Poems about breathing


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Plastic breathing

When you are in space without oxygen... you will suffocate.
A black void will strangle all your life out of you...
And your eyes will gaze right into the abyss.

A lonely drifting rock, floating in a place where time loses all meaning and hope is nothing but floating dust.

A vortex tears through this bored reality.

A bleeding gash oozes out blackness, the flicker of a blinking eye, sucking me in.

Emotions implode, a rush of rage, fists land where they were not supossed to land.

Meteor impacts on your skull...

Hope splattered on the walls washed away with the tears of grief and regret. Remorse.

But then all gone, all absorbed into the gaping maw inside me.

Complete withdrawal from life... a retreat to hibernate.

That is how our love feels... this is how you feel.

When i am sleeping you will push a pillow on my face.

You feel like breathing

So easy, i do not even notice you are there anymore yet i need you to live.

You are like breathing

With a plastic bag strapped over my head.

And i am all out of breath...

My eyes gaze backwards into the void...

A floating dying planet, dusted by particles of hope...

breathing,  plastic.

Author: Axel
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202628

Breathing Again [Waking Up on the Right Side of Life]

I just want to breathe again
I don't know how I'll get by
But I'll somehow pull myself together
I can't escape you right now, but I will eventually
I will fill the space you left behind
The light will go on and I will figure it out

Right now I'm in another world
My mind has left Seattle and I am somewhere else
Nothing is like it was and I am waiting for grace
I've lost everything
I just want to hear your voice again
Feel your embrace
If I want to breathe again
I have to wake up!

breathing,  life,  side,  waking.

Author: Khrystina-Lee Meers
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1197525


When the only thing
Illuminating the world
Are the stars who live
Life times away
And the moon
Who gracefully rules
Everything beneath her
And the weight on my chest
Begins to increase so subtly
Until I am being fully crushed underneath it
Laying there as the whisps of forgotten dreams
Are pushed out of me
And my heart struggles to continue beating
The simple thought of your crystal eyes
Returns some feeling into the tips
Of my fingers that tingle as humanity
Begins to flow within them again
You feel like breathing in a world
That thrives on asphyxiating dreamers


Author: Nameless
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1197124

I wake to the breathing of bears

I wake up to the breathing of bears

And one in particular
Her nose against my cheek as wet
And deeply brown as earth too far down
For me to see;
She introduces me
To the warmth and nacre of her mouth
To salmonberries and bugs
The flesh of the fallen forest
Nurse logs in the undergrowth,
To the yellow avalanche lily

I wake to the breathing of a bear
Kind and close,
Snuffling and dripping
From the tender tunnels of her own body;
She measures me between pads as big as plates
Her own five-pointed ivory flowers
The better to picture
Eye and socket, the stripped skin of the skull

And it is always like that:
The world, when it wakes me

For it so loves me raw
Unwrapped of lists of things to do
And coffee cups / the smell of fear
And productivity

ВЂ” that is
The way it is
When the world wakes me up,
Inflated by sleep:
It is the liminal tooth that pops
And punctures me

bears,  breathing,  wake.

Author: Kat Couch
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195327

Dead body breathing

What is this cruelty?
That I look through the lense
My heart stuck somewhere
Between my gut and oesophagus
Bile of revulation and loss
Tethering in my mouth
Vomit of pain
Streaming from my blistered tongue
Stomach acids burning my insides
Wrinkles mapping the milestones of my life

I weep on nights like this
The ones that remind me
Of what once was
Oh what could have been
And what till never come to pass

What will be
Is my heart will shatter a million
Times over
Thinking of your smile
And laughter
Just 31536000 seconds ago

I miss you till the pain quakes
My every
Cell death

It's already gone
These are rattling bones
An empty cage

Because, without you
I am just -

body,  breathing,  dead.

Author: Hallyally
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194429

Breathing Life into Clay

And though it be constant
Isn't it strange
This process of Living
Seems all about change

Opportunities arriving
Too early... too late
Leaving us stranded
Just beyond Heaven's gate

Heavy souls weighted down
With the dust of habit's fate
Naked souls riding high
Caring not, what lies in wait

Every soul a living story
Breath of life into clay
Oh! All those smiles and tears
That can not melt one word away

breathing,  clay,  life.

Author: Catherine Ann Howatt-Dickson
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1194326

Haiku ~Breathing

Breathing in welcome
Nourishing body, mind, soul
Breathing out thank you

breathing,  haiku.

Author: Elaina
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1191048

Gasping for the reasoning for breathing

Make the reader/lover gasp for the reasoning for breathing

First order of the day, dreamer-reader,
Shock the consciousness from stillborn to newborn and gasp
At what it takes to grasp the physical self
Into a riotous state of alertness

Recite sweet nothings in one ear,
Newly writ lover tricks,
While nibbling on the other,
Or perhaps
Conducting a general physical examination,

A concerto of seasoning reasoning

Your advisory on the human state,
The reasoning for breathing well received
1/7/17 9: 59M

breathing,  gasping,  reasoning.

Author: onlylovepoetry
Date: 20/03/2020