Poems about beating


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Swan songs and beating wings

Resound as you bounce,
Vibrations denounce,
The shattering, ounce by ounce,
As all that you were,
Pools into nevermore.

That grip, so slipped,
Your grasp, your wit,
Won't lift you,
Elevating negatively,
And the only increase is momentum,

beating,  songs,  swan,  wings.

Author: johnny poe
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1202308

Beating (revised)

My heart is beating
Beating like ex lovers
That I've left behind on this journey of self destruction
Because I've learned that I can beat myself well enough
Thumping like the sound of my bloody feet pounding the glass blanketing the asphalt I am
Running down to distance myself from you
What is the range of Cupid's bow and arrow
Because I have to get myself out of it before someone gets hurt
I tell myself over and over
I never listen to my instinct and it's clawing at my flesh from the inside trying to let itself out
Because I've locked it away in this body that I hate
I hate the price tags that come with it
I hate what I've done to it
It's not pretty and new
Starvation slowly erases the indicators of age
And scars are not beautiful
Nobody loves this body
A few have tried but I don't feel anything
I'm looking for something to hold onto but it's not there
I can count the casualties to my numbness on the one hand that it takes to rack up the kill count
Yet that
Makes me a whore?
You'll never understand why I did it and you get upset because I have
Yet if I'm the 'dirty whore'
What does that make you?

beating,  revised.

Author: donny
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200039

Beating Heart

Beautiful heart,
You pound with pain,
The sound a popular soul,
For broken hearted souls.

The tremor of its instruments,
Sighting death,
And yet you beat on,
Dear beating heart.

Lovely heart,
Like a child naГЇve you beat on,
Full of life,
In hope of the incredible.

Thank you heart,
My loving heart,
New beats insight,
The partnered heart.

That heart with my beat,
The heart of purity,
The heart divine,
The heart mine.

beating,  heart.

Author: Onando St Bernard
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1196758

A Beating heart

Life is like a heart monitor, without the ups and downs, you wouldn't be living. < 3

beating,  heart.

Author: CloudDreamer
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1190711


Magical moments of pure sweet passion
Flutters within my hearts devotion.
Two hearts beating, they know it's right,
The beat grows stronger, then fades in the night.

Hungry for your heart beating with mine,
Longing, to be with you all the time.
The miracle of the beat drawing us closer,
Two hearts beating within one another.

You saved me a place in your heart,
Letting me stay, never to part.
Two hearts beating strong and true,
Two hearts beating, as one, not two.

© Hazel

beating,  hearts.

Author: Hazel Connelly
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1188946


The sun and my heart both beat,
The sun on the horizon
Day after day
Rising and setting,
And my heart,
Within my spirit
Beating forever
To the rhythm of the love within me.
Two drums beating,
For two different
But no lesser causes.


Author: Colten White
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1186481

No Beating the Beating

I'm in love with my life,
But where are you?
I can not find you anywhere,
Or in anyone
In anything thing
Or any being
I am trying
And I can not get over that
That I am trying
"You can't miss what you forget"
But there isn't even anything left
It's all I have
You're all that I have
You are all that I have ever had
And I can not escape that
I can not escape it
I can not escape you
I can not erase you
You are everlasting within my mind
Over anywhere
Anyone, anything, or any being
It's an everlasting cycle that I can not beat
And somehow my heart,
It keeps beating,
And beating, and beating, and beating
But only for you
I am forever in love with you
And I always will be
There is no beating the beating


Author: River Moon Willow
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1167995

Beating Wind

My heart full of weight beats like a wet leaf moving in the wind.
Resisting but still moving.
When the rain comes it will be beaten down and lay still,
Waiting for the sun to shine again.
It's only a matter of time til it beats a lighter beat, content to move where the wind takes it.
Only one thing it needs to soar,
And only one person who can give it.

beating,  wind.

Author: Megan S
Date: 28/02/2020