Poems about beauty


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Something about beauty

Something about beauty
Flickers at the edge of the horizon
When the dark tunnel
Repetition of colors and lights
Is what became of the
Greatest of all gifts

Something simple
Like a drop of water
A snowflake
A fallen leaf
Smell of autumn
Like a ray of sunshine bursting through the curtains
Cool morning air
Soothing the thoughts with anticipation of
Change so long awaited

Live your life, girl
Enjoy it, sip it from the vein
Of universal energy
Tear eyes from flat abstraction
Feel it, first and most important
Then let it go
Poor it out into the
Web of creation

Let it all go
Anger has a place
Where it belongs
Do not hold on
Too tightly or life will slip
Through your clenched fingers
Release the grip then
Fly free from

At her last breath
With humility she accepted
Then the lungs expanded
One l-a-s-t time
Oh the moment that lasted forever
The Experience most felt
Between the dawn and annihilation
Was hidden the vibrant spark of life
Always wrapped in hope's quilt


Author: L Seagull
Date: 07/04/2020

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Fri, 07/22/2016 - 13: 07 -- Poetic Judy Emery
Your Beauty Speaks To Me Because I see the beauty of me as I look into the mirror of my life I think you God Jehovah, Jesus for the beauty you have given to me your spirit shines so bright in my life, I had too learned to see again not by eyes but by spirit your beauty speaks to me your Spirit moves me my eyes has never seen your face but No one ever had, My eyes have blossomed open words of your love speaks to me God Jehovah what beauty you have set in my heart at one time in my life I feared that the you didn't love me but that is the Lie that darkness speaks, In my young sometime ago my life was cast into darkness and made my heart cold this pain it gave had put me on the run Life was never fun life didn't seem beautiful the Light of your beauty I didn't no longer seen, But with time you listen to my cries you touched my body my Spirit when I was so scared My God Jehovah, and Jesus you have showed me you cared by taken away all my fears I have grown tender toward all living things what life brings my way, most of all I have learn not to run from Love But to hold on to it; because I don't see with just the eyes I see within the beauty of the Light the beauty that shines on high even in the night, As long as you my God and Lord in my Life I see things in beauty of love from heaven above; You Put love in my heart even from far You put thing into its potential place and made an opens path for me to walk for me to see what love really is, Where no path before ever existed in my life because you love me you shine beauty upon me I love you in heart and soul but most of all In Spirit and with a spirit eyes, You saved my Life, I don't see age has a thing to do with love when it comes from heaven above I live in a new world holding on too a New Law you are in my heart When I close my eyes I see everything in the beauty of your Love, Where my days and nights are now meaningful Because you love me you made my Life a better place to be I am glad you loved me first I know this love is strong and True God who loved us before we ever loved him Love is not what you can see Love comes from within.

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

beauty,  speaks.

Author: The Queen Of Darken Dreams
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210033

Obsessed Beauty

Raindrops falling like pearls on her neck
Sun shines like the dazzling of her nose ring
Breeze is the air, she breathes out
Moon smiles like her glowing eyes
Blooming lotus of her smiling lips
Plantain stems of her hands and legs
Crawling snakelike is her move
Icing sugar as sweet like her voice
Milk with saffron is her colour
Every beauty comes out of her
She is the beauty of God's creation
Admiring her from far away
Knowing that beauty cannot be his love

beauty,  obsessed.

Author: Prathipa Nair
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209987


I see the beauty in you
You see the beauty in me
We see the beauty in each other.


Author: Annabelle Kathryn
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209015

10W #Beauty

If you want to

Truly beautify yourself,

Start from within...


Author: Tapiwa Individualist
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207498

Advancing night suddenly stunted by an invasion of beauty

Spreading dense night, dark robust forest,
Growing relentless, virtually unstoppable;
It went on for some time after the sun surrendered
We were stranded in it's cloudy thickets, thorny bushes.
Then came white butterflies, waves after waves after waves,
From the silver moon's abode they descended so spectacularly.
We were overwhelmed, by this sudden invasion of beauty,
That swayed my mind, made it fly high weightless like a feather,
Couldn't even notice them eating up the fear of the forest altogether.

advancing,  beauty,  invasion,  night,  stunted,  suddenly.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207408

A Beauty Of Such

She saunters down the catwalk
Clad in a dress of the finest rose felt;
In the throes of her sheer brilliancy,
Stages start to shimmer and the crowds begin to melt.

A raw uncut diamond, glinting,
Stood out against a line of glamorised crows;
Through the transparency of make-up,
Her natural beauty still sparkles and shows.

Yes she's stunning, that's how she caught my eye -
But loving someone solely on looks
Is like playing Russian roulette with a broken lie,

It was that little flutter in my chest
That made her the girl I eventually chose -

Her beauty blooms from deep within,
A purity of such embellished upon the petals of a Rose.


Author: Lexander J
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206467

Beauty in the morning

So, I read something beautiful.
'The spaces between your fingers
Were created so that another's
Could fill them in. '
I am unsure who wrote this,
But they made my morning.

beauty,  morning.

Author: Carson Hurley
Date: 03/04/2020