Poems about bows


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Taking Bows for the Banal

Soppy is the way,
Ladle on the sentiment,
If that swill doesn't work,
Just cheat with phoney names,
You too can be so popular on HP
Yet the mirror still looks on with disdain.

Note: rather than craft, study, honing, using elements of actual poetry ( metre, alliteration, image nor even metaphor ) the 'Tireless Self Promoters Club' simply want to start at the top? Phoney? Lazy? No clicho beneath them? Pathetic?
All signs point to YES!

banal,  bows.

Author: Ormond
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1099793

Tied up in pretty bows

I don't know why I'm still waiting.

It's clear to me that you aren't interested anymore...

So why am I still holding to that last thread of hope?

Why can't I move on,
Be happy?
It seems like you have.

I fight back the urge to call you or visit you
Tell ­ing myself that if you wanted to talk to me, you would.

I've tried treating you the way you've been treating me. I think to myself,

"What if this time, I don't say 'hi' first?
What if this time, I don't call you back?
What if this time, I leave you wondering?
What if this time, you're the one left feeling completely screwed over? "

So I try it for a while...

Sometimes I get the feeling

That you will never make the effort,

That you will never call

That you will never care

That you will never miss me

So I break down and I call you.

And you greet me like you've missed me

And you treat me like you like me

And you make plans with me

But they never happen.

You're promises are just lies

Tied up in pretty bows

­ You.

bows,  pretty,  tied.

Author: Jack NW
Date: 29/12/2019

№ 1073459

Bows Of Lies (15w)

A knotted kiss
In a bow of lies
Bounded in bliss
Yet undone in sighs

bows,  lies.

Author: Lady Bird
Date: 05/12/2019

№ 1044509

Bows on The Tree


Not just. escaping
The noose

But realizing,

Scarlet chords
Make the. most. beautiful.
On the tree of life

bows,  tree.

Author: Katherine Rose Wolf
Date: 09/11/2019

№ 964964


Here is a box of
Cocktails. Enjoy each
One fluttering
And composed of
Yes, REAL!
So real you can even
It. Let me cry
For you that
You never tasted

And there we'll all be
Crying, the chorus
Oh God, not that again
And people paid
To tear their heart out
(or hair, whatever)
And rend garments
While cameras

That wasn't me,
Because I'm nothing
You just got a lot of
Bows around a box of



Author: SN Mrax
Date: 28/08/2019

№ 836168

The golden bows.

We sleep with the long lance of the cold night
Embedded deep in our hearts
And wake to the cool warmth
Of the dawn light,

The brightness of new hope blinds me,
But opens a new world of possibility.

Taking the worst where the best are but
Dreams that cleanse body and mind
Hoping the souls out there find me
In the light of the hope sent to blind me.

If this history of existence is what
Comes of persistence
Then we live to experience
It all.

bows,  golden.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 04/05/2019

№ 825616

Pussycat Bows


O o w o
W s B w
S ow s
B s B
O B o
W o w w
S s B s
B o w B
O B o o
W w w


Author: The Good Pussy
Date: 24/04/2019

№ 709563

Crimson Bows and Arrows (AoT)

Unknown are the names
Of the flowers that have been trampled
Birds have fallen to the Earth
And long for the wind
Prayers won't solve anything
Only the will to fight
Can change the here and now!
O pigs who laugh at the resolve
To walk over corpses to move forward
Livestock complacency? False prosperity?
Give us the freedom of dying,
Starving wolves!
The humiliation of being caged
Is what triggers us to fight back
We hunters slaughter prey
Beyond the castle walls,
Consumed with surging bloodlust,
As our crimson bows and arrows
Pierce scarlet holes into the twilight.

arrows,  bows,  crimson.

Author: Skye Applebome
Date: 09/01/2019