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Deadbeat Bottom Feeder

"Worthless waste of space! "
"You thief of my fresh air! "
Useless to the entire world.
Drop dead! No one will care!

Can you feel the hatred baby?
The heated ache inside?
The pulse that beats incessantly?
The disgust I do not hide?

A soul that's non-existent.
No conscience left inside.
If not for jail time, baby,
I'd kill you for my pride!

Imagine an enduring torture,
And the pain that will ensue,
Cause Karma's got a lovely way,
Of catching right up with you.

bottom,  deadbeat,  feeder.

Author: deanena tierney
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202980

Felt the need but at bottom it was a want

Felt the need but at bottom it was a want
I had been there already many times
And the want when fulfilled always left me feeling disillusioned.

bottom,  felt.

Author: nivek
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202515

Bottom Feeders

In the basement sand is melting.

Imagine that, millions of years of crustaceous love stories, rocks slowly poisoned until they, along with ancient deep sea lovers, washed ashore to become the nuisance of the crevices of leather seats of automobiles.

In the basement the rocky lobster lovers are taking new shape as
The girl in the goggles
With the hair
Tied back into a bun
Forces air from her lungs into the

That can't be very good for you, breathing in a million
(maybe more)
Years of betrayal and murder and friendship and laughter
Between crabs and clams.
It can't be healthy to take
In so much at once.

I wonder what it's like to speak a language known by so few.
To walk down an aisle in the supermarket and reaching the curves of a coca-cola bottle,
The girl in the glasses
With the bun
Cries uncontrollably yelling,
ВЂњDo you see that?
All the beauty and the sadness
In the waves of molten sand in
Six little bottles. ”
To give your soul a little clear house, letting everyone look inside
(without really seeing)
Letting everyone walk around it, and nodding and saying
ВЂњOh will you see what she did there? ”
And seeing nothing but a misshapen
Coca-cola bottle.

In the basement backbones are being melted into a new mold.

They are somewhere hidden in the waves I cannot read, amidst the million years I cannot hear of crustaceous love stories.

bottom,  feeders.

Author: Virginia Nicholson
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1196504

Bottom Of The Ocean

And your words settled someplace deep in my soul like bricks sinking to the bottom of the ocean because all I could feel was you and those words and that heaviness like I would never be able to breathe again. You told me you loved me but said you were tired, so fucking tired, and you just couldn't do it anymore but you figured I at least deserved a phone call since I had always been the only person to answer at 3 am when you needed it the most, but don't waste your time, you told me, you can't change my mind this time. I'm too far gone and the pills are already settling in my bloodstream, as you spoke I could hear the words getting wrapped up and tangled on the tip of your tongue because the first thing to go was your ability to say what you wanted and instead all you could say was the truth. You told me it would be okay and that I shouldn't blame myself but in the next breath came a sob and a scream, a blood curdling heart wrenching scream full of pain for no one in particular but still to this day every time I close my eyes I hear that scream and I know it was meant for me. Between that scream and those words my chest has never felt so full, like a tsunami around my heart spilling into my lungs taking every last ounce of air from my body and throwing it down to the bottom of the ocean with those bricks, and those words, and of course, with you. C. a. l

bottom,  ocean.

Author: Carlee
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193002

Bottom of a bottle

I raced to the bottle looking for a familiar face, a familiar place, but I found just liquid courage.
I can't remember the last time my pants fit the right way, always too big, sometimes too small.
They said I look different. My eyes a little more red, my hair a little less clean.
I raced to the edge of the hilltop looking for a familiar face, a familiar place, but found only suicidal memories.
I can't remember the last time I cried this hard. Always thinking about the past and how many mistakes I've made instead of how far I've come.
They said I act different. A little more sad, a little less happy.
I raced to the bottle looking for a familiar face, a familiar place, and found the emptiness I felt inside.

bottle,  bottom.

Author: Brianna
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1192465

Bottom Of The Bay

Staring into hazy eyes
I slowly start to realize
That you are several leagues away,
And now I understand
~Tried to solve the mystery
Went looking for some history
I'd dive back down if just to see
And stir the sleeping sand.

We drown out all the pain we feel
Far-away things seem not as real
But there's a ton of brokenness
On the bottom of the bay
Weighted well to keep it down
In hopes that time would surely drown
The misery which hangs around
To cloud the dreary day.

I didn't know just what you felt
The searing fire, the burning welt
The scars of life, of loss and such
Which numbed your spirit, hurt so much
And wounds so deep, they should have bled
Attended to, would heal~ instead
They linger painlessly, you've said
In places way too deep to touch.

I feel the tug upon my fin
And draw a breath of water in
And surface here to find I've been
Caught up in love's illusion.
You nearly dried me in the sun
And here I'm thinking 'so much fun'
But like all fish, I've come undone
Awakened, our delusion.

I'll never truly understand
For I'm a fish and you're a man
I swim in garbage, not my plan
It's only your pollution.
There is no way a fish will drown
I'll let the current take me down
Just one more gem in Neptune's crown
And that is my solution.

I make my bed there in the deep
And on my watch, I rarely sleep
The nets they drag for memories,
I keep them all from catching
~the one's you've drowned there in a heep
The painful one's I'd rather keep
And as I swim this sea of bleep
None will be for snatching.

bay,  bottom.

Author: g clair
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1191300

Toothless bottom of the earth; dredging fire

There is a gap. A horrible place. A horrible horrible horrible place; filling, it sobs concrete, water, waste, air. I hear the earth gallop, mother's fire, a siren space stretched beneath my heart, but there is nothing. Fucking kill me. Wrap me in china. I can't bear this world. I fucking

bottom,  earth,  fire,  toothless.

Author: Akemi
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1191246

Started from the Bottom, Now I'm still here

Feels like I'm staring from the bottom of a basement
Dreaming of what I could be and I'm struggling to chase it
Running round in circles biting my own tail
Blaming everybody else when all else fails
That's the way I cop out never taking responsibility for my actions
Laissez-faire whatever happens, happens
Staying up all night wasting time just acting a fool
Remembering times when all nighters were cool
No job, no sense of accountability
Procrastination's a must don't see why that appeals to me
Facing deadlines thinking I can put it off
Knowing well if I put the effort in I can pull it off
Cause I've got no sense of motivation or trying
Tell myself that I can do it later and it'll be fine
But wondering to myself what if I really tried
To put my best foot forward and give all that I can with a little more time
Picturing greatness but that requires hard work that I don't wanna do
Don't know how much longer before that'll fall through
And I guess that scares me, adulthood knocking at my door
No more child's play can't be a kid anymore
Gotta man up and make something of my life at hand
Rather be a whole chapter than just a footnote at the end
Of this book that I've been writing since I took my first breath and a step
And looking back on it what do I have left?
Couple good friends but they're all over the country
Couple of relationships that turned into nothing
Just a couple of lines in poems that I choose not to share
Because what scares me more than teasing, is those that'll care
And they'll look back and see what I've become
Which is hardly anything cause I was too busy having fun
Drugged out nights washed away into blackness
Shit cause I hardly remember any of it but I still keep at it
And I don't know where I'll end up so much uncertainty
Hope when the dust settles no one will have deserted me

bottom,  started.

Author: Dada Ibarra
Date: 20/03/2020