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I Have A Canoe That Can Beat the Girl with the Horse

Even if her horse is faster
My canoe is more determined
Even if she can dance beautifully without pain
I can listen to the words you say without a tear
Even if her horse is stronger
My canoe is more compassionate
Even if she can weave a great web of stories
I can tell you honestly the things that hurt

In the long run
My canoe wins

beat,  canoe,  girl,  horse.

Author: Samm Marie Moore
Date: 24/03/2020

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Just a glance of you was enough
Rapid serotonin surge giving me great triumph.
Did my heart just skipped a beat
Giving me a premature contractile treat.
Adrenaline galloped into my blood
Spawning multiple contractions that made me look ahead.
The feeling was so deep, that my cerebrum failed to process
Lashings of sensory, motor and cognitive chores.
Have waited quite long to say вАЬ I love youвАЭ,
But I never knew that my wernicke's area isn't giving a cue.
Don't know how to deal with this,
A shot of heroin may sometimes give me a sigh of bliss
Duplexing happily into morphine, embracing the opioid receptors
It makes a vow to present me a warm flush of euphoria.
Oh my, was I turning blue?
A tint of cyanosis giving him a clue.
Dumbstruck seeing him walking towards me,
I just blabbered вАШare you nuts? '
Reminded by the anaphylactic shock bestowed by peanuts during my infancy.
I have to deal simultaneously with hypoxemia and hypercapnia,
My respiratory muscles giving me a sudden shut down.
And I was choking so hard,
Waking me suddenly from the beautiful dream I had.
Dreams are just the perfect elixir of life,
But in reality, just like opening the Pandora's box.

beat,  heart,  skipped.

Date: 06/04/2020

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Hearts Beat

I can feel your
Heart beat it
Sits next to mine,
It shares the beat as
They were once separate
Now as one never apart.

Do not break this heart,
As the beat would be a
Broken one, a love lost
Would wound both of
Them not just one.

Your heart sits next to
Mine, we share the same
Beat, we are entwined in
Are love as two beats have
Now become one.

beat,  hearts.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 06/04/2020

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Beat up

Calm down, walking down
Twisted stairs, I fall down
I see the sky as pale as my skin
With convolutions and drowned out confusions.
Acid rain drops fall on me like a water torture device pounding nervously on the side of my porous head.

I got soaked up in the neighborhood with the angry sinners and no-good winners, beaten up by the losers, users and the black and blue bruisers
These angry streets bullied me into submission and called back promises it couldn't keep
Now it is time to stop walking backwards


Author: Silence Screamz
Date: 28/03/2020

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Her heart is an
Empty concave space
With nothing beating or
It's not red with blood and
Instead it's in the palm of
Her hand
Pale and shrunken
And as much as she
Wants it to pump
There's no energy to even
Be herself
Let alone
Save her heart

© Sia Jane

beat,  heart.

Author: Sia Jane
Date: 28/03/2020

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Living in the city, exposes us to inner-city life
Life and death dance with each other.
Maples Road, Elm Street or Pine Avenue
No such trees shade your way.
A tress falls a child falls, R. I. P.
The forest is now a wooden coffin.
Trees planted are young and sickly.
Buildings and not trees offer shade.

The streets are like a cloudy rainy day.
Cement and asphalt stifles the grass.
Cops walk the beat, whistles blow
Sirens, honking horns, gunshots,
Tires screeching scream for attention.
Gangs are rebels with a cause, to be free
Try to listen for the heartbeat.
Life in the city can be life and not death.

Listen, can you hear! A child is calling.
Look can you see! A baby is crawling
A blade of grass grows in the cracks.
The inner-city is alive with a new beat.
Life can grow, life can thrive
Let's gang-up for a cause to free
Let's tap to the beat we call life.

beat,  city,  inner.

Author: Celine Leduc
Date: 23/03/2020

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-Every Beat Counts

The Human heart has
About 3 billion beats
At 72 beats average.
About 37, 843, 200
Heartbeats per year.
To reach 80 years old
Your heart must beat
3, 027, 456, 000 times
On average.

Every Hearbeat Counts!
Make it Matter.

beat,  counts.

Author: G Rog Rogers
Date: 21/03/2020

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With Every Love Beat

With every love beat,
A kiss of salvation.

With every drum beat,
A mixture of emotions.

With every heart beat,
A mark to mate.

beat,  love.

Author: Dark Jewel
Date: 20/03/2020