Poems about better


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As if they were better off

Vanish as the whispered words
Fly barren into the
Cherry blossom horizon
Sanguine the sun rises
Cautioned by florid
Lone limbs bared by breezes
The token
Leaves left barely hanging
As if they were better off


Author: wordvango
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209915

Better or Worse?

Is running in circles worse
Than running in a square?
Is letting chaos disperse
Worse than carefully setting up a snare?

Am I speaking in tongues
Riddled with sores?
Am I to young
To say much more?

Is grasping at straws
Better than taking with bad cause?
Is rambling about life
Better than handing out my strife?

better,  worse.

Author: Hi It's Haliyah
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209659


I'm tired,
Writing these lines,
Which rarely make sense,
Somehow helps, momentarily at the least,
But these thoughts, and this life,
Throw me a curve ball,
Every time they feel better,
Kodaline's lyrics,
Am I wasting my time, am I losing my mind?
Seem to have become the question of my life,
And this silence, makes it worse,
As I wonder,
*Does it make you feel better?


Author: Urmila
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208087


Having breathed secondhand
Smoke all my life, and
Having never taken
A liking to veggies,
I can hardly be blamed
For being a bit
Dull, a bit of a numbskull.
And having seen
Too much greatness in others
Having known
Too little in myself, I can't help
But cut myself up
Trying to be better.


Author: Mariel Ramirez
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206041

No Better Gift

Home for Christmas
I don't remember the last time
He's been away so long
Sure he's been home for visits
They've been great
But seldom around the holidays
He's so much more of a man
Than 22 years ago
Seems we have to get to know each other
I can't imagine a better gift
Than to have my son home

better,  gift.

Author: brian mclaughlin
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205691


I'm still figuring this shit out
Life doesn't make sense
And honestly neither do I
I just mumble
Or Ramble
Or a mixture of both because they're basically spelt the same
All I do anymore is stare at my rooms messy floor
Thinking about how life could be better
And yeah I find the opposite sex confusing
But only because I'm confusing to myself
So how the hell could I understand any one else
Its not just the opposite sex that's confusing
Its everyone from A-Z
Between you and me
From hair to knee
Those are the ones who really confuse me
So until I get myself
(which will probably be never)
I'll just sit here bitching about how life could be better


Author: Mitchell Mulkey
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205171

Better Luck Next Time!

You were a little too loud
A little too dismissive
A little too upfront
Forever eager to point out-
Especially among onlookers-
The million ways I was wrong.
I admit your harsh noise
Almost intimidated me enough to
Cave and give in,
Until I craned my ears a bit more
And heard the hollow bellows
Of the clanging insecurities
You'd hidden within.

better,  luck,  time.

Author: Ghazal
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205099

Go Now. You Deserve Better

He whispers sweet nothings into her ear;
'It's not about what I don't have but rather-
Who I am inspired to be when you are near.
I am 3 persons better when we're together. '

She knows he is lying. She is certain of it.
But she chooses to believe him all the same.
It's how his falsehood and charms are so sweet-
That he curves the best sound out of her name.

She smiles when he smiles. It's his smile!
She laughs at his jokes. His funny jokes.
But she wont let him see her pains pile.
She adores the peace with which he talks.

She's hurting. But an ounce of his fake love-
Has the likes of favour from a clan of gods.
She hurts that it hurt if its him she's thinking of;
But she holds on, praying for better odds.

She's irrefutably all his, but he is his own man.
She loves him with her every fibre of being.
He merely likes her alot. Thats about it! Done! ;
'A great love' vs. 'Some relationship-like thing. '

He say's she's beautiful like he coined the word.
He calls her his with the tone he does other girls.
He speaks words like she's never before heard;
She means a lot. He means a world of worlds.

He is not a tamed lover. He is the perfect actor;
The sort that hurts not with words, but silence.
He tells her that he really cares alot right after-
Breaking her heart with his affection's absence.

He endeavours to serve her his very best-
But the best he's known is to hurt her.
So... He assures her that she'll be blessed-
If he would leave her life and go so far.

Tears roll slowly, down her made-up face.
She's crying for her but more so for him.
True, his love in her heart is out of place-
But she willed to try and find life in a dream.

From some distance, I watched her weep bitterly.
I saw her as she fell apart. I wish I did not let her.
So... Looking into her dark eyes, I said sincerely,
'Sorry. I can't love you. Go now. You deserve better. '

Keep Smiling

better,  deserve.

Author: Alexander Brown - Xander
Date: 02/04/2020