Poems about broke


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Love Broke Down

Slight words and mumbles
Mount, quiet walks together,
Arriving places unwelcomed,
Cooking for one in a kitchen
Together, over filling glasses
Of wine and wordless smiles,
Leftover stories, stale company
Endless invites for new friends,
Road trips without bend, song,
The black comedy of dull, plain,
Platitudinous days.

broke,  love.

Author: Ormond
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208969

My favorite spatula broke today.

Do you ever think that life could be more?
That we are sitting,
Doing nothing,
That life is passing us by?

I feel remorse
For having had children so young,
For not having adventured


I want some adventure!
But all I see ahead of me is


I wish I had had a chance to go out into the


And just lived,
Moment by moment.

I'm afraid I will die,
Regretting that I never once lived.

(If I were a wealthy man, this might be the beginning of my mid life crisis. )

What is it called when a woman feels the panic of settledness coming upon her?

There is no name.

There is only the feeling of the sameness of days going by,
The aloneness of standing here,
Surrounded by routine,
By repetition.

While the desire to jump,
To plunge, into the unknown,
Beats steady on in my chest,

And the knowing that

That moment,

That chance,

Has passed me by.

broke,  favorite,  today.

Author: Bruised Orange
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1205288

You Broke My Heart

They told me love was easy

But you don't understand is my soul was ripped out of my body

Is this humane to let a man soul and throw his remains

You may think that this is the way I wanted our love to end

My heart got shattered and my wounds bleed a river that your words will never stop

Love is not the way you thought it would be

I put my heart out and all I got was suffering and pain

You say that I hurt you although I always cut my tongue if I ever tried to hurt your soul.

You swung your sword and went through me and made me a man with no feelings or soul.

You tell me I love you.

Do you think that I will ever think about you the same

I never asked from you anything and never wanted to change the person you are.

What did you do

You asked me to change how I look and how I dress just to please everything you want your dream man to be.

It wasn't hard on you as much as it was harder on me to set you free.

You got all my love and emotions drained.

All I hope from this is to tell you good luck and all that remains remains

I wish for you a happy life and a happy husband that you deserve.

broke,  heart.

Author: Mubarak Zeinalabdin Mirghani
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204910

Why we broke up {19}

Do you know how hard it is with people asking me left right and centre
Won't stop saying your name
And i have to explain that you still love me but not the same
And when i tell them you left me they look at me so incredulously
"he doesn't know what he's missing"
But the thing is neither do i


Author: Violet
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1198977

You broke me

I tried my best dear
To keep you in good humour
But you broke me down


Author: Inked Quill
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1197009

Why we broke up {8}

Little did i know sadness was contagious
And by the time i did it was too fucking


Author: Violet
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196943

The Washer and Dryer Broke

Smells like clean clothes
It's always pleasant
At the laundromat
Down the street from
My apartment.

The washer and dryer
Are currently broken
Looks like some teenager
Didn't know what they were doing
As the washer is filled with water
And their clothes remain
Inside dwelling to smell
Of mildew.

The dryer looks like an antique
Because it is the slime green of the 70's
Mismatched to it's wifley counterpart
That is stainless steel sparkles
So I assume the dryers death
Is not the fault of our fresh water culprit
But electrical problems brought on
From existing forever.

They broke a few months ago
And I've never gone to check
If they were brought back to life
As I've found myself
Intoxicated with the laundromat.

It's the mechanical hums
An orchestra of ball barrings
With clothes tumbling
Through their fabric softeners
To become fresh gentle cottons
The smell of Hugs
Is the aroma of heaven.

broke,  dryer,  washer.

Author: Michael Ryan
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1192719

I broke a promise

I didn't mean to snap
I'm sorry
I made u upset
I hurt you
I made a promise
But then the silver screamed
It was only a little one
How bad could it be
I know it was the last
I try
I sorry

broke,  promise.

Author: Ana S
Date: 22/03/2020