Poems about bird


№ 1209091

Little bird

Little bird, hold back your tears.
If you break down in front of people,
People will only sympathise
People will offer free advice.
It's not easy, doing what they say,
It may seem like it's pointless,
Meeting people, going places,
When it's easier to just sit there and
Stare at your shoe laces,
But you've got to hear them anyway,
Because you need something to get you out
Of that bad place you've been in all this while.
Baby, you need to get out of your own mind.

Let them flow,
But your friends will soon tire of watching you cry.
They'll say, “Why don't you just try?
Try to be happy, try to smile.
Let go of your despondent thoughts for a while. ”
But the darkness pulls you away
Into the chaotic emptiness of your mind.
It's always there, peeking up from beneath your eyelashes.
It only takes a moment to shut down the world outside
And lose yourself in your deep dark deliberations.
Baby girl, don't go there. Please don't.
It's a bad place to be
And you'll only end up alone.

I know that's what you want right now.
You don't want to think about the what, the when, the how.
Breathe. Look up.
You are miserable,
And maybe no one but you
Will understand what you're going through.
That's ok. All is not lost. It never is.
Baby girl, you've got to believe.
Believe that things will fall into place
You don't have to win this race.
Take a step, then take another
Keep going till you reach the end of the track.
Little bird, you've got to believe,
Believe, that you'll get yourself back.


Author: Maryan P
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206817

Blind Bird

Angie's blind eyes wander aimlessly in their sockets,
One white as the belly of a snake, the other a pointless blue.
She has one dress she wears every day, and a cane that is
Without tip and has lost most of its red paint.
In the building she has memorized even the pale illusions
Well enough to scoot about without hesitation.
She likes no one.
She likes me.
Thinks she is JFK, talks of herself quite lucidly and with
Deadly accurateness.
Found herself a spirit-lover, asked me to perform a
Marriage ceremony for them. What the hell, it's a sad
Life with no one in it, although that does not apply to me,
Who loves my self-imposed isolationism beyond reason.
I find a pretty stone broach, a stuffed teddy-bear holding a
Red satin heart that says, “I love you...” and a doll with
Ribbons in its hair - these were her dowry.
I say the words over my open Bible, inviting blasphemy
To call out my name.
Now, she has become a Velcro-shadow.
When I am ill her zeal to cure me is fanaticism incarnate.
Foolish woman, I - who chose her own path to trod,
But along the way tripped over a crippled bird that is sure
To peck me to death.

bird,  blind.

Author: Sherry Asbury
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206559

Like a Bird, Like a Memory

( can be read like it flies or it lands )

­ 'go...

­ 'you have to'...

­ when it says:
You have to let go,

Like a bird
Treat my memory,

Wild and free

Like a creature

That thirsts

ВЂ¦that lands only when you weep

bird,  memory.

Author: Johanna May
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206449

No ladder needs the bird but skies


No ladder needs the bird but skies
To situate its wings,
Nor any leader's grim baton
Arraigns it as it sings.
The implements of bliss are few—
As Jesus says of Him,
ВЂњCome unto me” the moiety
That wafts the cherubim.

bird,  ladder,  skies.

Author: Emily Dickinson
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205874

I used to be a bird

I used to be a bird.
I flew high up in the skies.
Raced the sunrise,
Floated through the starry nights.
Flew above the ocean
With my wings expanded.
I was a majestic creature.
It was a beautiful life,
Until the day
You broke my wings
And I forgot how to fly.


Author: Megan H
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1201922

Black bird

This little black bird flew pass my window, every morning.
I honestly hated it.
Every morning, of every day I saw that little black bird.
I honestly wished he'd just leave.
One day, that little black bird didn't fly by my window.
Never again did he come by.
Now that he left for good, that little black bird who bothered me the most
Was the thing I missed the most.

bird,  black.

Author: Jessica Hudgins
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201493

Fly Little Bird

Go on little bird, take flight
Up, up high, set your sight
Let your colors reach full potential
Strive to be great, stand monumental

Fly little bird, fly up high
Let yourself be seen, don't be shy
Stay confident, stop doubting
You'll simply waste time with all the hiding

Go on little bird, take flight
You won't be alone, there shall be light
Guidance and help will be by your side
So don't let fright, nor worry, step inside

Fly little bird, fly up high
Don't settle for less, aim for the sky
Dream big, no limit is set for you
Remember, there's nothing you can't do

Go on little bird, take flight
Spread your wings
Reach your dreams
Fly little bird, fly up high

bird,  fly.

Author: Day Wing
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199729


But I was a bird,
And you should have known
I'd fly away.

I was not made to be caged,
But you can watch me fly.


Author: Jowelle Mizero
Date: 28/03/2020