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№ 1209344

A Terrible Encounter with ORLOK, the Vampire Bat from Deepest Hell

The second poem in the series by my alter ego, Count Orlok the wicked Vampyr*

O how the moon peeps out gaily from behind a pink cloud,
Its light shining wanly on the grave of my fat neighbour,
That ugly old fart, Bert Higgenbottom, follower of silly old Jesus,
As my vampyr fangs glisten in the kinky moonlight.

Ding! Dong! The midnight bell tolls like the clappers
And I rise fully erect to begin the horrid task
Which I have been putting off for months:
The ritual defilement of his mouldy corpse.

What a shock to discover his nightdress-clad body
Lying next to his collection of Doris Day LPs;
Thus I turn the putrid plump corpse over carefully
Before sodomising it with my mighty circumcised dick.

Yucch! It's a grim job but someone's got to do it.

bat,  deepest,  encounter,  hell,  terrible,  vampire.

Author: Edna Sweetlove
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1204143

Baseball bat girl

I could suffocate you with clever wordplay
And say that i'd pay to lay with you for another day
But i'm past the point of the paradox and price
In that skirt that first night you looked so nice
I couldn't imagine what i'd done to see that
Your walk is like a bash to the skull with a baseball bat

So lay me down and cut me open
Let you see inside while you still can
Baby, lets just vibe in the moment
Baby, you eliminate all my torment

You're just a blip on my screen now
Double-tapping your pics and asking myself how
How could things have just snowballed
I just wish you would've picked up when i called
Now my heart is filled up and tapped out
But, my death, you won't know about

baseball,  bat,  girl.

Author: John
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1162026


By: Cedric McClester

Supporters of the man
Simply amaze me
The question I should ask
Are they bat shit crazy
Now that we need him
Where's John Cameron Swayze
To comment on the behavior
He frequently displays - see

He isn't normal
By any stretch of the imagination
To tolerate him
Takes more than a modicum of patience
As we watch him screw up
Foreign relations
Soon we'll all have to man
Our battle stations

He accused his predecessor
Of a felony
Says he tapped his phones
What the hell is he telling me?
Without a Fisa Warrant
How could that be
Is this yet another instance
Of we'll just have to wait and see?

Unfortunately this baby
We'll have to abort
Cos we certainly need to cut
His tenure short
Look at all the confusion
He's already wrought
How many times
Must this lesson be taught?

Cedric McClester, Copyright (c) 2017. All rights reserved.

bat,  crazy.

Author: Cedric McClester
Date: 23/02/2020

№ 1152873

The Evil Vampire Bat COUNT ORLOK is Thwarted by Human Odours

Poem Number Three from Edna's alter ego, Count ORLOK

O how the lust for virgins' blood rages through my veins,
My thirst for the wondrous elixir of human gore is all-engulfing!
I rise at dusk from my noisome grave, drooling with anticipation
And I soar upwards into the night sky like a bat out of Hell
(which is what I am, so it's no fucking exaggeration is it? ).
I go to search out new victims in a new place as my old haunts
Are rather depleted following my ravages on their inhabitants,
But the foul miasma emanating from Wolverhampton's suburbs
Is enough to make me throw up last night's supper on my tuxedo,
And it totally kills my fucking appetite stone fucking dead.
With a shrieked *"The West Midlands Conurbation sucks big time! "
I fly off in disgust, a steam of diarrheoa trailing after me,
Like brown stardust.

bat,  count,  evil,  human,  odours,  thwarted.

Author: Edna Sweetlove
Date: 15/02/2020

№ 1151542

A bat flits

A bat flits
In moonlight
Above the plum blossoms.

bat,  flits.

Author: Yosa Buson
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1148965

Bat Logic Quote: I am a bat brat and I Know It

I am not nutty, I'm allergic to nuts.
I am batty. Duh!

© By Amanda Shelton

bat,  brat,  logic,  quote.

Author: Amanda Shelton
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1142764

Lone Sweet Bat

Her legs she stretches
Drops her jaw, with vampired grin
Wings glide; oh goodbyes.

(6/29/14 @xirlleelang)

bat,  lone,  sweet.

Author: Sy Lilang
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1138871

The Bat Signal

As tragedies befall man
It can be seen that virtue
, Right and wrong,
Has become a mainstream affair
Whereas the mitress of the good
Is the popularity that she possesses
While by some unknown foreign standard
Emotions such as grief or despair
Have been replaced by the all too brief
Cries of fair or unfair
That by some societal norm
We have become a people of characters
Numbering one hundred and forty
Different ways to paint ourselves
Favorable in the light of our peers
Who also choose to weave a facade
Either to illuminate or hide
The true content of their souls
Behind dishonest kindness
Or blatant hatred
Such that, morality as it existed
Is now falling prey to the whims of distance
And the false sense of safety
Provided by the masks we construct
To remove the burden of responsibility
So that we can abdicate our virtue
, Right and wrong,
Just because we use symbols to signal
Where we stand
As we sit

bat,  signal.

Author: LR Thompson
Date: 02/02/2020