Poems about breeze


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Gentle breeze day

Gentle breeze day
Passionate panorama
The trees dance.

breeze,  day,  gentle.

Author: Calvero
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196037

The kiss of the breeze, for the day you come to me

Getting enthralled with
You beauty...
Is it even possible?
I lose my breath
And catch my heart.
When I look at you
There is something more
Just beneath the surface
Lives lived and lost
Loves loved and passed
They would say it is your blood
Showing through your cheekbones
And your indifference to me
That you have fought many battles
Loved many fragments of a whole
That my powers will not work on you,
And yet I have no urge to test this statement
To prove it wrong
Because even if I could
I would not want to
For when I use that shadow
It is to get something that I want
But I do not want you
For if I did I would have you,
Or rather the product of my interference
Upon you
Which wouldn't be you at all.
I do desire you
And I plan to live up to that desire.
To come into alignment
With what I already have.
I already have you,
Right next to me
Watching each other grow
And yes,
Even loving
And yet your beauty
Still throws me off balance
Like the green hills of
Fog billowing over the moss on the rocks...
I can smell the ocean breeze
And feel the mist on my cheeks
But I cannot see it yet,
It is somewhere else
Collecting itself
Tending to the life within.
All I see is the fog
Rolling all around me
The condensation in the air
All I can feel is the
Beneath my bare feet,
And the kiss of the breeze upon my lips,
Showing me a small fraction of what it will be like
To kiss you.

breeze,  day,  kiss.

Author: Anjelica
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1192485



Soft breeze of morning, please slow down and wait
Till l can kiss your soft cheeks and your smile.
You are that old, kind friend so far from sight.
He can't approach, so his breath comes awhile.

What shall l do to make you stay for long?
You've charmed my heart and brought my mind that time.
Please linger till l recall that old song
That l forget but used to dream its rhyme.

You've come, please stay; you have provoked that dream
That's lurked for long and fed the wish for life.
You've brought those days which now l quite esteem
As none but them can form life joyful stuff.

I give my thoughts light wings to fly with you
To where you can join them with that dear soul.
There, l would live the past with all its view,
Which none retrieves but my thoughts can recall.


breeze,  morning.

Author: Joseph Zenieh
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1192164

A Breeze if you Please

The fan is clicking above me
Round and round it goes, shaking at its joints
Jolting me with memories
In a span of time so distant
I might as well have stepped into another dimension
Did I fall through a doorway looking up?
Was a swallowed whole in a rainbow blur?
And lastly, are ceiling fans hidden portals or is life simply one colossal joke?


Author: Nekhbet Hermit
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1192089


Oh my soul, please do rest
Please learn to calm down amidst the chaos
Do not rage, do not weep,
In your heart, peace please keep.

Dawn will soon be over,
The morning you cannot escape.


Author: Christine
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1190435

Love song to the breeze

Tired, exhausted and beat,
But nothing really matters anymore,
Let's talk about the trees
And the flowers
And the bees,
But no you'd never write a love song to the breeze,

I'm so hungry but I can't eat,
Sure I'm tired, there's nowhere to sleep!
And the breeze is blowing helping me stay on my feet,
Oh I'm so tired but I can't sleep,
Sure I'm hungry, there's nothing to eat!
And the breeze is blowing helping me stay on my feet,
But no you'd never... write a love song to the breeze...

breeze,  love,  song.

Author: Janielle Mainly
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1190374

Leaves in the breeze

A single tear,
Rolls down the contour of his cheek.
Not knowing its origin,
Other than that it had slipped from the duct.
Was this sadness? was it the beginning or an end?
He didn't know, nor did he want to dwell on it.
Attempting to fix the mind firmly on nothingness,
Assimilating thought processes to the black hole that stole his joy, his heart, his everything.
Focusing on the breeze rustling leaves,
Imagining the sound of a shaken soul.
Stolen by the thoughts he wished to escape,
Truely he was his own worst tormentor.
This was to be another day abscent of being free,
Trapped in a vessel that only serves to bring itself pain.

breeze,  leaves.

Author: Creepstar
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1188405

No Breeze

Of little interest or consequence
Let the dust settle around us
Let the ivy creep around us
Bones will be left when it's done
Don't let it bother you
The sinking and the friends
Broken on the floor
Nourishing it as they scatter
Casually flung into the air
With no breeze to catch it


Author: IJ Keddie
Date: 18/03/2020