Poems about boy


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[ art boy ]

Poor art boy,
His mind was a gallery,
Full of art,
Until the factory
Of society,
Came along polluting it,
With reality,
And tearing it apart.
Poor art boy,

art,  boy.

Author: m i a
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210234

To the boy who break her heart.

Thank you for letting her feeling something
You let her awake and feel
A feeling of pain
It's much better
Better than feeling nothing and numb

She's grateful you're the one who let her feel something
So in the end of the day
She could forget you without even trying
So she could live her life
Without your shadow in her mind

boy,  break,  heart.

Author: PeonyInTheEve
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209505

Little boy

What a runner,
All the life in his eyes everyday,
Not one could keep up,
Could catch up,
Bolts of lightning would challenge you and lose.
His face would sparkle with amusement.
It still does.
Will that go away with age?
It has with so many others,
But no, not you sweet boy,
Little boy,
Stay little


Author: Jean Sullivan
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208026

Once a boy

Once a boy told me
"Live a story that's worth telling"
I fell in love with this boy
And he disappeared, taking my heart
Letting my mind deal with the feelings

Please boy
Give me back my heart
Come back to me
Give me back my heart

Once my love told me
To not forget to be awesome
To not forget to make every day better
To not plan the future
But to live in the present

Please boy
Give me back my heart
Come back to me, please
Give my heart, I beg

Once I met a boy
He was radiant
He loved me with all his energy
And I fell in love, but it's gone
And it took all of me
And he took my heart
And left only the shell back

Please boy
Give me back my heart
I'm on my knees, begging
Come back to me
And give my heart
For our old love, please

Once I saw a boy
We laugh together
We love each other intensely
And then he was gone
I left behind
And he took my heart
And he never returned

Once I rediscovered my boy
And he gave me back my heart
And also gave me his
And gone forever


Author: Serafeim Blazej
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207633

The boy who i'm still stuck on

Your wings
Are made
Of a spectrum of grey
There's not much to say
Except words you don't wanna hear

You were always so gentle
Even when you flew away
Even when i wanted you back
Even when you couldn't stay

Your kiss
So sweet
Like toffee
And lipstick
I missed it
I wish that
You were here

I act like
You weren't what
I saw you
To be my brain
So why does
It still hurt
Like my heart
Trapped in tracks
Run over
By one thousand trains

Why would i
Do it all again
If i could
Have you again?

boy,  stuck.

Author: Kai
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207270

A Different Kind of Boy

I am not the kind of boy who fits the mould of it's social stereotype:
Does sport
Perving on girls
Has the tendency to treat girls like a piece of meat

No, that isn't me.
I never liked sport.
I was a boy who didn't like to watch or play with Action man or Power Rangers,
Instead I was the kind of boy who would tell his friends that he was going to football club,
When in fact I was going to dance club.
At school I studied dance.
"What lesson do you have next, Lew? "

As the school year rolled on it was revealed,
When I had to perform in front of the whole school,

After that I rolled with the punches:

It angered me that because I didn't stick with the 'traditional' ideology of a boy I was an outcast,
Labelled with a stereotype that also didn't fit me.

I like Lady Gaga
In fact, I adore her.
Because I support the LGBT community I am misunderstood as a person.

To this day I struggle to overcome constant attack of prejudice and disrespect that people show me,
I struggle to hold on to that last thread of self confidence.
I don't dance any more. I am too scared to try it again
I don't tell people that I listen to Gaga and Lana Del Rey. They'll laugh at me
Whenever I say I like a girl people think it's a lie

**All of this because I am a different kind of boy.

boy,  kind.

Author: LJ Chaplin
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207036

Pretty Boy Floyd

When you come around
Come around this little town
There's a story that you'll hear
That makes you smile and shed tears

He was a little boy
When his momma told him "Son,
There ain't nothin' hear for ya, "
But he found a way to have his fun

He knew he should try harder
And make his mom and pop proud
But they were just farmers
And he fancied his pop a coward

So one day he said "Momma,
I'm leaving this town for good.
I'm packin' my bag and hoppin' on a
Big ol' train, " and do just that he would

His momma kissed him goodbye
His pop just bowed his head
And off he went to the city
There was not a tear he shed

He then met some boys around his age
They liked to shoot and loot
He didn't mind the ruckus
Or the terrorizing of old coots

They robbed and they shot
They stuck and they stole
And they laughed all the way
He was happy he got himself out that hole

But then one day the sheriff
Flicked his badge and said
"It's time for you to leave this town,
Before I shoot you all dead. "

His friends put their hands up
And slowly backed away
But the ol' boy had drunk his share
And thought it time for the sheriff to pay

So he pulled out his revolver
But before he could shoot
A shot rang out and smoke fluttered
The sheriff let out a hoot

Our ol' boy laid on the floor
Bleeding like a pig
He smirked and he died there
But he never felt so big

boy,  floyd,  pretty.

Author: John
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206991

To the boy I love

You are so addicting like meth injected into a drug addicts arm. The rush through their blood is the kind of rush I get when you kiss me. You're smile is like waking up to the sun in your eyes because it shines so bright. Hugging so tight I lose my breath, Just like I lost my breath the first time I saw your face. They say great things take time and I believe that's why you came back into my life after being gone for so long. Seeing the universe just by looking into your eyes. Know the true meaning of "being in love" just by hearing your name. Laughing so hard i fail to catch my breath. Singing songs on the radio so loud people from miles away could hear. Knowing what "happiness" means just by looking at you.

boy,  love.

Author: Sad Girl
Date: 04/04/2020