Poems about blizzard


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Dry scents linger in paralyzed air,
Creeping bony fingers,
A comforting specter, and a reminder of home,
But the sky's children freeze before they're born.
Miscarriages of moisture,
Nurturing nectar gone sour,
You will provide nothing.


Author: Lara Lewis
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1180175

Blizzard of Life

Conquering the mind is the human that is unseen,
And we become victims of our thoughts.
Hearts' unable to speak,
Though their emotions burst out,
Like black paint getting thrown on white walls.

Then they call out to us "Color Blind".
Cool, challenging, optimistic thoughts,
Unable to defend the bruised eyes and the fearful fingers,
That brush gently along the rough edges of its challenge,
Success to the forgotten soul,
Rings like a loud echo following a vacant darkness.

Indeed the delight of brokenness,
Is treasured and stored in the back of the mind,
Calling out to its very best friend, “Hopelessness”.
Heart still unable to speak out loud,
Almost unable to move.

Then suction takes place.
The impurities begin to dance and mingle,
With those major veins in the heart,
And the bruised eyes,
Finally express the bed of painful roses.

Every gulp that is take,
Feels like rusty iron filled with pricks,
Sliding down our windpipes,
That feels like its directly to the heart.
A blizzard that we could never see our way out of,
Until it passes over.

© Robyn G Neymour

blizzard,  life.

Author: Robyn Neymour
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1171122

Blizzard Monday

Can we last threw the winter?
My heart is starting to freeze
Will I last threw the winter?
My hands are starting to shake.
I'm hungry for your laughter,
My mind is trying to think
The thoughts of you are rotting
It's so old it stinks.
I crack a smile for assumptions
The years I know there like blinks...
But will we last for the winter?
Are you here to... thinking of who we use to be?

Can we last threw the winter?

blizzard,  monday.

Author: Mr Zeal
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1149003

My Personal Blizzard

These songs are all asleep
They lay dormant inside of me
I can hear the speakers buzzing
The songs are getting old
The volumes been turned down
And we're stuck out in the cold

My very own personal blizzard
Created just by me
I got tired of holding up that avalanche
So, I decided to let it free

Personal anthems we've been singing
Are now just faint screams
As our loved poetic justice
... is ripping at the seams

blizzard,  personal.

Author: Estelle
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1101423

How puppets dance in a blizzard

I take a storm and make myself swallow a hurricane
It gets stuck on the way down and rips me apart
No one ever told me not to take on too much
Take in more
I can handle it
Swallow it down
There is no need for breaths of air in between
I can take it
My back is cracking evenly down my spine
Eyes all over as I start to bend
Straighten up
I will take it
They pile on me like bricks and sandbags, thrown off your shoulder and onto mine
As you tell me you don't want to burden me
You untie the weights on your ankles and strap them to my wrists
My arms are open and bleeding
Pins hold my lips to the corners of my eyes
I am being crushed under the weight
I have to take it
Hooks connected to strings nestle into the exposed skin on my hands, holding me up as my knees snap and bend
Give me your weight
I'll take it down with me as it drives me into the hard soil
I can handle it
I can take it
I will take it
I have to take it

blizzard,  dance,  puppets.

Author: Liam Kleinberg
Date: 30/12/2019

№ 1089381

Caught in a blizzard

Tumbling, falling, twirling over a desolate landscape
Where flowers once grew, green and merry

The delinquent hope that under, the suffocating snow, flowers can bloom.
Shards of ice building from the rubble.
Daggers of chill

Changing, falling, melting beauty from ugly. At the edge of the glacier, a trapped memory teetering, to fall or fly. The cold whispering.

The sun obscured by the clouds, brooding, grey

A flurry of words, a once rapid river, as frozen as his heart

Caught in a blizzard, hanging in the balance, will it thaw?

blizzard,  caught.

Author: J
Date: 19/12/2019

№ 994491


A thrill to my bones
A stud in my nose
A piano jam
He can't eat ham

Sometimes it rules
Believers are fools
A religious twist
I'm an anarchist

We stopped making sense
Despite our diligence
The phone rings
Your manner stings

Where are you now?
I've searched every cloud
It's blue, it's close
The cat sleeps in boats

Scotch on the rocks
It can't read clocks
We ride, we shake
The mug is at stake

"wine and dine"
"me and mine"
The future holds
A sadness untold

The explorer naps
For sheets: his maps
The falcon clutches
It is what it is

Celebrate Waitangi Day
A sea away
Or maybe three
I don't know.
This stopped making
Sense to me.

Break the form
Glue it with salt
Heart smart cookies
1 cup dried cherries

I need you more
She needs it now
It's busy still
Hopping on clouds

I searched and searched
To no avail.
The hungry husky
Barks and wails.


Author: Kristen Falzon
Date: 24/09/2019

№ 946054

Blizzard Notes

I DON'T blame the kettle drums-they are hungry.
And the snare drums-I know what they want-they are empty too.
And the harring booming bass drums-they are hungriest of all... . .
The howling spears of the Northwest die down.
The lullabies of the Southwest get a chance, a mother song.
A cradle moon rides out of a torn hole in the ragbag top of the sky.

blizzard,  notes.

Author: Carl Sandburg
Date: 11/08/2019