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Bicycle Limerick

The girl on the bike was a mess--
She was nursing her baby, no less.
The cop gave a citation,
'Twas a moving violation
To the baby, for riding a breast!

bicycle,  limerick.

Author: Vic Miller
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1198762

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

Strap white to the handle bar
Red to the seat post

Of your worrisome bicycle
A fixed gear nightmare, these nighttime

Streets lay in wait while I lay waiting to be pierced
By the call that never comes
With a bit of luck.

Old light from distant stars
At the edge of my
Galaxy of fear

Arrives as pinpricks a reminder
Your new orbit free
Of my nettlesome gravity.

bicycle,  good,  lights,  set.

Author: Dave Hardin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1164410

Black Bicycle

I wish I could be fast on your bike
The way you travel this world
Like a kid or enthusiast.
To feel your heart race
Against your shirt
That has me quick into thinking
That maybe I've learned
While you ride fast
I fall
And there's no looking back
Only me watching you go.
It's emptier now
When I can't hear your voice
Saying, "good morning"
To the shops opening on my street
As I lay in my bed
Where dreams only fool me
I can imagine your wheels turning
As the soles of your feet
Break hard on the pavement.
Maybe you'd look up
Just for a moment...
To see if my window was open.
Still, the heart doesn't know
That my mind begins learning
If you ride fast I fall
And there's no returning
Only you and black bicycle

bicycle,  black.

Author: Emily L
Date: 25/02/2020

№ 1153362

Mi a ride mi bicycle and a sell icepop

Mi a ride mi bicycle and a sell icepop

When mi go down a road and mi call out icepop
Everyone line up and then it start sell like water
You see when mi reach home
Mommy said where the icepop mi see you a sell
Mi said mommy when mi go down a road mi call out icepop
Mi said mommy when a go take a day off tomorrow
Mommy said that is bad because they people get addicted to it
When mi said mommy mi a go to stop
When mi go down a road
The people see mi
They said where the icepop you were selling
Mi said mi a take a day off
The people start stone
Mi start cry

bicycle,  mi,  ride,  sell.

Author: Mellisa Thompson
Date: 15/02/2020

№ 1102576

Swimming, riding a bicycle, chopsticks

I imagine heaven, as seeing copernicus balancing himself, while riding a bicycle for the first time, seeing how he theorised the imbalance of the geocentric model... mind you: the heliocentric model for writing history... kinda shitty, isn't it? not much to go around, landing on the moon, probes to saturn, lovely pictures... to me? we're still living in a geocentric world, since most of history happens in the geocentric model, rather than the heliocentric model of: dwarfing man... plus, readings maps doesn't really help even if you know that the earth isn't flat... o. k. smart ass, you navigate a car across europe, from england to a remote city in eastern poland!

Memory is such a fickle faculty of the mind,
Made twice as fickle (some for of "natural"
Selection) - most assuredly an ontological
Anomaly - but i remember this one particular
Morning, where i had to take a photograph
Of the vanilla / raspberry / rose hue clouds,
While pumping myself for the day ahead
At 7a. m. , listening to *jethro tull's
My god - ah, the flute man, i sometimes
Imitate it, puffing out clouds of biblical
Verse citing: the fire ahead, and the smoke
Behind, will guard your path upon
The woken ask for: an exodus out egypt.
After all, i'm all for free speech,
But when a freedom is lacking,
And an insidiousness overcomes a first
Comment of a site like you-tube...
Debating bands, "trying" to broaden
The young minds:
I actually was introduced to king crimson
When i was circa 10 / 11...
Hell, depends who your father was...
People abused by trolls forget one major
Point... the adrenaline rush you get
When being slighted...
You know the effect of adrenaline in
This loser microcosmos?
You know how powerful it can be?
You have to learn english a second time
Even if you already speak it as an american,
Or an australian...
You have to pick out the best
Bits: on the continent there's no such thing
As english humour, there's only
The macabre humour, or... dark humour...
Prime ingredient?
Oh don't be silly, it's not turmeric
(the poor man's saffron) - although that
Could 'elp...
It's? sar-casm!
The english are renowned for it...
By the way, i once mentioned "chiromancy"
And i. q. , i. e. how you hold a pen
Or a fork / knife, or how you type without
Ever glancing at the keyboard...
Better add chop-sticks to the affair...
I prefer to call them pinch-sticks -
Since you're most likely pinching your
Food, rather than forking it...
And that: they're not exactly drum sticks
I wonder why high i. q. correlates
To culinary equipment...
I fiddle with my beard,
Scratch my head and state: no idea!
But... have you ever wondered why
Thai curries are so much fresh than indian
Or bengali? the indians use the base
Of onion ginger and garlic,
And very few greens...
They're heavy on the stomach too,
But thai curries?
So easy to digress on,
Sorry, digest...
And these pinch-stick antics?
I can't remember the last time i used
But it's always the same cliche:
Once you've learned how to ride a bike,
Once you've learned how to swim,
Once you've learned how to use chopsticks,
You can't forget how to,
Even with a ridiculous amount of hiatus.
Odd, isn't it?
Well, i find it odd...
See, when you come across a youtube troll
In the comments section,
Be sure to turn a reply into a sarcastic snigger -
The english humour type,
Recognise the adrenaline rush,
Mention a small weener,
I know it's not exactly bungee jumping,
Just recognise the adrenaline...
And fuck me it's there, esp. (like me) you've
Had a few drinks "too many"...
It's easy prey... you can turn into
The most obnoxious antithesis of a troll
That a troll begins to cower...
I'm not for safe spaces or curbing a freedom
Of speech, but, come one:
You mention a few bands that are the neo-alt.
From the 1970s in the prog rock movement,
Why settle on citing a want for kids reading
To led zeppelin... or black sabbath...
No one mentioned deep purple either...
Guess what pisses of guitar store workers more:
Deep purple's smoke on the water,
Or led zeppelin's stairway to heaven?
Oddly enough? the latter.
I just hate hearing the news of teenagers being
"sold" suicide after being abused online -
Esp. girls...
Come on, if you're being trolled,
Turn into an englishman, become sarcastic,
Watch some fawlty towers, some monty python,
And then spin it with things like:
I'm getting a hard-on, or: my cunt's getting wet...
Pick 'n' mix...
The only way to effectively disperse these
"saints" of free speech is to become
A bigger troll than they are...
And how does one overcome a troll?
One becomes an orc.

bicycle,  chopsticks,  riding,  swimming.

Author: MateuЕЎ Conrad
Date: 31/12/2019

№ 1034673

If Insomnia were a Bicycle

If insomnia were a bicycle, I'd ride it
As I watch my yawn open eye
Wide awake I'd smell the roses
Trace their spikes and wear their lipstick
And pardon me if dreamers can't smell it
A fever akin to a violin's soundest
Cutting right through 4AM
With a blade of flicker and undestined dim
I'd ride past the bus stop I walk to everyday
Hang my black coat and never claim it again
Ride past the point where I'd make it to work on time
But my boss to never see my face again
And if the hour hand were any slower
I swear...

I'd finally meet you
And when I do finally see you
Our glass cages will then shatter
ВЂЁOut of the wreckage, a new kind of disaster
ВЂЁA happy one
But I'd have to warn you
ВЂЁI don't have time for greeting cards
There are no lungs in paper
Life is
A box of limbs
And that,
I would open
And you bet!
That, I'd claim
If insomnia were a bicycle, I'd ride it
Straight into the sunset, I'd watch the sunrise

bicycle,  insomnia.

Author: Vivian Alvarado
Date: 31/10/2019

№ 1010076


You are a bicycle,
Your rims are rusted;
Rusted to the overblown rubber tire.

Your chain is broken.
We've tried to splice it so many times,
But I'm running out of links and I'm broke.

You broke me, you ran over my foot.
No apologies. Only the reminders you leave like leaches.
"Well, I told you. I'm a bike. "

Well, I told you not to hurt me.
Then you deliberately sought out to run over my foot.
Then ask me "Will you pump my tires, will you oil my chain. "

I do these things for you, without being asked or appreciated.
Do them because you're my bicycle, and I appreciate you.

For getting me places, and knocking me down
To give me bruises, bumps, and scars
Scars that remind me, I am not a bicycle.

I am the flesh and blood of the world.
I am not a hollow iron cast;
My innards are in motion with my mind and heart.

I gotta stop pumping the tires on this bike, and toss it.
This bicycle gave me tetanus from it's peddles trying to run away.

Stop cutting up my fucking feet, bike.


Author: R L Doe
Date: 08/10/2019

№ 1007696

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

The wheel spun, as the creaking
Of old rusted joints moved Upon
Its was with in the spinning
The voices sang
The wheel shall spin"
"Fates hand shall tell"
"For will the wheel move"
"Sights bell"
I awoke startled, hearing the
Wheels turn, old spokes
Sounding with each rotation,
I looked upon the old bike
A ringing in my ears,
No wheels to move,
"Just an empty shell"
What made the noises
"I touch my head"
I feel blood, like tears falls to the ground
I am conscious and the spokes
Upon a crumpled wheel,
"Each spoke still spinning"
By the movement of the car wheel,
Each one takes
My mind trying to shield me
From my fate, but the bell on the
Awoke me to my fate, a broken
Reflector shows what closed eyes
Did cloak, from me to see,
I scream,
As I lie crumpled a broken shell,
And this mirror
A front row image
Of my death in slow motion,
The wheel turns I hear the bell,
And with the final chime
The wheel turns but there is no one home,
To hear the bells ring and the wheel carries on...

bicycle,  ride.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 06/10/2019