Poems about blueberries


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The shade of your eyes
Has become my favorite color
And i catch myself wondering
How you would describe mine.

You stole my heart
With your stories and sweet melodies
That linger in my soul
To grow into song.

I keep trying to rhyme with your name
But to no avail,
Because no word could be as beautiful
As the syllables that claim it.


Author: Michaela B
Date: 02/02/2020

№ 1131634


Blueberries gasoline and prostate gland
Breast cancer Wonderbread and pacifier

Controlled experiment space travel and honey
Peanuts inductive reasoning and electricity

Tornadoes torture chamber and biscuits
Copyright car radio cantaloupe

Golden eagle lunch break tomato
Romanian songbook rhubarb and barbed wire

Always hungry nevermind meat loaf
Goosefoot mango juice Ipad

Mosquito bite city street and broccoli
Chinese cabbage female sex drive water sport

Pure contralto goat yogurt new year
Black death white light and green tea


Author: Robert Ronnow
Date: 26/01/2020

№ 1122066

Black Blueberries:

Black blueberries buttoned by booze
Black blueberries buttoned by booze
This wasn't yours to loose
Nothing was yours to loose
Black blueberries backed by bench men
Bench men that sit on side lines
When will the golden moment be
To break through; proving themselves
Worthy of the benched boxes they be in
They believe in benevolence
Black blueberries busting through my bosom
Black blueberries busting through my bosom
Better than bullets
Better than bullets
Better than bombs and turrets
Better than ballistic knifes and skillets
And arsenals of ignorance bettered with bills
Bills I pay to ensure my life is ready to die
Is it a matter of our collective thoughts?

Those black blueberries are buried
And not because I am becoming a black blueberry I say this
But because life begins with black blueberries
Who all turn into nothing but pale balls
All conformed
Not to natural laws
But to the cognitive bacterial infection
Called education
Turning us to blue blueberries
Blue blueberries
And grand building bannered with bullshit
Black blueberries are bored
Black blueberries are right
Black blueberries are always right...

black,  blueberries.

Author: MAJD S
Date: 18/01/2020

№ 937984

The Wild Blueberries

Papa showed me the way
To the wild blueberries.
We hiked up the tall hill,
And found those sapphire
Spheres hanging from
Delicate stems.

He told me stories of
Our Native American ancestors
As he taught me how to pick
The berries;

Surely a lesson in gathering
Like this goes centuries beyond
Our two lives combined!

We took
Handfuls and filled our
Mouths with the sweetest
Blueberries I had ever tasted.
Once we had our fill, we
Gazed out upon the horizon
And admired the beauty of the
Ancient forest, then we returned
Down the dusty trail, climbed
Into the truck, and drove away.

blueberries,  wild.

Author: Austin Bauer
Date: 04/08/2019

№ 777677


Beauty sits high on her cheeks
To speak
Her lips of delicate rose
And eyes like the greying violets
Of winter's sunken snow
Beneath her quiet breast
She keeps her dreams
Wrapped in a cloth of silken desire
To see
A life placed in a silver frame

Look not!
Upon the nights shaded in red
The poison ink to a faded letter
But forth upon the break of morning
For the sun is surely coming


Author: Kassel D
Date: 12/03/2019

№ 771392


My worst fears have come true,
I'm just a face in the crowd that
Means nothing to you.
I've got a trashy apartment with two dudes
Dropped out of school to fly
But cash shot me down
And I swear someone taught my demons to swim
Because I can't seem to get them to drown.
It's like I'm stuck in immaturity
I'm a twenty-something nobody,
Twenty-something nobody at all.


Author: Daniel Magner
Date: 06/03/2019

№ 733448

Picking blueberries

In cool piney shade
On squat bushes spread
Wild blueberries grow
On soft, mossy bed

Or under the ferns
Among meadowsweet
On berms in the sun
But sheltered from heat

Or on a bush rising
Almost to my waist
So loaded with berries
It bends down and sways

I'm picking them
Plump and cool with the dew
In dappled sun under the pines
Morning turns into afternoon
I'm losing all sense of time

Cicadas' shrillness,
A chorus of crickets,
The red squirrel's noisy chatter,
A crow's voice somehow reminds me of spring,
But time just doesn't matter...

blueberries,  picking.

Author: John Niederbuhl
Date: 30/01/2019

№ 600424

Blueberries {haiku#6}

Ripe wild blueberries
Nestled under tall fir trees
Sweet tart juice bursts forth

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved

blueberries,  haiku.

Author: Christi Michaels MoonFlower
Date: 02/10/2018