Poems about biology


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Biology; Gee, Pardon Me

Electrons, making me feel like a moron.
Where the heck did ADP come from?
I don't even want to wonder why there suddenly is a phosphate group.
How come G3P wasn't a nickname when I was a sophomore?
Glycolysis was not a crisis,
And I understood Miss Minnie's drawings.
Now I have a book with 3D figures,
But cellular respiration was not who it was four years ago,
And I swear I've encountered all of them before,
But where did they all go?
I know their names but not who they are.
Honestly, I'd rather think fermentation occurs in a bar.

biology,  gee,  pardon.

Author: Jami Samson
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1179012

Biology, philosophy and pms

So is that why
I reach this pit
Of sorrow
Pitch black

Do my body grieve

Not this time again
Let go of life
One more time

And so my body will
With sorrow
For what could have been

One deep sigh
Before letting go

Is this what i feel
Every month
Before my period

That might
Put some sense
To this
Heavy, meaningless

biology,  philosophy.

Author: Jay
Date: 09/03/2020

№ 1138772

The Biology of Living When we Froget We're not Robots (FLP)

High speed and truly unlimited will soon be so 12 seconds ago
In the largest network ever

I mean let's head on down to
Mylife. com
And see how well it matches with
Yourlife. com
Toss in a daily couple's horoscope
And make magic

Nature has a knack for making connections

There is a redwood forest
With trees so close
Roots so tightly woven
Biologists can't truly tell where one tree begins and one ends

It is one of the largest living organisms ever

But I could only tell you which tree I'd like to maybe climb
If I weren't afraid of heights

Which is good because you are afraid heights too
I learned this on your profile

We are thirty percent compatible
I did the math

High speed your lips my way

I wish I had told you that 12 seconds ago

I mean
I'd like to dock in your port
And double click until you GOOGLE

Don't worry about an overload or a virus
I got some burly surge protection

Unless this is too soon for you
Then maybe I can play with your thumb drive
Nibble on your wires til you're ready for a MEGABYTE

It's what we do
Find reasons to touch other people
Operate at high speeds til we crash
We need the crash
Pass by near hits
Some people I pass by and never see
We are praying for the cooldown

Sit with me a little while
Have a cup of coffee

You have an eyelash on your cheek

I am lying
I just wanted to touch your face

I sometimes wonder if we could be like play-dough
And I might melt into you if I wasn't careful

You laughed when I asked you about it
Shifted uncomfortably

I think everything happens so fast
I've stopped amassing information

I just wanna single-cell feel this life for a while

In twelve seconds
I can be unlimited

It's just long enough to be charming
Long enough to make you laugh

12 seconds ago
I farted
You are smelling it now

You do not say a word about it

In 12 seconds you can learn how polite someone is

My heart will beat fifteen times
In that same amount of time

Less if it skips a beat
Less if I am dying

Pretty soon
This life will pass you by

And god will quit texting long enough
To say

Welcome to forever
Sorry you missed out
On the debauchery
And the laughter

You've all had your heads
In electric clouds so long

Keeping touch
Without the touch

Now join the light
You won't feel shit
Maybe happy
I dunno
This ball just keeps getting bigger

Life is high speed
Feels like twelve seconds

I'm not saying we should always stop to smell the roses

Just fuck more often
Touch more often
Look someone beautiful in the eyes without being afraid more often

There is only now

Now there only was

biology,  living,  robots.

Author: Jon Tobias
Date: 02/02/2020

№ 1110110


I never liked biology.
Not because it was boring.
It was fascinating.
But everyday I was reminded
That I am nothing more than
Layered tissue.
And I have so little control
Over how wide my eyes open
My thoughts are nothing more than microscopic zaps
Criss-crossing tirelessly around in my head
I can't stop
Hearing and
Seeing and
I'll never
See my own heart.
I liked it better
When life was magical.


Author: Emma B
Date: 07/01/2020

№ 1090233


And now I must dissect the past
And seperate every part
Every wrong decision
And every broken heart
Regrets I'll place off to the left
Unheard "I love you's" have their place
Useless dreams... they go on the right
By the memories of your face
Wasted years and loneliness
They will all go in a stack
Right beside all my love for you
Love that you never gave me back.


Author: deanena tierney
Date: 20/12/2019

№ 1070340

Biology Lesson

By loose definition:
To build a muscle,
You must first tear it apart
And let it heal over
And over and over
And over and
Again before it grows into
Its utmost potential.
My heart is a muscle
And let me tell you,
It keeps tearing over
And over and over and
And over
And so one day it should overtake
My entire person
And spray the whole world
With scar tissue and my greatest,
Biggest love.

biology,  lesson.

Author: brokenperfection
Date: 02/12/2019

№ 1044395

Human biology

All sixty-two of my spinal nerves
Are screaming, pleading
"Don't get hurt. "

biology,  human.

Author: ren
Date: 08/11/2019

№ 1031340


C e l l


Author: ty
Date: 28/10/2019