Poems about bones


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These memories can be a sarcophagus made from the bones you call your home.

When I was younger,
I always wondered why my mother was so easily scared
Even at the slightest unexpected instance-
She jumped.
Jumped like her bones were no longer her home
And she was running away from the skin she was hiding in.
As I grew older she told me the tales of how
Men had made her skin their throne
And took turns making her body their own-
Bruised eyes became her routine
As the Xanax she didn't even realize she was being fed
Filled her bloodstream, it became her heart-strings.
The heartache of many men filled my mothers eyes
And I realize now why stability isn't in her nature much.
So now as I enter a room I make sure these feet
Hold steady on the ground to make a bold entrance
So she hears me coming every time.
I make sure these hands never grip hers too soon
So she knows I'll be there when she needs me too.
I still realize how she jumps when I forget
That her bones are still trying to rebuild themselves.
I still realize how her heart stops-
And how she went through hell to find the home in her own bones.
I still realize how even her own child
Can make those bones feel like breaking again
As the paranoia of a troubled past sets in...
Even nowadays her bones will still sometimes shake at the sight of me-
I realize now, how it feels
To be a ghost.
And that's okay,
Because she believes in me-
Even on the days no one else does.

bones,  call,  memories,  sarcophagus.

Author: Amanda Stoddard
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208100

Break My Bones

Break my bones,
I want to know if I can feel anything,
The cocaine has filled me with anxiety,
I want to snort life in its entirety,
Imagine the possibilities inside of me.

bones,  break.

Author: Simon Clark
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207121

I am bones.

I am a pile of contorted bones
Adult, but fetal; sinking in fecal
Material, so fickle.
Time- it slows and trickles
Down sunken cheeks, to tickle
Smiles that are broken and brittle.

Casting shadows
That make me feel so little,
I'm being devoured;
Carved away by his chisel.

From the inside, I have withered
And this shell has split and splintered.

I am nothing but hollow bones,
Covered in flesh- waiting to decompose.
To be ravaged
By a shattered promise of tomorrow.



Author: Slur pee
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204762

"Lovely Alabaster Bones"

Church bells ring of voices silenced
A darkened Moon is hanging low
Crickets stop to hear the empty
As loving waters overflow

As angels call in voices singing
Notify my heart goodbye
As deafened ears are opened up
No more tears are left to cry

Dying leaves, a crimson carpet
Indigo ink at levied banks
Waters flood my aching heartbeat
Raising hands to you in thanks

Cloaking eyes, I'm in the shadows
Petitioning you another dance
Whispering the coming reaper
If only I could have a chance

Softly come draped in darkness
Ebony casts a ghostly glow
Lovely bones in alabaster
Putting on a secret show

Taking off the heavy waiting
Holding down my paper heart
A poets voice cannot be silenced
By ticking hands you pushed apart

Silver tears they fall in quiet
In rivers taken right or wrong
Releasing me & painful weighting
And sing me as I come along

Violins they speak so mellow
Calling me as I go home
Morning comes a glowing ember
Left for you an Earthly loam

As the leaves outside are falling
And thickened air bids me farewell
Whispering of my departure
& secrets I may never tell
Although in this...
You mustn't dwell

Waving you off
In slow motion
Blinking lashes bid adieu
Darkened cloakroom,
Veiling... hiding
Memories of loving you

The only love
I really wanted
The one I never... really knew.

Cherie Nolan © 2016

alabaster,  bones,  lovely.

Author: Ma Cherie
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203031

Ink bones on a rainy night

I am trapped in a deep darkness
Im the blind trying to lead the sighted
I am no longer able to see the difference between light and dark
A vast white expanse laid out for me
A god to create what he wants
The white pages
Will remain blank to avoid the darkness
I was never able to create them

bones,  ink,  night,  rainy.

Author: Blue Flask
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200916

Sticks and Stones vs. Kerosene Bones

You are beautiful.
Every part of you.
Even your impossible anger flourishing through those once soft sultry eyes.

I've seen silent pools of 'sorry' and 'let's forget about it's leave your tear ducts and fall onto me cheeks.
As lightweight as they are I feel them. So much more abounding with grief and true regret.

Your words had stung me before and like the boy in that movie where he kicked the nest-I was. Attacked before but now it's much worse.

The bee stings were no longer puncturing needles but silver knives in my wolverine body cutting deep in my organs, vital or not they live while my howling soul dies in unforgiving puddles of shedding fur made of crushed promises- you will never hurt me.

It's what you said and yet those wrists-tight with anger in your veins-those palms. Engulfed with the flame of the hostility you dry swallowed unwillingly along with those pink pills now coursing through your nerves.

On my bare skin those fingertips- once gently kissing my broken woman hood the same finger tips that threaded shards of broken glass together as hard as it may sound you made it happen and now threading needles turn to swords breaking thread and laying down the shear, intense, excruciating hate and I know.

I know that the holes in your heart were filled by the smell of this garden you've managed after planting in this body after others took the sunlight and poisoned the rain and drenched them with laborious despondent trickles becoming tsunamis in this heart of mine.

In this very minute I thought I was important. Like a vital organ. But how could I be so crucial to you when you made me feel so minuscule but I stay maybe not close but always.

For now let me bleed out this strenuous hate so that I can come back stronger.

Get rid of those demons you hold so dearly in your head- jealousy, being your best companion, should not be your best man at our wedding in fireflies and heartstrings of matrimony - keep me safe. Safe from your demons.

And keep me safe, then and only then, may you keep

bones,  kerosene,  sticks,  stones.

Author: Jasmin A
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1199905

Homes in bones

I make my
Flesh and bones.

bones,  homes.

Author: Kit
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198314

Hollow bones

You turned my hollow bones
Into a loving home

bones,  hollow.

Author: Sophia The Local Dreamer
Date: 27/03/2020