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Bouquet of Haiku

He hands her bouquets
She swats each away to see
Guns firing petals

She cannot recant
The burn of spells cast daily
Ring вАШround the roses

And we all fall down
Iron-hued blood that stained
Empty bellies rouge

It bled everywhere
Darkened slick of sick roses
She won't let him cry

Flowers from his eyes
Or hanging paper dollies
Says that it's okay

Says that it's okay
She can't spill bone-dry flowers
To drown in the Nile

She swats each bouquet
Why won't she just let him care?
He's swatted away

bouquet,  haiku.

Author: Mike Jewett
Date: 04/04/2020

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I walked by the counter

And noticed the roses,

Drained pigment

Now pink

And wrinkled

Crisp and withered.

I think to myself

Why, when ever did that happen?

Only yesterday they stood tall and red.


Author: Fish The Pig
Date: 30/03/2020

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Wilting bouquet

You used to draw these flowers
And I started doing that too,
But you doodled out of boredom
And I drew them all for you.

bouquet,  wilting.

Author: Poetria
Date: 21/03/2020

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A bouquet of Roses...

A bouquet of roses
Found among the debris
They look fresh and fine
I took it home with me
In a vase near a dining table
The roses made me smile
But that night I had a bad dream
A girl in white wanting the bouquet returned
It gave me cold sweats,
I shivered down my spine
Morning, I read in the news
She died in a car accident
On the day she turned sixteen...
Put the bouquet back on her grave...
Praying she is resting safe...

bouquet,  roses.

Author: Sharina Saad
Date: 06/03/2020

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We were putting on our
Tap shoes,
When our teacher gave
A call,
We'd been asked to give
A dance display,
At the old Squire Hall.

She asked me to do a
A song-and-dance
I chose a Deanna
Durbin song,
Of her I used to dream.

I so often went to see
Her films,
And copied how she
Waltzing in The Clouds,
Was the song I liked
The best.

My grandma bought
Some satin,
As pink as any rose,
She made the dress,
Slit to the waist,
Quite daring, I

It really did look
She had made it
Very well,
Some of my young
Dancing friends,
Were jealous, I
Could tell.

The big day finally
The display was a
My beloved grandma
She liked my turn
The best.

Before the final
The 'stars' were
Given flowers,
It was so exciting,
I could have stood
For hours.

A bouquet was
Handed to me -
Yellow tulips, big
And bright,
I hardly could
Believe my eyes,
And held them
Very tight.

'From an admirer'
Read the card,
My heart began
To pound,
But the sender of
The tulips,
I never, ever

We travelled home
By local bus,
I walked up to the
And sat on the very
Front seat,
Holding my flowers

I certainly felt like
The queen,
Yes, really rather
I saw the public
Passing by,
And gracefully
Waved my hand.

When I now see
Yellow tulips
I think of that
Great day,
When I stood
Upon the stage
So proud,
And held my
First bouquet.



Author: Darryl Ashton
Date: 17/02/2020

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The Last Bouquet

I woke up extra early
To pick wildflowers from the meadow
I gathered goldenrods and roses
And picked some baby's breath
I watched the dewdrops scattered
Across the blades of grass
I watched the colors of gold
And lavender infuse the morning sky
I took a piece of baby blue ribbon
And tied it around my flowers
To hold your special bouquet in place
For this is your last bouquet here
And this is your special day



Author: Marian
Date: 09/02/2020

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I picked a dozen roses
And sent them all to you...
Some are different colors...
With a symbolic point of view...
2 red roses for your smile...
That drives me insane...
2 pink roses for your kisses
That leave a lipstick stain...
2 blue roses for your eyes
Pools of natures perfection
2 yellow roses for your beauty
My only selection
2 purple roses for your body
Of which I can't ignore...
2 black roses for leaving me...
Dying on the floor
Please accept these flowers
And know I love you so...
Each one a fragment of myself...
And all that you let go.


Author: Christopher Black
Date: 07/02/2020

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Bouquet of the Week

The walls are closing in and i hear my demons knocking at the door.
The screeching of the shadows and the sirens are much louder than before.
I sworn myself to secrecy but the secrets are not mine to keep,
And my mouth will keep on running until i run out of gasoline.
My body is a temple but i let the princess down when i lent the key to her palace out to the public.

If i were to be honest,
I'm scared of who i have become.
And if i weren't on this damn medication,
It'll seem i could finally find somebody who would love me for just me,
And not some drugged up version of a chemical imbalance.
I thought i was perfect before.

I guess not.
Nothing ever happens like I planned,
And that's the way life planned it.
And if i think right,
He will leave me once again,
And that's what he intended.

But if he comes back to me,
What was will never be and what will be
Will never be what it was once before.

If i were to be honest,
I'm not sure if i could handle the disappointment i set myself up for
Months before our reunion.
Tell me how it feels to kill me once again with your words.
Smother me slowly, and cover me completely with the flowers that you picked on our first date.
Those of which have never died
Just like my love for you.

But your feelings have wilted with the seasons.
You come and go as you please,
And i am just the fool who believed them,
The lies you sold to me in the
Bouquet of the week.

bouquet,  week.

Author: jordan
Date: 11/01/2020