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Brain scurvy

Theres never the right words to describe feeling like I feel, even if the right words existed they would fail to properly define how scared I am for myself and my actions and the results that these poor bastards who love me will have to go through. The very awareness of my intelligence and my unbelievable fortune are for some reason both my only blessing and ultimate demise because the luckiest man in the world is never content. Im sick inside, im sure im dying. Why cant I just start over, I know id do it the same, only maybe id see it earlier, maybe I could spare her the pain she doesn't yet know is coming.


Author: Brett Berger
Date: 06/04/2020

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Dear Heart and Brain,

Dear heart and brain,

I owe you an apology, Heart
And I owe you, Brain, one two
You told me not to trust anymore
But just what did I do?

I ignored your precautions
Though listening was best
I didn't realize this until
The pain settled in my chest

Oh, I was so foolish
To think that things had changed
The same events occurred again
But names were rearranged

I told somebody my whole heart
They swore it to themselves
But just like all the others did
They found someone to tell

Just as I had turned my back
The facade slipped their face
My trust has crumbled to a dust
While heartbreak filled it's place

Now I promise, heart and brain
I will trust no more
Without anyone to tell my heart
My chest won't be so sore.

I wrote this letter sincerely
And I've enclosed my heart
Please take it, Brain, and hold it tight
It can't afford to lose more parts.

brain,  dear,  heart.

Author: Savannah Becker
Date: 06/04/2020

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A brain trying to leave a skull

Lose. -Shane Book

brain,  leave,  skull.

Author: Shane Joshua Baca
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206707

Blackboard Brain

I forgot how to write
But there's revelry in spite of me
Sounds and words inside of me
Semantics trapping happily
Sentiments tapping rapidly
On the inside of my skull

Slowly i am lulled
Inevitably pulled
Suffocated slow
By lies as cold as snow
Piled up in banks
As high as memories
Of sour smokes
And trusted snakes
Of shattered hopes
And forlorn aches
Wounds i forced forgotten for ages
Creaking out of their cast iron cages
Locked no more, instead released
From tired hopes for truth
And worn out wakes for peace

Over the candles,
Across the white cloth'd table
I sip coffee as i stare them in the face
With a soft glance,
I slip into a subtle trance-
Empty space on which to paint
The blackboard of my brain.

And there
Maybe chalk will wash away in rain.

blackboard,  brain.

Author: Joseph the Dreamer
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206558

My brain needs depends

And my thoughts are incontinent

I cant hold them in

My head may explode

Verbal diarrhea

Spews from my lips

All that I say

Is watery nonsense

Ideas splattered everywhere

Fester and decay

Staining this space

With fecal disillusion

The brilliance I once had

Is useless from exhaustion

Tiredness: the cause of

My skulls distention

brain,  depends.

Author: Aric Wheeler
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204705

Principal Brain Dead

Dear Principal brain dead
With a hollowed out head!
With tears coming home more often than not!
Your lame dead brain dead excuse to not move my daughter to a
Gentle spoken teacher rather than always ready with attack mode 0n teacher!

Dearest Brain deadest one
Unfortunately this is you principal Valentine!!!
With rage my volcanic anger stirs the teachers cauldron;
Most likely she hates us by now but I haven't anything to lose
I have to remove her yet another year cause last year you
Chose to turn off your F'ing listening ears!!!

Dearest Brainless heartless Principal of Errol Hassell
Back up your staff 110% don't give in or buckle for last year
I gave them the stiff shoulder and now a 2nd time so lets see
Just how far they will go this time around? Well Brainless itch
You can bet we are not threw, still at work behind the scenes to get her out from under your reigns but your blocking it which I think is insane.

But not a shocker being you love to lie and state one liners to shut a parent down
But what you don't realize I am not the stoppin ' Kind; So go inside your so called school and run it like the cavalier fool that you have become over time letting down children repeatedly, Who is clearly having personality clashes with the teacher and it is absurd the words you spoke to us saying Kids talk and this and that for being the reason you will not just simply move her to the teacher~>
> > >

We know she is comfortable with & this is not a matter of Hide the crime don't do the time!!! This is a real legit matter! So take your falseness and leave us alone,
Help us to leave it as well, Give us a push to get out of your hair but the truth is you don't want to have to supply a reason so local schools ban together to protect thee other so your @$$3$ are what matters most for you not risking your job for just another parent, Just another Student!!!

Brain Dead Fool of a Principal who has zero!
She is cool calm an collected while destroying your hope
For your child's safety and this is no Joke.

So when a fellow teachers who reply or people who love family or friend who are teachers too or they once had please take a step back and a try a realistic approach to thinking while reading my words as the reality of this grows & that there are Cruel teachers that live inside schools some young some old and weathered all they know now to do is Scold Scold Scold!!! Be gone with you little annoying student of mine' because I am angry at the whole class I will choose to pick on you this time! You have study hall for the millionth time!!!

Holding power whether for good reason or
Just to be a b*ch to a kid to pay them back for what they did or didn't do!
This school sickens me also allowing kids to label themselves a pack of 4 boys
Who go by "The smarties" for me this is repulsive to ignore causing in others a feeling of Less especially since the teacher gives them most of classtime privilege's and lets them boss the students around on what to do or simply they say to others
" Your not a Smartie!!! " already started age 9 is all such a vulnerable age and being let down by adult authoritative figure and choosing not to protect and be wise to show my girl she is cared about and not denied of her experiences? ??! ! !

Is this not enough for you to have instilled inferior fear inside my daughter? Cant you see you failed her and now she feels scared and weary of adults
Not trusting and this is because of you
Dearest Brain Dead Principal.

brain,  dead,  principal.

Author: Genevieve
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202174

Wash the brain

To wash the brain
Of all it's thoughts
To scrub it clean
Memories lost

Start anew
All over again
Brand new thinking
Your old friends
There not seeking

Your new mind it is weakening
Your brain cells stumble
They are tweeking

Your not the man
You used to be
You changed so much
They all will see

Beliefs are different
So are you
Your mind is gone
But not for long
Your body is here
But you do not care

Your way of thinking is no more
You knew the risk
You knew the score

Now you know... your god no more
It's some one else you now adore

brain,  wash.

Author: michael gagain
Date: 30/03/2020

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Rambling From My Brain (7)

I used to be a romantic person

But one day I opened my eyes
And saw
Just how
Reality is

And you know...
It's almost prettier
This way.

brain,  rambling.

Author: Jessie
Date: 30/03/2020