Poems about bracelet


№ 1097998

The Bracelet

That night our love was
Fluorescent and mint-green.

Air stood still in the hospital halls,
And I could hear your lungs at work.

I took my shoes off to match you,
And let the sleeping tile freeze my soles.

I only felt suited when
I could share a fraction of your pain.

A promise was made.
We would keep your bracelet.

When you are released,
We'll stash it in a safe place.

When a plague sinks its teeth,
I'll put your bracelet on.

To remind me of the wounds
I wanted to take for you.


Author: John Duval
Date: 27/12/2019

№ 1079828

My Braided Faded Bracelet

My braided faded bracelet
Is hidden in a box
Always there to remind me
Of something that I lost

My braided faded bracelet
The colors now so light
I found they weren't long lasting
Just like my feelings that blurry night

My braided faded bracelet
Came from a man
That I barely knew
But that might've been the plan

My braided faded bracelet
From that man, he knew
That I wasn't ready
Even though I wanted to

My braided faded bracelet
What it means they'll never know
Because I know what they will say
They'll say I told you so

My braided faded bracelet
A sign I'm one with the rest
Heard your first is never good but I
Thought I'd be different

bracelet,  braided,  faded.

Author: Amanda
Date: 11/12/2019

№ 1060394

The Friendship Bracelet

It is a rainbow of color
It is a strand of your soul
It is dark with the water
It was part of who you were
It is now on its own
It has been replaced with something
It has been upstaged by something:
Overlapping twisted muddy friends discarded new hope

bracelet,  friendship.

Author: Nina S
Date: 23/11/2019

№ 1025137

Black bracelet.

A black bracelet, it started with a black bracelet and so it will end.

We fell appart that night under the screaming of the oh so loud crowd
You because of the pills you ate, I because of the whiskey I drank
Maybe this was the sign, it was supposed to happen that night...
A sign everything went wrong in our little heads, we were gone

It was that night you called me and telling me to leave
Not only you wanted me to leave in spirit but also to leave your heart

She always was so beautiful with the light of the moon shining on her
I loved her like the childeren loved playing with broken dying dolls
And I hated her for wanting me to leave her ugly fucked up heart

It were real feelings, everything was so real...
The feeling of your lips on my cheeks, your hands on my waist
So please don't cry tonight or tomorrow, please be happy my dear
You are a thousand miles away but I still want you to feel like home
The birds aren't singing when you are so far away from me, crying

The ocean was dying and the waves were red from blood, tears.
The smoke in the sky started to form a mirror, I could see myself now.

A black bracelet is were it started, a black bracelet.

black,  bracelet.

Author: Belle Victoria
Date: 22/10/2019

№ 986676

Bracelet Made Up of Memories

Good memories are like charms that I treasured in my mind.
Each one is special so I collected them one by one.
I conjured them up one day and discovered
They made a long, colorful bracelet.

©Penchie Limbo

bracelet,  memories.

Author: Penchie Limbo
Date: 17/09/2019

№ 976567


Need inspiration to get you to write?
Let my encouragement be your journey to excite
A writer and a Poet with creative minds to share
Your emotions for all too bare
Negativity to be thrown out and don't welcome dare
Determination with desire that will pull you through
Destiny in being stuck to your head like glue
Journey being a destination of any ideas possible
Accomplishment with what you have written
How's this for an opener, “Trust that was a strong thrust, but it was my true strength to live that became a must”
Combination being your own lock with the keys of your mind
Suggestions after suggestions of what was all combined
Confession being your honest heart
Beginning was a place all along being your start
The skies are your inspiration
The writer in you was always the indication
It was a matter in bringing your writing out
Any subject that could be what your wrote about
True words chosen by you
Your ideas that were thought out through
Well it's time for you to sit down and write
Go the distance as you have been given writing might
Let the sun and moon set the mood with influenced light
Let my legacy be of the present and not of the past
Your desire and will is what will make your writing last.

bracelet,  wearing.

Author: preservationman
Date: 08/09/2019

№ 939827

Charm Bracelet

It was like any other piece of jewellery
Made from a thin chain and built to string many memories
The very first token of our love
A flower, for the day we met
A porcelain cup, for the first cup of coffee you made me
An open book for the days, when we worked side by side at the local library
A red car, the same one you would give me rides on
A pair of silver bells, for the day we both said "I do"
A small cottage, like the house we built using only our two hands
A rattle to celebrate the birth of our first child
Roses to mark a 10 year anniversary

It didn't seem like much but meant a great deal
So how could you give it away?
Look for a new owner already?
Slap it on to another woman's wrist
Whose eyes are cold as her heart

bracelet,  charm.

Author: Lisa Madina
Date: 06/08/2019

№ 858475

Braided Bracelet

The cord represent the flow of time itself.
I wear it sometimes as kind of lucky charm.
Who was it who gave me?
The thread twist, tangle, unravel
And connect again.
If time can really turned back.
Give me one last chance.
Lets be together again.

bracelet,  braided.

Author: Bas Aeon
Date: 24/05/2019