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Really beautiful

El dia, el sol, las nubes me los componentes del primero, lo que lo rodea; las personas, todo. Es hermoso. Es fascinante como puedes denotar el amor por cada paso que das con una persona enamorada. Es hermoso como, esa persona enamorada te habla manjares de aquol ser que provoca que su alma derrame luz... Es hermoso notar como dos personas te pueden transmitir el amor, por medio de la manera en la que se miran, en la que se sonrГ­en. Es fascinante ese momento. El amor entre dos. El amor que se pasan por esos ojos que se engrandecen desde que percibe al otro incluso a una cuadra de distancia; y no hablo precisamente del amor de amar, hablo quiza del amor de querer, del amor de estar enamorados, del amor de sentir como esa persona te ayuda a encontrar felicidad por medio de los pequenos detalles, tan pequenos como una sonrisa, tan pequenos como una rosa o un apreton de manos.
Hablo del amor que dos personas se transmiten por medio del brillo que se lanzan con cada mirada.
ЇSabes? Es hermoso encontrarse en un lugar, con cierto numero de personas, y darte cuenta que con una pareja de enamorados que se encuentre en ese circulo, el resto de los individuos sintamos la viveza del carino que ese par transmite. Y el simple hecho de observar como el Sol deslumbra el movimiento de cabeza de ambos, el movimiento que hacen de sus manos, de sus ojos, por todo el nerviosismo acumulado. Eso es hermoso. Notar que pese a todo el tiempo que han estado juntos, ese par sigue sintiendo nervios por su persona amada...


Author: Diana R
Date: 07/04/2020

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My beautiful friend

When did hugging a
Porcelain crown make
You the beautiful person
You've always been?

When did returning all
A day's calories make things
A bit better for you to deal

Control. Power. Devestation.
All you're doing is losing.
Losing inches and pounds to
Illness and frowns... ones that
Are noticed more than you think.

beautiful,  friend.

Author: KM
Date: 07/04/2020

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Beautiful Soul

The music that shoves our hearts
It creates different
Dimensions, aspects
And creativity towards life
For some people it requires understanding and passion to love something or someone
It made us feel everything
It made us human being for awhile
Or just keep the track.
Made no different than ever.

Cause I,
I have to face this beautiful soul
Within your ears to hear
Within your eyes to see
Within your hands to touch
Within your feet to step
& look forward
Within your senses to feel
Just like ordinary one.

But of course,
Sways and bring
Us memories

**It shows different pictures and motions

beautiful,  soul.

Author: jerelii
Date: 07/04/2020

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Dark is Beautiful

The only place where the darkest things
Are the most beautiful
And the saddest words
Can create the most touching

beautiful,  dark.

Author: AllAtOnce
Date: 06/04/2020

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He crawled deep within her soul and made a home out of cobwebs and broken pieces

Oh how beautiful she truly was


Author: JeanT
Date: 06/04/2020

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Beautiful Evening, Somewhat Blighted
In That The Love, Is Unrequited.
Beautiful Lady, Eyes Electric
The Defectless Picture, Asymetric.
Beautiful Setting, Baker Seats
Ode on a Grecian Urn, By Keats.
Beautiful Melody, Goes Unheard
Preconceptions, So Absurd.

As Then I Awoke From Infectious Bliss,
Restless, Dumbfounded, Devoid Of A Kiss

*(September 2010)


Author: Luke B Hopson
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209123


The dawn of beauty has sunk deeper
Within walls
And the world has grown grey
The scars engraved on her skin is
What i see as "beautiful"
A man, hand in hand, with another man,
Is what i see as "beautiful"
The curves of her shape, the freckles on his shoulders
But television screens, pages on magazines
Only parades porcelain skin, thigh gaps
Beautiful women, clumps of mascara,
We are made of glass, our skin collides fragments into dust,
With flaws dripping down our legs,
Acne painted on our faces, curves drawn to our waists,
Society can't accept us, if imperfection will hold us together
When we are falling apart.


Author: Annisa Vincent
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209121

A Beautiful Diversion

My life was a mess, I grew up with some G's
That's why I am arrogant, I never get down on my knees
I would always pick up a fight with anybody I see
I would always hit them like I sting like a bee
I am a Christian, but I never act like one
People draw me near to God, but I always run
As time goes by, my life just gets worse
Big problems came, and yeah, it's like a curse
I was about to get expelled at school
'Cause all I do is stupid things, I was a fool
When the news came by, I did not really like it,
When my parents heard it, they got very disappointed
They had a conversation with the school principal
After that I was given a chance to stay in the school,
But I could only stay if I would change,
That day I started to think If I could change
I was hopeless, I never knew who could help me,
But then my friend invited me to elevate as a remedy
That day I felt something extraordinary
Then I realize that Jesus was all I need
That day I opened my heart before God
I could tell you right now that He's not a fraud
I was so amazed, I can't believe what's happening
That's why I worship Him, singing and singing
Then, I thanked Him for everything that He has done
When on that day, I felt that my burden was gone

beautiful,  diversion.

Author: Sank
Date: 06/04/2020