Poems about blind


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Blind and impatient

I heard a man speak today
He showed pictures of beautiful nothings
Arrows and seat cushions
Things that are invisible
Unless you are present and minding

We take our autonomy for granted
How often in a day are you
Entirely aware of your existence?
How often are you truly conscious?

I'm terrified that most people spend their
Every waking moment
On autopilot
In a daze

Answering questions
Standing in line
Repeating their lines

-hello, how are you-
-I'm good, how are you-
-I'm good, thanks-
-alright, have a nice day! -

In school, children are taught
How to read, how to speak, how to stand,
Sit write play argue listen share repeat
And in turn, to
Hate disobey stagnate ignore want
To give up

No one teaches children
No one teaches anyone
How to notice anymore

Those photos brought me back
Brought me to the realization
That recently, I have forgotten to notice

I must remember to look more closely.

blind,  impatient.

Author: Kendra Canfield
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209371

Blind Milk

At the peak of
Presence imposed,
Wet with rise and
Fall... you eulogized
Something that could
Not escape us.
We grounded the sky,
We skied the ground...
The circumvented posts
Of our eyes ran as blind milk.

blind,  milk.

Author: Onoma
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207931

Blind acceptance the special of the day.

Good evening Folks
Please take your seats

Time to dine on the finest delights

We will keep you blinded with the crap you are fed, television, movies with some Hollywood trash

We will kill all your brain cells and lead you astray
You seek a new master and we here to stay

Wipe away that drool ma'am
I AM sure he can pay
Sex and violence
The sweetest entroe

We have numbed all your senses
And removed all your thought

We will take over your lifestyles
With these seeds we have sown

Preprogrammed mind patterns
On our monitors will be shown

Our mission is accomplished
When they have no more thoughts
Blind acceptance the special of the day.

acceptance,  blind,  day,  special.

Author: Gareth
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207324

Blind Enough To See

A blind man told me.
He see more without eye sight than we who can see.
He just rely completely on his instinct.

He said, where we go wrong we use our eyes?
While those who are blind has to depend on their minds.

A smell, a touch, and his hearing too operates together
In assisting him to live.
Even his taste has a place in his life.
It just as important than him noticing the daylight.

I think fear doesn't ever live within him.
Because when push come to shove he has fear runnng away, from him.

All because a blind man stands firmly in tune, of all his surrounding.


Author: jeffrey conyers
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206817

Blind Bird

Angie's blind eyes wander aimlessly in their sockets,
One white as the belly of a snake, the other a pointless blue.
She has one dress she wears every day, and a cane that is
Without tip and has lost most of its red paint.
In the building she has memorized even the pale illusions
Well enough to scoot about without hesitation.
She likes no one.
She likes me.
Thinks she is JFK, talks of herself quite lucidly and with
Deadly accurateness.
Found herself a spirit-lover, asked me to perform a
Marriage ceremony for them. What the hell, it's a sad
Life with no one in it, although that does not apply to me,
Who loves my self-imposed isolationism beyond reason.
I find a pretty stone broach, a stuffed teddy-bear holding a
Red satin heart that says, “I love you...” and a doll with
Ribbons in its hair - these were her dowry.
I say the words over my open Bible, inviting blasphemy
To call out my name.
Now, she has become a Velcro-shadow.
When I am ill her zeal to cure me is fanaticism incarnate.
Foolish woman, I - who chose her own path to trod,
But along the way tripped over a crippled bird that is sure
To peck me to death.

bird,  blind.

Author: Sherry Asbury
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206450


I'm blind
To see
What I have
What loves me

What loves me
Just won't let go
No matter what, it's always no
Not that I'm complaining
No no no

Oh how I do hope nothing will change from what it's like now

"I'm not leaving"
"They won't take me away"
"I love you forever"
Is what they say
I believed this
And I still do


Author: Alex
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206432

How Could You Be So Blind?

How could you be so blind?
I love you with all my heart.
Sometimes I feel like we should restart.
You're constantly on my mind.
You're falling behind.
You're like abstract art.
I shouldn't take your words apart.
I want us to be entertained.
Are you honestly straight?
I guess I have to wait.


Author: kerri
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205126


Quite astounding
Behind eyes
Beyond perception
The seeds of darkness

Nurtured in

Sometimes it's hard
To see in the dark...

blind,  night.

Author: Traveler
Date: 02/04/2020