Poems about black



Black and White

It is said
Are the measures
Gradations of fib...
More white more truth
More black is worse...
With such entangling
Where is found
Purest lies and truth... ?
Then further
Does truth birth lies
And lies the truth... ?

Are such words
To each
A mirror... ?

black,  white.

Author: CharlesC
Date: 07/04/2020


Like a Black Cloud That Always Follows But Never Rains

I know feelings aren't easy
And it can be hard to show
But if you could find it in yourself
I'd wrap you up tight and never let you go
Your words knocked the breath right out of me
You spoke with a disdain that would be hard to fake
But believe i only hid your keys
So you wouldn't drive your car into the lake
Sometimes, we all get low
We all live with a pain we don't think anyone else will ever know
But i need you to try
I need you to work on yourself like a mountain on high
There's not enough treasure buried in the diamond sea
That could ever equate to what you mean to me
Yeah, i miss your smile
You don't seem to laugh anymore
You smother the spark i thought we'd set
Still, all i can seem to say is "what'd you do that for? "

black,  cloud,  rains.

Author: Anthem
Date: 06/04/2020


Black Girl

Black Girl
Although your thick hair doesn't flow
It blooms like a flower as it grows
Black Girl
You are an exquisite being
Handcrafted by the likes of God
You were created with honey, brown sugar, chocolate and gold
You have a radiant aura and a beautiful soul
Black Girl
You are a Queen
Love the skin you're in
You are beautiful outside
As well as within
Black Girl
You rock
You are amazing in every single way
And don't forget that you were fearfully and wonderfully made

black,  girl.

Author: Tsunami
Date: 06/04/2020



My hands tightly clenched
The bathroom counter,
My mouth agape,
Eyes rolling,
Tossing hair to the side,
Veins aching,
My vision sliding
To look into
My own eyes,
Pupils dilated,
My face covered in runny
Black paint
On my chest
The word
"dead" written
With the tips of tense
That way if the sirens
Ever made their way
They wouldn't waste
Their time trying to fix
I was my own maker,
My own master,
My own destroyer,
I hated to say it,
But i hoped she was alone,
Because i was alone,
I fell to the floor,
Traced the word
On my skin,
My head began to fog
With dense advice,
Everyone is right,
Except me.
Everyone knows all,
Except me,
My hands tensed one
Last time,
My mind faded to
And i took my gamble.


Author: JJ Hutton
Date: 06/04/2020


Black Skies

I am the cold Bering Sea
Sinking with the tides
My icebergs my dormant hearts
I carry through the night
Only black skies

Lights out: Black Skies
Lights out: Black Skies
In the end: Black Skies

My sworn enemy;
My heart controls my mind
I betray myself
Every sunrise, every sunset
The dream of moonlight

My lullaby shall live forever
I wake up to live in love
Navigator of uncharted waters
My sworn enemy: Only my sworn heart
And on the sky; live on my black skies

Lovers seem so innocent
For the last time I drown
In the raining storm
No stars reflect on me
My waters are my skies
One last time: My Black Skies

For Hopeful the Sunrise
For Lovers the Sunset
For Dreamers the Moonlight
For myself my Black Skies.

black,  skies.

Author: Hect
Date: 05/04/2020


The Black Beach Boyz

They were playing the beach boys
All day at work today
I went up to the computer
I typed in Black beach boys on Spotify
A white coworker put her hand on her hips
She said to me,
€Elan, there are no black beach boys, Im sorry. ”
So I had my graphic designer friend
Take an old beach boys poster
Replace their faces with black men
Then he changed it to "Black Beach Boyz”
I put it on a T shirt
Very professionally done
Made me proud
I wore it to work the next day
My white coworker asked me
With a confused face and tone
€There really are the black beach boys? ”
I said with a straight face,
€Yes they were the original. Then the white beach boys took their name and music and became famous. ”
She said after a pause,
€Oh, wow. I didn't know that. "

beach,  black.

Author: Elan Bonde Gregory
Date: 05/04/2020


Little Black Dress

For Her
She looks in the mirror at herself
And smooths out a wrinkle on her waistline
Feeling pretty anxious about tonight
But also floating on cloud nine

She comes down the stairs
Thinking don't fall now girl, please do not fall
Then she says to herself I got this
As she sees his face and suddenly feels ten feet tall

She loves to play dress up
And loves to please her man
So she puts on the little black dress
As all part of that strategic master plan

For Him**
He looks at her and thinks wow so stunning
As she stops at the top of the stairs
For a moment he forgets to breathe
He forgets that he has to have air

As she comes down the stairs he watches her
And he knows she is waiting to see his first reaction
He hopes that she truly can see what he feels
Way more than just any mere physical attraction

That little black dress is so hot
As it is hugging all those luscious curves
But the best thing about that little black dress
Is watching it fall to the floor so he can worship her and serve

black,  dress.

Author: Melissa S
Date: 05/04/2020


Black Lung (formerly: The Machine)

He envisions the Machine as a large locomotive
Of a deep, tainted, black metal chugging down and infinite track
The eternally glowing red hot coals pushing the pistons
A giant crimson cowcatcher is fixed at the front
Scraping up followers; forcing them into the vehicle
Manipulating Its passengers to smash their heads into the Machine
Welding their minds into Its mysterious black metal walls

Stained with the blood of many who have tried to resist
Ultimately wounded, maimed, outcaste from society
Forever marked, branded by the scars of their attempt
When the Machine has used you and-or your mind to Its purose
It shoves you into Its furnace—keeping the pistons turning
The Machine cannot be stopped—always picking up followers
Forcing you into It; becoming one with the Machine

As He looks into the engine room, there is no conductor
A runaway locomotive chugging down the track with no end
Its only goal: gathering as many passengers as possible
Society, Washington, the Media built the machine
Their brainchild, but have long since become a part of It
Their minds welded the deepest—becoming the foundation of Its walls
Long ago abandoning their carcasses to fuel their mighty creation

black,  lung,  machine.

Author: Kendall Mallon
Date: 05/04/2020