Poems about blues



Karachi Sunset Blues

Build me a treehouse with bones
And all the guilt you've carried
On your shoulders for years.

Sing your blues and I'll join in;
Sadness isn't sorrow until something
Hurts you from a place that won't heal.

Cry for our real home beyond any rainclouds
But under the mercy of God;
Where we both live at the same time,
Where piano keys and spare bullets
Don't remind us of anything we wanted to forget.

blues,  sunset.

Author: Umm Kirin
Date: 07/04/2020


Plaza nueva sabado blues

Castillo alhambra a
Watchful brown vixen
On the hill
Smiling crenellated un
Der grey-silk skirts of cloud &
In wicker chairs mouths
€open (talkin' bout last night's walk home from vogue)
€close (swallow morsels of tapas: paella)

& lips shut ‘round cigarettes.


€ past inactive fountain where children play their various jeugos next to the riverwall as distrustful rail-thin cats peer from brickwall dens to watch flitting finches bounce on vines & budding branches. it is very warm; the air is heavy as is the ground. man is stuck between like a roach ‘twixt two dirty mattresses // three girls looking at me writing smoking drinking beer eating that paella don't know what to think.

blues,  nueva,  plaza.

Author: A L Davies
Date: 05/04/2020


The Soul of Rythm and Blues

The Back Beat of the Bass, In a Bourban infused bar
Smooth to the bend of, The blues note Guitar
Saxman whail's to the, Smoky Slow blues Singer
And Drummer riffs off, A High Hat Brush Stinger
The Pianoman lays down, A Slow soft tune
As the Vocals Stir the mix, In a soft Sexy Croon
People dance so close, It Shuts out the World
Lost in Love, Lust, & Bourban...
Bartender sets up another Round
As the Crowd of the room, Soaks up the Sound...
Toker's Blowin' Smoke, Hid in the hall by the Johns
The Bars Mood Sways... As the music Carries on
A Patron at the Bar, Orders up another beer
And the Dancers Float, Across the dance Floor
The Glow of Neon Spills, Colored Red Lights...
A Soft Sexy Setting, For a Memorable Night
The Guests all begged and, Pleaded for an Encore
So the band fired up... Just one more
All on A Saturday night... JMF 1/31/15

blues,  rythm,  soul.

Author: ShamusDeyo
Date: 04/04/2020


Scorpio Blues

The girl next door revealed to me that she had but half a heart.

When I offered mine, she quick declined and left me in the dark.

It doesn't make much sense to know, you're in control, when that's just the way you are.

I know I've won the war but there's no way I'm showing off my scars.

You're waiting to die, and I know why.

blues,  scorpio.

Author: Saudade Saudade
Date: 04/04/2020


Rainy Chicago Blues

Rainy Chicago blues baby,
Well, simply put,
Rain pouring down my back,
My soles are soaked,
But my soul is drowning,
I spot an old man playing the piano,
His sorrow reeks of whiskey and cigarettes,
He lost his wife, his kids don't love him,
Just a man and his piano,
Love isn't just with a person

Rainy Chicago Blues,
It's all over this town,
Sad faces walk by,
I see watery eyes just about to tear,
We all hope for the sun,
But the cloudy grey skies cast our hopes to Hell,
Even the birds don't want to sing

Rainy Chicago Blues,
An old black man sits on the corner,
Rain drops drip from his wide brimmed hat,
Slowly, but surely,
He begins to play the blues,
Surely he's crazy,
He is slowly dying,
His lungs filled with water,
But he pays no mind and continues to strum,
The Jesus of this rainy Chicago day

blues,  chicago,  rainy.

Author: William Jaramillo
Date: 02/04/2020



Most of the time I dream
It makes me sick
I am sick of love, just don't know what to do

I am looking
At my shadow
The colours are changing
From blue to red then maroon...

I am riding the midnight express train
No where to reach
Standing alone on the doorway

I am sick of love
I hear someone's distant cry
Weeping piano
Let me forget you
As if I never met you

But I fell in love with you

(C)asoke kumar mitra, feb. 2015


Author: asoke kumar mitra
Date: 02/04/2020


Crossroad blues

I've excused the abuse,
Because by now I'm so used to
Being refused
The option to choose
What I gain, what I lose,
Or the ways that I'm used.
My body is bruised.
I've pumped myself full of booze.
My hearts beginning to ooze...
I'm so fucking confused.
I'm only ever accused
Of the things I cant do,
And I try to defuse
The bomb that you use
But I always run out of time.
This life's a game made to lose.
I really just need to transfuse
All these feelings of feeling used,
And abused, and confused, and targeted as a muse.
But it's like they're all fused
To my fucking broken soul.
My body's constantly shaking,
I'm unable to hold
Onto anything worth taking.
"You're unloved because you're cold. ".
I'm not trying to push you away...
I swear my heart's made of gold...
And yet, here I am
Unmoved, unimproved
Still not doing what I was told.

blues,  crossroad.

Author: Téa Rhyno
Date: 01/04/2020


Got the Spaceman Blues

I float outside of my body,
A dermal prison dented into the ground,
Doomed to never fly and never float
And never travel beyond the sound.
My brain moves faster than a
High speed train,
Cars in the fast lane,
The pounding of the rain,
I've gone insane.
It's infuriating
Plastic mind,
All disposable and
All utterly insignificant.
I know the fate of history
And the destiny of humanity--
We are temporary,
A dream stuck on a floating grain
In the misty seas of the cosmos,
Swirling towards a black death
Darker than any night or
Any universe could be.
We are a fleeting thought
Caught within the arms and tendrils of the galaxy,
Draining into an immense
Super massive
Black hole--
The drain at the bottom.
We are accidents,
Sad ones, at that.
The stars formed randomly from
The collisions and crashes of
Millions of atoms,
Perhaps themselves
The containers of still sadder
And more pathetic universes.
From this early crib
Sol and his brothers drifted throughout the blackness of space,
Most dying and
The mediocre remaining.
This is the fate of humans
And indeed all of existence:
That the interesting
The beautiful
The bizarre and
The intense shall all perish
While the average shall
Survive, stuck on their tracks
And predetermined paths,
Lines laid out by the random assortment
Of atoms, of particles
Of the refuse of the universe.
We formed from the cosmos' shit;
An explosion erupted from
The backend of existence
And out flowed reds and greens
Helium and hydrogen
And burning water.
As the planets formed
From the wake of the exhaust
And the stars migrated to their final resting places,
The elements continued bumping
And colliding and crashing
Until green ran the continents of countless and
Insignificant planets, residents sticking roots down
And extending towards the mediocre light
Of a wholly average Sun.
From this green and blue sea sprang forth
A multitude of parasites,
Feeding off the grasses and the ferns,
The flowers and the moss,
Warring and screwing and
Laying their own universes down out of
Their backends.
We are the shit of shit that shits out shit to
Power our shit and allow us to shit
Which in turns shits the shit
To shit.
It's all shit.
Existence is shit.
Existence is shit.
I am a dream in the mind of one
Floating off into my dimension,
Moving faster than sound,
Actions and existence
To cross the cosmic walls and
Climb the galactic ivy
To reach out and say,
"I was here. I mattered. "
I wish I could comfort them in my arms
To pet them and tell them it's all okay,
That they matter, but I know the fate of history
And the destiny of humanity--
Existence is the most interesting thing we can do,
And even that is based on mediocre shit.


Author: Hands
Date: 01/04/2020