Poems about bay


№ 1202668

By The Bay

Sitting, looking out
This tower's windows,
Across the bay
At the city skyline.
A beautiful city.
The fog slipping
Onto the island's
It seems eerie --
With buildings
And industrial lights
Playing hide and seek.
The bridge engulfed
By a silver, cerebral
And the cold fog
Rolling, rolling down
And back upon
As if a stream
Of vapors
Flows along the
Roadways of time
And space,
Flooding the gutters
With lost loves,
Faded dreams.
The last reflections
Of that secret realm
Which only the eternal
Fog can hide --
Along with street-grided
Mysteries of the city,
And the heart-of-hearts
Which beats in building
And bridge.
Street upon street
Winding down
With a certain purpose,
To finally end upon
The water's edge
Where an ancient
Descends into the bay.


Author: Adelaide Caron Dyson
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1192465

Bottom Of The Bay

Staring into hazy eyes
I slowly start to realize
That you are several leagues away,
And now I understand
~Tried to solve the mystery
Went looking for some history
I'd dive back down if just to see
And stir the sleeping sand.

We drown out all the pain we feel
Far-away things seem not as real
But there's a ton of brokenness
On the bottom of the bay
Weighted well to keep it down
In hopes that time would surely drown
The misery which hangs around
To cloud the dreary day.

I didn't know just what you felt
The searing fire, the burning welt
The scars of life, of loss and such
Which numbed your spirit, hurt so much
And wounds so deep, they should have bled
Attended to, would heal~ instead
They linger painlessly, you've said
In places way too deep to touch.

I feel the tug upon my fin
And draw a breath of water in
And surface here to find I've been
Caught up in love's illusion.
You nearly dried me in the sun
And here I'm thinking 'so much fun'
But like all fish, I've come undone
Awakened, our delusion.

I'll never truly understand
For I'm a fish and you're a man
I swim in garbage, not my plan
It's only your pollution.
There is no way a fish will drown
I'll let the current take me down
Just one more gem in Neptune's crown
And that is my solution.

I make my bed there in the deep
And on my watch, I rarely sleep
The nets they drag for memories,
I keep them all from catching
~the one's you've drowned there in a heep
The painful one's I'd rather keep
And as I swim this sea of bleep
None will be for snatching.

bay,  bottom.

Author: g clair
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1174646

The Lions At English Bay

Night hovers upon day in clouds ominous.
My city of rain is all silver and gold.
Reflections catch and mystify -
Bounce back upon the city's castles of glass.
But it doesn't capture the mountains.
The mountains are sleekly hugging the city,
Like black lions ready to leap-
To protect this jeweled treasure...
My city. My city.

Once, for a time I had to live far away.
My life waned and I stopped looking up.
There were no beautiful mountains and castles
Where I had to live.
I shriveled like a leaf in autumn
My heart was broken

Somehow I found my way home.
My city cradled me and nursed me
Set me on my feet again.
At sunset I'll go to the castles
And show my face to the mountains.

bay,  english,  lions.

Author: Deborah Birch
Date: 05/03/2020

№ 1170367

The Bay

If you were to walk,
To where the bay curves,
There is a cove with fishes,
And slippery clay,
Grey and squelched,
Between toes;
Here is where we played,
Under the seagulls call,
Between the fishing boats;
Watching "Red Funnel"
Make straight lines
For France.

In my rocking horse sundress,
Red plastic sandals,
I collected shells and
Coloured pebbles,
Splashed in the warmed
Sea water and thought of
Robinson Crusoe.
My brother climbed
The cliff face above,
I watched him, still young,
My heart beating time.

And so we suddenly left,
Grew away from childhood,
From each other,
Drifted as the seaweed,
In and out with the tide.
Floated looking at the sky,
Calling out sometimes
To the echo of the bay,
For all those days of sunshine,
Of innocence and oneness,
Never to return as we were then,
Children on a beach at play.

Love to my brother, Richard from Mary xx


Author: Mary Gay Kearns
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1165171

Morro Bay

Standing on hardwood
Staring at the Rock in its ocean's
It fills the picture window
Yet all I see is your
You were the decor
A room never needed more



Author: Lynette Warren
Date: 26/02/2020

№ 1164053

Marina Bay Sands

Not the chill down my arm
But the one down my spine
At the sight of decadence
At the show of extravagance
At the display cases with
Carats and watches
Plastic women wearing
Someone's house in fur
And silk and adornments
Covering their arms like a
Christmas tree gone awry
With its baubles and lights
Bringing neither peace nor goodwill
To their men who foot the bills
After a night spent with slots and
Levers and cards and mysterious
Figures that disappear into lifts
That reach infinite heights before
Plunging into clear, crystal waters
That sound like diamonds and the
View you see makes them say
'Oh it's beautiful' but
The waters are shallow.
A beautiful mirage.

Still too cold for me to sell my soul.

bay,  marina,  sands.

Author: Rachel Louis
Date: 25/02/2020

№ 1146425

Lovers at Bay

They spend the waking days and setting suns
Apart, away
And every day
They yearn for their lover's touch

bay,  lovers.

Author: sanctuary
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1133739

Bodega Bay

He watches the waves
Crash against old earth's spine
Lapping, licking like they want to reclaim
The clams, the crabs, and the ancient
Amoeba that abandoned the waters
Before time

He knows the sea sounds
Are an anthem, for he has been told this
By his friends who surround him, tho now
Their mouths are still
As they listen to this
Blue symphony

The one who can talk
With his hands signs to him
They are leaving now, dusk
Has siphoned the last bit
Of warmth from the air

He tells them to leave
Him; he will wait for darkness
And when he is shivering with only
Black waves as his companions
He will sing, his eerie emanations
A chorus of one among the dancing


Author: spysgrandson
Date: 28/01/2020