Poems about boots


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Tall red rubber boots on a rainy morning

Tall red rubber boots on this rainy morning
Bring me joy, happiness.
Stomping in the puddles,
Hiking in the wet wet leaves.

Standing still as the raindrops
Pour down over umbrella,
Drops pounding the pond with intensity,
Watching mother nature in action.

Still winter but with little
Signs of spring emerging.
Green green shoots of jonquil leaves,
A bit of sun and warm will bring color.

For now the trunks of the trees are grey
And branches bare.
Crows caw on this quiet wet morning
Flitting from branch to branch before taking flight.

Raindrops mix with creek water,
Rushing down over rocks
And logs,
Dams created.

Such beauty and peace
On this raw morning,
Such profound love is found
In the stillness and silence...

In Mother Nature
In the Tao...

boots,  morning,  rainy,  red,  rubber,  tall.

Author: am i ee
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1187002

They wear their boots

They wear their boots
For over 234 years, they have worn their boots.
They walked the mud of bunker hill
The snow of Gettysburg.
Through the valleys of Italy and France.
They wear their boots with pride across the world.
Each American in their own boots they do march...
They shine those boots to march down main street.
With their heads all high and tall.
The American soldier fills those boots they wear.
Blood sweat and yes tears drops fall on these boots.
But they are worn with freedom by design.
Each soldier wants to die with their boots of freedom on.

boots,  wear.

Author: Harold r Hunt Sr
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1186967

The One with the Timberland Boots

The One with the Timberland Boots
Those gigantic feet
Which I peek
Was close to mine
Though I had to sneak

The stench of my odor
Coming from my ass
Was making me
Insecure very fast

But luckily the stalls divide us
Our bowels and touch
And all things that blind us
Except for the smell
Of course that was true
But with our smells combine
There was nothing coming through

Between us...

The love that we made
That came from pain
Has thus began to fade away
Including me who had to go

But I will never forget
The Timberland Boots
Who sat near me in company
Throwing my insecurities off the roof


Author: Don't Exist
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1175271

Lil' boots.

You are absolutely ridiculous
I love it

You act like some tough, cruel, serious guy,
And then you draw a little cat with boots on a paper we shared.

It made me giggle.
Which is rare these days.

You act so standoffish,
But really?
You're adorable.

I love it when:
-you break your serious demeanor to laugh at my childish joke
-you draw little animals all over my papers
-i see you looking at me when you don't think I'm paying attention
-when i steal your hoodies and all you do is laugh and say i look cute
-you lean on my shoulder during classes
-or play with my hair

It's not normal to fall this quickly,
But i think i could love you.

boots,  lil.

Author: EmilyTheNymph
Date: 06/03/2020

№ 1162463

New Pair Of Boots

Haphazard, travelling light, I see a distant destination
Appear on the horizon.
Getting closer now with each Sunrise, Sunset, and another
New pair of boots, I keep walking.

boots,  pair.

Author: nivek
Date: 23/02/2020

№ 1154704

In each others boots

My cheeks stopped coming up rosy
After my second smoke at fourteen
My first made me puke -
It took real commitment to continue.
Its my most constant of constants
And if nothing else I stayed faithful.
This positive is what I cling to
While most others would see it other.
But this is what happens all the time
- and we never get to walk a mile
In each others boots.


Author: nivek
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1148188

The Boots You Wore

They looked so tired
Resigned to bearing their burden
I wore them so rarely
Boxed tissue crinkle
Still a new suede smell
Proud to give you what the Army couldn't
9 medium
Free to a lad off to a hard war
You wore them in your email
Smiling stood on his shattered back
He looked like someone's Dad
Blood on a kind face
Blood on my old boots
Happy Christmas from Helmand Province...

boots,  wore.

Author: jeremy wyatt
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1139216

He wears his cowboy boots to bed

He wears cowboy boots to bed
And says "yes ma'am" like sweet tea pouring from his sunburnt lips
Once we went up to the lake hitched our horses and went skinny dipping and he left his hat on

He removes his hat as a sign of respect
He holds a hand over his heart for the friends he left behind
He taught me to ride like my soul was being set free from that castle walls that were built

He two stepped with my mamma
When the music rang out through the grass
But that didn't make up for the time I was late for dinner because we couldn't pull our eyes from the stars

He shook hands with my father over burgers on the grill
High fived my little brother and called me baby
But that didn't make up for the time that we drove out the canyon and danced our way to the top of a mountain with no reception
We danced and swayed and stayed until the moon called me home

bed,  boots,  cowboy,  wears.

Author: Keah Jones
Date: 02/02/2020