Poems about big


№ 1207503

'newsless' editor:when the big juicy story fizziled

Wait, with bated breath
For that juicy, exclusive story
Proved futile, the editor feels
Cheated, and facing a newesless tomorrow.

big,  editor,  juicy,  story.

Author: K Balachandran
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206901

The Big One

I cannot hold out much longer
Inner demons getting stronger
Lump in throat a form of cancer
The question without an answer

Your green mile the longest walk
Left my heart enclosed in chalk
Very fitting your profession
Unremitting my obsession


How I wish this poem was fiction
Filled with lies and contradiction
Fabrication's so much faster
And I did learn from the master

You ripped out my spinal chord
Legs divided by your sword
An inconvenience in your life
My back must have hurt your knife


Author: Mani Malien
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204983

Too Big Too Cry

I never stopped to realize
How lonely I would be
I never thought the day would come
When you'd grow tired of me

Your voice was never sweeter
Than the day you said goodbye
You'll never know how much it hurt
Because I'm too big to cry

If I knew then what I know now
You'd still be kissing me
Instead there's someone else's lips
Where mine used to be

I say hello and wish you well
Each time I pass you by
But you'll never know how much it hurt
Because I'm too big to cry

You never looked so wonderful
As the day you walked away
I used to say, "I love you"
But that I could not say

I can't forget you Twinkle
No matter how much I try
You'll never know how much it hurt
Because I'm too big to cry

big,  cry.

Author: Kyle Chewie Insch
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204747

More from the big clock

It's the hour that locks us in and devours the minutes that makes up the day, the hour that boils in the saucepans of man and makes the dish that makes men wish there was more, the hour that laughs at us, looks and dismisses us, picks us and dishes us up.
Every minute I see every hour will be one more second to go and we know where they go,
To the locker room of gloom where the hour of doom is at hand, let us smile for the hour is yet but a mile from the door, one minute more, one minute past, one minute to last me a lifetime.

big,  clock.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204262

The Big Things

Seasons open with excitement,
And die dismissively.
All souls rush to a new beginning,
Not looking at the current ending.
Most try to skip forward,
Get to the "Good" part,
When the best is in front of us;
We just need a glass of appreciation to look through.
The small things are not the small things.
The tiny things are what shape us,
And have the most value.
There is not a person who loves you,
Whose love does not count.
Isn't a love without the want of sexual intimacy
More valuable?
The fact that they love you without wanting something from you,
That is often considered the base of Love?
These small loves,
Are the most important ones.
Those friends,
Family members,
Are the ones that matter most.
They are the ones that will be there for you,
Loving you through a romantic heartbreak.
They will be your weight,
For when you just want to float away into the abyss.
Hold these seemingly tiny loves close,
Because they are the largest, most important kinds of love that you will ever experience.
Don't let them go,
Just because someone whose love seems more important tells you so.
Hold on.

big,  things.

Author: Jules M
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203783

A little thought for a big world

To not know what you want to find does not mean you will not find it; for the greatest things found were the ones not sought out.

big,  thought.

Author: Lacy Dodd
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203559

Big picture

Yea I see your success,
But no no I won't get jealous
Yea dude, yea I see you schemin'
But you can't knock me down I'll keep on dreamin'
With the power of words, words over power
No note of mine will ever be sour'
I'll sing of the day I make it big
Victory sippin' time to take that swig

big,  picture.

Author: Jorge Echevarria
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202170

Big friends

Finger shimmer green hues,
Arms extend directionless,
Brown cloaks rough,
Stomach drinks in poison giving life,
Toes unseen hold forever true,
Eons have passed since their birth,
Pain and suffering withstood,
Peaceful and sentient they are,
In their midst we are lesser,
Till the day we bring them down,
Using their life to shield ours,
In debt we are to them,
Our big 'ole friends.

big,  friends.

Author: Mark Donnelly
Date: 30/03/2020