Poems about blood


№ 1209610


I held your heart in my hand,
Held it aloft beneath the moons glint,
Squeezing it sponge like
Until it oozed deep red rain,
Tingeing the clouds
Scarlet to crimson, ruby to blood.

The harder I squeezed
The more your heart emptied,
Trickling rivulets that
Traced the map of veins in my arm,
Soaking into my shirt,
White linen turning deceptively black
Beneath a dark sky.

I felt your heart pulsating,
Reacting against my grasp,
Forcing my clawed fingers to flat open palm,
My hold forcefully released.
I thought it would fall
And lie beating but beaten on the ground.
Instead, it rose unaided,
Elevated enough to obscure the cold moon,
Pulsating, vibrating, transforming,
Until it became the moon itself
And turned the sky black-red.

And now I hide within the bleak woods,
I feel your pinching hold,
Your tightening clench,
And I feel your gravitational pull,
Crashing me like a wave
Against the jagged rocks
Of what remains of us.

blood,  moon.

Author: Marc Hawkins
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206332

Family (we share blood)

Locked up in her tin house,
She sits in the same spot,
Watching religious news,
Her body is plagued by illness,
Her heart is shattered into pieces,
Her vision is sideways,
In one had she holds a book of prayers,
In her other hand she holds the remote control,
Around her neck a rosary dangles,
As she stares at the TV she mutters prayers that she has memorized by heart,
She prays to the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Tears run down my face as I watch her slip into madness,
A beautiful rose has been decaying in-front of me for 22 years,
Some people stepped on this rose,
Causing her to become damaged and deformed,
Others took pedals,
Making her feel ugly,
Some tried to cut of her thorns but they just grew back,
Now she is just a mangled stem with protruding thorns,
Dry crusty leaves and pedals,
She starts to talk,
Her eyes have no life,
Her breath is shallow,
Her lips barely move,
I know she is looking at me but it feels like she might fall asleep,
Her speech is slurred,
Her hands illustrate what she is trying to say,
But she says the same words over and over again,
Something tells me not to react,
I ignore my initial feeling of despair,
I hold her hand, looking into her dull dying eyes,
She stops mid sentence to restart a prayer,
She slips back into her madness,
She praises to a God who has chosen to ignore her?

Who is never there,
You disapprove of my life style,
Remember when you said:
"It's hard to love someone you don't like. "
Well, I do,
Fill your void with other things,
Buy some more cars,
Pretend to be tough,
Do what ever it is you need to do to impress your friends,
The "friends who aren't really your friends",
And I'll fill my void with sex, drugs and rock n roll,
There is a reason I paint my toe nails red,
Wear short skirts and tight shirts,
I am not holy,
You have no idea how much dick I have sucked.

blood,  family,  share.

Author: Kathya Suzy Stephens
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205754


I am scared of my heart
Beating so hard
That the blood bursts
Through my veins
What would happen then
How embarassing
For everyone to see me
Covered in blood
It would never do


Author: Kopter Zero
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205521

Blood in the Fire

The smell of the foundry surrounds you
Abounds and wreaths around you.
A man of ore, born of the earth

I thought of you as Roman.
Alive, shuddering with the stress
And exertions
Of recent war

The thrill of hardship
Fresh upon you,
Made ever-stronger by violent work
Your fibres stretch then relax
To gather in quiet, resting power

Glittered in sweat,
You have raced through history
To arrive, tattered and magnificent,
Heaving, and worn like a mountain

I have melted into you -
Piston thighs greased with excitement!
As your black-ringed fingers
Chase a whitened path,
Through my pebbled steam

Our minerals mix:
Salt and blood, tears and love
And the hooves of legion drum in my ears,
Outpacing a gathering storm
As little death overwhelms me

You are home,
Hanging suspended in a grief-cloud
Above me.
And I invite you, with a succession of imagined dilations,
To rain down.

blood,  fire.

Author: Miss Tabitha Devereaux
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205519

Blood Moon

There's a blood moon in those eyes
By your heart shaped tattoo
And if an eclipse was for wishing,
I think I'd wish for you
I'll walk through your desert
To your river of sorrow
Fill my cup with your tears
And drink through tomorrow
No stranger to poison,
No stranger to sin
I'll let you get up
And fall down again
Just please know, my darling,
Those thoughts are untrue
This may be your darkness
But I'll walk next to you

blood,  moon.

Author: Darbi Alise Howe
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205398

Mercury blood

With tinfoil teeth and steel wool hair
Silver feet and iron stare
The coldest one, the coldest one here
Conducting light from the horizon into my bed.
I need the sun to feed my head.

But you know me so well for
Bolting shut that iron door.
I never leave it exposed,
My mechanical heartbeat
Nobody has to know.

My metallic heart is the satellite
My metallic heart
Reflecting the dimmest of lights.

blood,  mercury.

Author: Dalton Bauder
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205203

Blood ain't Family

Blood ain't Family
I am sick and tired of trying
All my "blood" screw me over.

I always use to think to be a family you had to share the same blood. Fuckisasistercuzitsureaintblood
The recent hashtag that she thought would hurt me.
Slowly I started to realize I don't NEED her
She might be blood but she's not my family

blood,  family,  t.

Author: Rosalinda Sanchez
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204523

Blood Roses.

Here I stand before you
With a bouquet of blood roses.
They seem dark and lifeless,
But I assure you they are not.

These roses are not any rose.
They mean not what others do.
Red mean love. Yellow mean friendship.
Blood roses mean what I wish for you.

They stand for the tears I shed,
The emptiness I felt.
The cold, cynical, new me.
The blood I'll taste.
My sweet revenge.
It all will set me free.

Blood roses will drain your life.
Your dreams, your faith, your hopes.
This is my last gift for you.
It's time to enjoy the show.

blood,  roses.

Author: Krusty Aranda
Date: 02/04/2020