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In a green beret lives her grandfather's ghost,
Engrained in the wool his blood is soaked,
She wears it as a fashion hoax,
To tell her friends and blow cigarette smoke.
Still, over the years the hat grows smaller,
But the beret reminds her poor grandfather,
Of the overcast days when bombs hit the shore,
The days he forgot what he was fighting for.
The day he left his wife and kids,
To fight and kill innocent pigs.
And this green beret, which he laid down his life,
For the freedom of his granddaughter, his sons, and his wife.


Author: Jean Sullivan
Date: 20/02/2020

№ 1073061

She Wore a Red Beret 1956.

She wore a red beret
On top of her blonde
Head of hair. She had
Pale features and pale
Blue eyes. God must
Have had a good day
When he created her.

We walked to school,
Going under the railway
Bridge and up behind
The large cinema, and
Then down the subway.

Gran has bought me a
Book, she said. What book?
I said. What Katy Did, she
Said. What did she do?
I said. She related to me
As far as she had read.

It was not my kind of book,
But she seemed to think
It great. We walked along
St George's Road, past the
Clothing store my old man
Got his suits(he bought me
A black blazer there once).

Have you any books? she
Asked. A few, I said. What
Are they? she asked. I told
Her the titles of the books.

But my favourite is about
Robin Hood, I said. I told
Her the story. She listened
Without interrupting(unusual)
Until we got to school. We
Parted at the gates( couldn't
Let other boys see me with
A girl or they'd think I had
Gone sissy). I met Denis in
The playground. We swapped
Cards. He gave me a strip
Of gum and we talked about
What his old man did in the
War in someplace called Sicily.

One of us past wind and I knew
It wasn't me.

beret,  red,  wore.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 04/12/2019

№ 1055998

Passerine Beret

Seems somehow fitting here on HP
With undulating rapidity
Poecile carolinensis
Or is it *P. atricapillus?
Is it chicka dee dee dee
Or fee bee fee bay
Or simply bee bay?
Both sporting Che's beret
Alerting comrades of other color
To where food can be found for free
Flitting from shrub to tree
To feeder and fast away
In black beret
Like Che


Author: r
Date: 19/11/2019

№ 977080

Green Beret's

Save the day
For 12 year old
They found chained
To a bed of a (man)
Whom seeks
To pleasure himself
Upon the weak
Green Beret's
Kicked his ass
Now their on trial
This world is whacked
Where do you seek
Justice for
(Man) whom preys
On little boys?
If this is now thee
American Way!
I'm ashamed to be
One today

beret,  green.

Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 08/09/2019

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Man in a beret

I took a stroll
In the park today,
Saw an old man
Kicking a ball
With his grandson

He wore a beret
And I thought of you

I thought of those
Lazy Sunday afternoons,
Us playing football
Beneath a blazing sun

Pretending to be the son
You always wanted
But never had

How we laughed
Like a happy family,
Eating peanut butter sandwiches
And sipping mum's homemade lemonade

It's strange how
Seeing that old man
Has awoken
A beast in my heart,
It hurts.

It hurts thinking
Of those happy moments,
Those glimmers of who
You could have been.

I try not to think of you too often,
And at times
I fear I've forgotten
Your face,
Your voice,
Your smell

We had so short a time together
It's almost as if you were a dream
And I wonder whether you're proud
Of who I've come to be

I hope you are

But today you aren't just
A distant memory
That I strain to see,
Or that one faded photo
The only one I have of you
On my mantelpiece

I see you in an old man
With his grey beret
Kicking a ball,
And for a while
I can see us playing once more,
Can hear your infectious laughter

And I feel your presence
Right now
As I write this poem

Finally, I can smile
Oh Father, how I smile.

beret,  man.

Author: BlueMoo
Date: 06/05/2018