Poems about bitterness


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Bitterness (10w)

Can one die from bitterness?
I surely hope so.


Author: steel tulips
Date: 07/04/2020

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Winter's Bitterness (Etheree Poem)

Is cold
We can feel
Her winter breath
She chills our napes
With her gelid icy hand
We take to our warming hearths
To shelter from her frostiness
She has no charity nor any compassion
How baleful her season of bitterness

bitterness,  poem,  winter.

Author: Elizabeth Squires
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1196840


Today, my greatest love left me
She uttered simple words
That sent my complicated world
Crashing through space

She said she needed space
But how am I supposed to give you space
When my only thoughts are of your face
And the memories we made within this place
Between these wretched walls I live within

I hear your laugh on the wind
And I catch your name
Sizzling on my tongue like hot grease
And when I call it out to the night
It's only the echoes that return my cries
And I'm reminded of the bitterness of being alone

I gave up my time,
I gave up my peace of mind
I treated you right
And everybody will testify
That I did

It's your loss babe
You won't find anybody better
When you come back, I'll be here
Observing the distant weather


Author: Ronnie James Corbin
Date: 26/03/2020

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On the Ascendancy of Bitterness

I can lecture on the darkness
I've tasted shadows like burnt milk
I can lecture on the shadow

I've tasted her tongue-dried appetite
The way she cowers in fear
For what is new, in confronting change
I am older now, more fragile
Being had, enjoying how love decays

I've grown simpler in these hours
Dying, a bit each day
Though I admire great things that

Can somehow outlive their maker
Even if they have a false shine
As most human things do
And have a tinge of exaggerated
Self-importance, their relatively silly grandeur

I can lecture on the cruelty of men
And the sadism of women
Who care more for clan and religion

Than any real human goodness
We live in ignorant times
And the world is growing more illiterate
Each year, but that is not my affair
The disgrace of catalyst has yet to unfold
And how I shun the self-righteousness
Of the young, what they don't know yet....


Author: Wuji Seshat
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 1168638


There was a day
In which I chose
Dying alone.
No stories
To tell
Or passions
To recall.

But then I remembered
Who like man
I lived nothing worthy.
Now I ask:
Why to die?

They charged me so much
Of little I had,
That I was forced to sell
My own happiness
To get peace.

There was another day
In which I preferred
To become a runaway
To live sad.
I'd be chased,
However, I'd be happy
With my soul.

It's well-known
Which mediocre smile
Of any man
Can't be replaced
By all this world's wealth.

Unless it is natural beauty,
It's not worthy to admire
The colors of the ascent.

But there was a third day
In which I rendered
To the bitter of the future...
Without asking why.


Author: Jonas Gonçalves
Date: 29/02/2020

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This bitterness that remained still in my heart
Never has anyone tried to part

This bitterness that in my heart has left a void
Even caused me to be "feeling-devoid"

This bitterness that at one time has entered your range
Those eyes and sweet glowing smile has caused it to change

This bitterness that has caused me strife,
I thank you for cutting it out of my life

So milady, what I'll say ends with a "U"
It's because for a long time, I've been liking you

Even after this, my feelings may or may not die
But I guess it's now time to say goodbye

And so, we meet again my bitterness
Your return's made quite a bit of a mess

Left me once again in total disarray
No hope remained, not even a ray

So this I say again, with a shot of whiskey and rye
And with feelings of being down and blue
My final goodbye
Time to bid you adieu


Author: Jethro Paguidopon
Date: 29/02/2020

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Bitterness 10w

When turnips sour.
Did they ever start
Out so sweet?


Author: PJ Poesy
Date: 21/01/2020

№ 1125138


Always the critic
Freeing to be above it
And deny goodness


Author: Sean Pugerude
Date: 21/01/2020