Poems about bodies


№ 1198524

Black Bodies

Too many Black bodies,
Know the unwelcoming
Pavement as their home.
I can smell the sadness
That seeps through their pores. 

Sorrow that furiously
Enters my nostrils
Like tornados yielding eviction notices. 

Pupils that beg
For eye contact. 

They are empty change cups
That fill to the brim
Through the locking of retinas. 

More for the reminder
That they too are human,
Than for the change
That will provide little of what it boasts.

Open caskets
With the bodies of suicidal souls.
Lifeless faces rearranged
To show a glimpse of joy. 

The scene is rich with irony.
These dead are smiling.
While the barely living
Don't have the same luxury of tranquility. 

Words claw their way outside of mouths,
To reach a listening ear.
Such alienation,
From being unaware
Of their origin or direction.
When the body and mind lose
Their living accommodations,
Words still yearn
For a home.

Black bodies litter the streets.
And sanitation crews wonder
Whether to place the lifeless bodies
Into the truck's trunk,
An open casket.

I wonder,
When was the last time
One of their names was
Spoken into existence?

How difficult is it,
To forget who you are?

black,  bodies.

Author: Eldon
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1195166


Bodies coming together
In a dance of flesh and
Bone. Bodies craving
One another the way
People crave luxury
And sitting on the


Author: Carolin
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1191333

Bodies of the Past--Smother your existance

Everything is nothing more than the moment
You can't live it
Can't go back
Can't leave it
They are not emotions
They are not the most important
Never too sure if that ever happened
Always knowing my friend it did
It was nothing special
But it meant the world
Hard to tell whats important other than oneself
When digging to the past you're building to the future
Just remember my friend
The past you dig up will bury the world around you
When you are ready fill the holes
Since you can't look to the future without looking back

bodies,  existance,  smother.

Author: Michael Ryan
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1187455

The bodies foreign object is the world

When i sleep in your head
All the animals are dead
And id make it a song
But its a quilt of skin instead.
And i give back to my church
But they think that they are thieves
Theyre on the job while i marry
Writing checks for alimony.
My three children bury me
Inside of all their tombs
And they pass out and know
That im an animal too soon...

Fallin asleep at the wheel
And i wake up with no cash
Gettin high on garbage
Gettin drunk on trash.

Ill turn your kid into a puppet
With a color t. v.
For a mind with eyes for buttons
Salty broken screens

The umbilical chord
Is plugged into the wall
And its drippin wet with surgery
Playin a scene
Of dead vets workin
On their own bodies
Lookin for the coins they swallowed
To pay the fare for the ferry.

bodies,  foreign,  object.

Author: mike
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1184483


I look at the legs of older men
Aged, with their imperfections
Showing more visibly every day.
Clustered veins bulging
Like roots from a tree
Climbing from under the dirt.

I look at the bodies of women
Who have lost their youth
From passing years and cigarette butts.
Their faces sagging and folding over
Pressing lines into the skin,
A new flaw every year.

And I'm haunted that one day
My body will be decrepit and tattered
Like the rags of a skeleton's suit,
And I wonder who will love me
When I have nothing left to show.


Author: Danny C
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1183313

Bodies of water at sunset

Air under the wings as we rush upwards, peeking out our windows
Molten metal winks and calls for us from below
Calling to be mined...excavated...or is that just our human nature?

bodies,  sunset,  water.

Author: Marine Andreson
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1183089

Blue bodies

My cheeks are tight
My tears an ember
He gave an answer
That I can't remember

Blue bodies
Barely breathing
Luscious legs
Looking lovely

My face is drawn
My laughter a sneer
He tells me stories
I don't care to hear

Hairy hands
Hate to hesitate
Morbid models
Madly masturbate.

blue,  bodies.

Author: Stephanie Irvin
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1178057

Unsolicited advice to unforgiving bodies

When you are twenty something and haven't
Grown out of what your family called “baby
Fat” don't worry, because you are still loved
By your body. everyday it wakes you up and
Nourishes you, and when it fails to do that, it's
Only a malfunction, a button hit wrong. when
You get shamed into wearing a one piece by
Your friends in eighth grade, don't panic, because
That swimsuit is killer and everyone you are
With is working it. when your friends talk about
Skinny shaming since they have never experienced
Fat shaming, listen. when you see fat shaming,
Talk about it. when your mother starts shopping
In the plus size area for you, don't feel ashamed.
Your body is meant for what it is meant to do.
When you have a panic attack in the dressing
Room of the local american eagle for not fitting
Into size sixes, calm yourself down, no one will
Ever see that size. black it out with a sharpie, cut
It out with scissors, let the tag fly. when you
Get sucked into pro-ana sites, shut off your phone.
When you are on your knees with two fingers in
Your mouth, close the toilet. when you use ice
Cubes as a snack, eat something else. don't
Let your brain become a calculator before it's
Too late. when you come into school the next
Day, your friends complaining about a not flat
Stomach, tell them that the sack needed to hold
Parts of your body is not flat for a reason. when
They complain about size four jeans, show them
How you wear eights like a badge of honor, like
Your lipstick or your hair. show your stretch marks
As tattoos, show your cellulite as gold, your hips
As the gates to your mansion, and your thighs are
Thunder thighs, let them boom down and let them
Be free.

advice,  bodies,  unforgiving,  unsolicited.

Author: Cass Lee
Date: 09/03/2020