Poems about beneath


№ 1203693

The story beneath.

You see the scars
But not the reasons.

beneath,  story.

Author: nichole r
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203430

Grief Beneath the Ground

Grief is not a song you wrote once
Nor the padded, downturned corners of your face.

Grief lives below your footsteps
A black hole with mass
In the shape of a giant ape.
Each of your labored steps begets its sweeping swing below.
Your soles are its vines.

Between each footstep, as it moves with you
You think the weight of it might be gone.
Grief delights in this deception
As it seizes up-down once more,
Reaching into the core of you
And pulling it to the bottom of your shoes.
Some part of you, torn away, lands with a leaden thunk
And cramps the delicate inner muscles of your feet.
Maybe it's the soul
Or more likely
It's some forgotten vestigial organ
Which only emerges through its own absence.

Now hollow in your middle
The muscles surrounding contract in confusion
Thinking, knowing, that the empty space is wrong
But not quite able to recall
What had been there in the first place.
And so you think your heart is seized by grief,
When really, you are confused, you are feeling only

As Grief lives beneath the ground
As Grief swings beneath your feet.

beneath,  grief,  ground.

Author: Kendra R
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202152

Heads Beneath Us

Why do we spend our whole lives sleeping,
Clinging to the secrets we're keeping?
Sometimes it's not okay.
Sometimes it's not alright.
Not every confrontation
Has to start a fight,
But while we're at it we do
And nothing worthy pushes through.
I grieve for the world though grief is dead.
I stumble through disfigured heads,
But nobody knows they're broken.
Their blood cries staining, unspoken.
But somehow I have to waltz tonight
Upon these heads that cause me fright.
Their skin slides on my shoe
And slowly off it, out of view.
One day I'll be a severed head
And you'll forget these words I've said.

beneath,  heads.

Author: Bri Neves
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199945

Beneath the moonlight

Do you think about what my skin feels like
Or how my lips taste underneath the light of a full moon
Just us two letting our heart beat guide us closer together
Do you feel my skin touch yours when your eyes close
And does your body's imagination of me takes over your mind like I'm there right?
It's like I know what to do right?
And whatever it is feels so good right?
I promise to take care of you
Because I'm pretty sure while you lay there thinking of what I could be doing with you I'm thinking those thoughts to.

beneath,  moonlight.

Author: Reese
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198812

Widow beneath a willow

If she would only let me
Climb the vines of her braids
Lie in the shade by the creek
Sip water from her slippers
Slip the gown from her shoulders
Taste the raisins of her nipples
Die in her arms 1000 times
The widow beneath a willow.

beneath,  widow,  willow.

Author: r
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198478

Beneath the Sun

Days of toiling rings sullen bells
Happiness and sadness dances side by side
Waxing skin feel piercing days
Hateful moments makes one to cry

Even of settling dawn brew with joy
Torrential rainfall only a seed germinate
Season gives way to each other
Bounty of seeds one reaps

In reality one sun fades when eternal sleep rob one's soul
Soil accept you as a blessed friend
Leaving love ones with agony and pains
As dead and birth lies still beneath the sun

All our craving under sun should be hate in a minimal form
Love in a maximum form, cry with an awful charm
Embrace every calamity as a way forward face reality as there're nothing new under the sun

Written by
Martin Ijir

beneath,  sun.

Author: yasaman johari
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198186

Diamonds beneath my ocean of tears

Falling from the open
Sinking, sinking
Takes away my breath
As if I had any left
Ships sailing, stay afloat
On top of my tears
An ocean filled
Below the surface
Lay diamonds
Burried in the sand
And all my dreams
That couldn't swim
Are spit back up on land
The winds bellow a
Gruff howl
Sinking, sinking
Enveloped by the waters
Beautiful sunshine
Smiling above
They swam off into the sea

beneath,  diamonds,  ocean,  tears.

Author: Katlyn Orthman
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197017

Beneath the aesthete a beast of prey lurks.

Stone teeth grind dully.
Flesh swells & tears.
Breathe aggressive heat.

beast,  beneath,  lurks,  prey.

Author: Robert Carroll Spear
Date: 26/03/2020