
The crystal ball narrates
In its mystical waves
Only for the select few
In harmony, can decipher
The mystery of the crystal ball
Life will continue

ball,  crystal.

Author: Amitav Radiance
Date: 01/03/2020