Poems about breath


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Out Of Breath

Out Of Breath

I'm moving so fast I cannot see,
Your swaying hips in front of me,
Fist in hair I'm going nowhere,
Your in control as I lose all of mine,
You know how I like it baby,
Just don't stop your doing fine,
Please keep going,
I'm about to explode,
Your rhythm right in beat with mine,
And BAM we caught her just in time,
As we collapse she licks our face,
My little puppy I love you Grace.


Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 06/04/2020

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Friendly breath is a divine aura

I was looking up meanings of names...
'Halo', means 'divine aura'...
'divine' means 'friend' or 'beloved' from the word 'divina'...
As for 'aura'... meaning 'breath' or 'wind'...
It seems a 'friendly breath'
Is a 'divine aura' is a 'Halo'...

Which makes me think about 'Spirit' alot... as the etymology of 'Spirit' comes to 'breath' etc...
Our 'Spirit' protects us... if you can see how it all adds up!

Our breath is protecting us that which we cannot see... is protecting us! can be a play on of the creator

aura,  breath,  divine,  friendly.

Author: Conner Dixon
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206998


My face into the wind,
With only a blind eye to see...

My senses are sharp,
Yet I can no longer feel...

Numbness surrounds me,
So why do I still feel pain...

As my heart is cut deep,
So why don't I bleed...

My life is dullisional,
Which helps me breath...


Author: DC raw love
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206422

My last breath !!!

If this makes you easy breathing
I can happily take my last breath!!!


Author: Sumina Thapaliya
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1206313

Her Last Breath

She wakes feeling so confined
The dusty air she breathes
Gives no comfort
To her straining lungs
This tiny box her prison

She no longer remembers
When she was locked away
From the rest of the world
But it seemed so long ago

Tattered satin
Gently touches her cheek
And she feels a tear
Leaking from her eye

Reaching into the darkness
Her hands touch the smooth surface
Above her head

Running her fingers
Along the sides trying to find
Some kind of crack
Some kind of way out
An escape back to the one place
She called home

Her fingers come in contact with something
And the tiniest bit of light reflects off of it
It's a tiny golden lock of sorts

She frantically pounds her hand against it
But the lock doesn't budge
She tries to scream
But can't...
Her throat full of dust

Feeling her life slipping away
She remembers the little girl
And her infectious laugh

The hours of golden sunshine
And exquisite music playing
While she spun and spun and spun
So gracefully without losing balance
For that sweet little girl with blue eyes

Taking her last breath
She smiled weakly as she closed her eyes
And was grateful for having been
That little girls jewelry box ballerina


Author: ultimatepanicqueen
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204253

Final breath

The air is suffocating
And all that I want
I cannot have because
The fear is too tall

As my heart sways
On a thin thread
Don't let me have
One more fall

There are no more
Moonlit nights
All that is left is
Ashes on the wall

Just stay beside me
Speak no more because
With my final breath
**i give you my all

breath,  final.

Author: burning bright
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1204239

I can't breath

Eyes opened, nothing but darkness I can't see... What happend we're am i? I can't think. Reaching for you I can't feel. Someone help!!!

I screamed, well I think I did wait... I can't hear... What's going on? Please someone get me out of here.

No thaw wall are closing in, I can't move. T, th, the air is thining... No wait I can't breath...

breath,  t.

Author: PassionofLaw
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203325

Love's Last Breath:

Mozart fades into Monet,
You are the ivory keys,
Piercing the silence,
Tangled in echoes of an angel's voice,
Awaiting to explode into the
Mystery of my colours...

Hushed within a silence,
Fading beyond something grey,
Always meant to shimmer in sapphire.
Love is never bound to soft silhouette's,
Though the fault line is so fragile,
The hush can rupture the ballast,
Deteriorate the fingerprints
Left, moistened, in an exploration of hands
Christened in worship of the journey,
Sliding between the hymnal of thighs
Scarred in the numbness of quiet bruises,
Aching for the press of your needs
To awaken the ache, and kiss the morning
Held fresh in my eyes,
With a glance into hunger,
Still fresh upon your tongue...

My soul rests within the ebony shadows,
Straddling your fingers, as they
Pound the song from your heartbeat
Descending into a crescendo of requiems divertimento,
Unraveling all of these unspoken words,
In soft whispers of your embrace

Curve the edge of my thirst
In that place where the heart stills,
That place, where the pulse quickens
So deep inside the quiet of your benediction
Redeem me in the corners of your smile,
And I will paint my love in Monet,
So soft, upon the canvas of this
Mozarts serenade of us

The aftermath, a concerto,
A delicate stroke of crimson
Smeared upon the ivory parchment of my skin,
"I love you" etched
Beneath the wings of your song,

... I am the unspoken lyrics...

You are the music of my life
Fading into the colours

... of love's last breath...

breath,  love.

Author: Janette
Date: 01/04/2020