Poems about bathroom




Doors close, slide the bolt
Turn around and drop your shorts
Finally, you have some peace and quiet
To sit and think and take some time
There is always something you can do
Either think or play or leave some stool
You see some writing on the wall
Like, "She's so hot" or "Fuck it all"
So take a pen and add your own
If there's something I like
I'll sign it Sloan.
So you know that I was here or that I agree
It's like free writing, no monitoring.
Or perhaps you hear another voice
And find discomfort in your choice
To select here, and not another
While you take some time to sit and wonder
Or kill some time
Or perhaps to cry
Hope this guy's not the constipator
Cause this stall right here
It is my lair


Author: Robb
Date: 06/04/2020


The bathroom

I hear your sobs from the bathroom
And I hope it's not what I think
Pray I misunderstood
Hope and hope so deep

We open the door
And there you lie
Lost in some fog
Then I realize
From the look in your eyes
And the colors I glimpse
It's all over the tiles
And it covers the sink

The scene freezes in silence
Images flashing slow
We try to grasp in an instant
How it began to flow
Searching for the tool you used
That would lead to the breach
Searching for the weapon you chose
To finally... sleep

And I wonder...

€Is this it? ”

€Is this the day
Our life will collapse? ”

€Is today the day that
All my fears come true? ”

Will there be no other laugh
In our lives forever stained
Will there be no innocence
Left from what was shed
Is this the date cross-marked
In our memories forever
Is this the day so black
Where our dreams shatter?

As I hear the sirens fade
I'm left in silence, petrified
In shock staring at my hands
Voiceless and horrified

So unbearable
That it dissociates me
So unshakable
That it suffocates me

Breathing the thick air
Painfully into my lungs
As I wash blood off my hands
And clean the bathtub

There were no tears that night
Just a blinding pain
As sharp as the knife
You pressed to your veins

Oh mother...

What have you

You have left me
For things
To come

Couldn't you spare us
I was just a child
In this bathroom who would comfort
The little girl I was?
Couldn't you handle
The anger and the tears
Preserve your children
From their worst fears?

You've shattered our lives
From your own weakness
And filled our eyes
With... endless darkness
Broken our hopes
For any peaceful day
An anguish for tomorrows
That will never melt away


Author: Claire Elwina
Date: 27/03/2020


First floor bathroom

Floors frigid like ice
Against my bare legs. I count
Ten speckles per tile

At least one-hundred
Tiles per stall but it's hard
Enough to focus.

Paper rolled in balls
That can't seem to hold their shape

Lead scraped against stone
Making everything dull gray.
Names scribbled over.

The lock screams as it
Slides to the right of the door.
Seemingly mocking.

Three large, cracked mirrors
Stare unyieldingly through me.
Five minutes ‘till class.

bathroom,  floor.

Author: Currin
Date: 21/03/2020



Shea butter soap, argan oil in her hair
Rose water, cosmetic bags, steam hanging in the air
Scalding bubblebaths followed by showers cold as ice
Cleanliness and calmness- there's nothing quite as nice


Author: Pigeon
Date: 20/03/2020


Reflections in a bathroom mirror.

I soar in your wake,
Just below your cruising attitude,
A glowworm alight in your reflection.
I'm looking at you!

bathroom,  mirror,  reflections.

Author: Perig3e
Date: 11/03/2020



Depression is - locking yourself in the bathroom at work for as long as you can get away with, and laying on the floor. Praying to fall asleep and wake up anywhere else.


Author: Robyn
Date: 08/03/2020


Bathroom tiles

I stay numb
As i stare at the bathroom tiles
With his hands on me

Thinking of another.

bathroom,  tiles.

Author: velvetstunner
Date: 08/03/2020


The furniture store is closing, please use the neighbor's bathroom.

Feliz love will soap
Cast away as if jigsaw's breath of fresh air
Granted me a space or two.
Fake it don't make it have it make it up
As though love is a conquered bathroom.
Washing faces of red plaid shirts
With undressed jazz
Lashes to lashes
Sink in your hair
Bathroom beats in my heart
Ceramic quartet
Hungover and tapped.

Washing my hands
Naked as a mannequin
The eyes of a faceless

bathroom,  closing,  furniture,  neighbor,  store.

Author: Fian le Brave
Date: 26/02/2020