Poems about boxing


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I think I have control by now; I know
You want me to instruct you how to love.
I lack the tools for idleness; I go
Crazy when you weigh yourself above

Me. I know you're in the rink – I know you are!
It's just my paranoia's acting out,
And then I call you twice and go too far,
That's just a macho, jealous, loving bout.

But still you love my fighting tender thoughts,
And look in our shared corner when you're scared.
But then the jitters, stomach ties in knots.
No gloves came out each time an old love stared.

I do not care for who you used to love,
Keep razor blades tucked in my boxing gloves.


Author: Richard j Heby
Date: 24/02/2020

№ 1154240

We're Hot-Boxing Music

We're hot-boxing music
And the Beat is pumping in me
Through me
Raw pure power
Ripping through to my brain
From the outside
Hammering the internal
Drums of my mind.
Beat me
Own me
Use me
There is none bar me
And Music. Vibrations pour
Into my body and soul
The fragments of Movement
The Essence of Emotion, old as
Time, and evil
As Sin.

It's been here since the beginning,
And now is in this car.

boxing,  hot,  music.

Author: Life's a Beach
Date: 16/02/2020

№ 1152325

Boxing for pain

I found out
You're in pain
You did it to yourself
You felt sad
Those were your excuses
You slashed
Because of a

You told me
You felt guilty
And yet
You still did it

I worry
I fret
I'm scared
For you

Distance grants no access
I'm locked away
Unable to talk

My room
Closes in around me
I punch walls
A boxing match
No winner
Knowing its impossible
I'll never be able to
Hold you, help you

Bruised hands
Nothing helps me
Because i'm not helping you

Days after
My hands are still aching
Your cuts still bleed
Nothing gained
Only pain

boxing,  pain.

Author: maybella snow
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1111779

Boxing Fight

There will be only one winner,
But why? Why they both can't win?
Why one has to be knocked out
By another? Why one of them,
By the end of the fight, has to have
Hands raised in the air, in the glory
And applause from the crowd, and another one
Has to lay on the floor, ashamed, blackeyed,
With cut, bleeding browridge? Why
They two can't be winners? Why
Separating them by weakness strenght,
Why turning them against each other?
Why man against man
And brother against brother?

boxing,  fight.

Author: Peter Balkus
Date: 09/01/2020

№ 1104036

Phoenix House And The Art of Boxing

Draw into the hope of a missing river,
Forever forgetting forever isn't for everyone.
I wish I had another choice in the city full of choices,
I wish I had another city in the world full of cities.
I see these cities as see through seas untamed by those who see me as an uncalmable tide.
At the midnight calling, I become uncontrollable.
Like the statue, I collect and decay through natural forces,
Like the status,
I force nature to collect and decay.
Poetic justice,
No this just is poetic.
Moments put into words that give rise to the false trigger of five senses that the consensus claims can't be sensed through anything but reality.
The dream through words escapes the world in which limits are locked to five senses.
Nonsense to university,
No sense to individuality.
This creates the individual.
And their spirit lives in the flow of the Phoenix song,
Lamented in the night air.

art,  boxing,  house,  phoenix.

Author: Marquis Green
Date: 02/01/2020

№ 1071537

Boxing dog champ

There was a little dog a boxer dog was he
Hoping maybe one day a boxing champ would be
He began to train with weights and a rope
To be a world contender was his only hope
He did a lot of jogging and little run
Training very hard he enjoyed the fun
Now the dog was ready and in the ring did go
Ten rounds was the distance he took it nice and slow
He was doing well the crowd begin shout
Then one mighty blow his opponent was knocked out
Dog he was so happy a champion was he
Held his belt up high for everyone to see
He was very proud his dream it had come true
Now goes down history like all the boxers do

boxing,  champ,  dog.

Date: 03/12/2019

№ 1062386

Boxing day sales

Now it boxing day and the bargains they are on
Got to get there early before the bargains gone
Standing in a cue waiting in a line
Hope that its not raining and the weathers fine
Waiting there for hours standing patiently
Hoping that theres someting thats there left for me
Until then i will wait for what i am looking for
Take home with me until boxing day once more

boxing,  day,  sales.

Date: 25/11/2019

№ 1049632

Frozen in a Boxing Ring

Upsized in elastic tugs
Boxing gloves trembling in sweat
A pace of haste, a stretch of jab
Ahead a mob, resign the job

The cheer as the pro smears
In tears I resume with fear
Body solid, the barefoot I bear
Hands bare all ignited gears

Endured as the rope snaps
My lioness is lost in the ring
Fire roars, an angered uproar
Unable to face the opponent

A body shot, a tummy stomp
Mouth guard stumped, beg to stop
Cheers rant upfront, the pain pause
Three minutes cease, an earring drop

boxing,  frozen,  ring.

Author: SassyJ
Date: 13/11/2019