Poems about bronze


№ 1151546

Bronze Medal

The big hand reaches one at 4am,
And I was you, and you were them,
In the foggy faded moonlight buzz,
Misplaced what made me who I was,
Or who I always meant to be,
When all was lost and I was free,
Consumed by his desire, your disease,
A gaze that burns but never sees,
Denial justified by thoughts of fate,
Either born too soon or died too late,
As love serves to magnify the flaws,
Forgive the sins, obscure the cause,
Use honesty to seed the lie,
Drunk driving through the needle's eye,
And after all, and all it took,
I wasn't worth a second look,
My only chance, your second choice,
The stars still imitate your voice,
But the song you sing is not for me.

So why is she still all I see?

bronze,  medal.

Author: Jack
Date: 14/02/2020

№ 1123284

Bronze in Winter

The garden is filled with gods
And beggars and dull, fat cubes
That gather rain.
A bronzed angelic family nods,
Weighted neck-joints, tubes
Of browning flames.
Arrested drama, perpetual frown,
Wrestlers mid-lock,
Eyes into the sky.
I can relate, my luck's down,
Girlfriend's gone, I'm stuck
To my skin, lonely.
Easy to imagine the appeal
Of the museum garden life,
Appreciated and secure,
With fat cube friend's repeal
Of flat love, new bronze knife
To cut into the meat, to cure

bronze,  winter.

Author: Evan Stephens
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1119217

Bronze, Lead & Copper

Light steps sound from the basement stairs.
A case of home brewed liquor in his father's hands.
Bizarre, cancerous bulges from cap to bottom.
Plastic explosives from corrosive neglect from stow-away rooms
In white neighborhoods.

His father with a bronze idea, all of them with a destructive mind
A twenty-two saloon rifle bottled up too,
Like a maniac gone off his reds and blues,
Ready to fire out
With remorseless recoil.

High octane, high explosive, high art.
Cartridge clicks into the chamber.
Son like father, his aim is true.

Like twelve year olds with cherry bombs
We blast a hole right through.

Fucking boom! Rancid swill rain
Staining the biting bright snow

amp,  bronze,  copper,  lead.

Author: Peter Christian Ness
Date: 15/01/2020

№ 1107397

Bronze Venus

A girl was born in Bed–Stuy, Brooklyn on the 30th of June to a family of influence and wealth descending from the very man John C. Calhoun, himself

Lena Horne was a beautiful woman and soul; diversity radiated from her very essence from her spirit itself

Her racial heritage was a mix of African American, Native American, and European descent - family pride and honor came with her family name as the Horne was one of the First Families of Brooklyn

As raised and nurtured in a cosmopolitan sense, she was more than a pretty face and lovely name

The chanteuress was also a civil rights activist who fought for the rights of others, she denounced racism and fought injustice which unfortunately still exists

An epitome of style, elegance, and grace whose charms, bravery, and charisma will never be forgotten; she left an indelible mark in history

Known for her commanding presence, subtle dignity, and strength - she was a powerhouse in her own right

She graced this world with pride and strength; a rare soul and beautiful heart

May her legacy forever shine, cherish, and protect the future generations to follow

She will never be forgotten and always a light for coming tomorrows

Rest in Peace

bronze,  venus.

Author: Mio Seanachaidh
Date: 05/01/2020

№ 1104872

Bronze and Time

My great uncle
Walking our fields
Found a bronse sword once.

Later, he stumbled upon
A stone age axe,
Both dutifully

Handed over to the local
When that man lost his

Bronze sword (or died wielding it),
That stone axe
Was already an ancient

Treasure buried in the
Rich soil, awaiting a tractor's
Plow to toss it up into the

Sunlight, thousands
Of years

Hearts of Time,
Ribcage free.
Seeing sun.

bronze,  time.

Author: SG Holter
Date: 02/01/2020

№ 1085631

Bronze God

Sentinel Celestial being,
Bronze god inferior being
With the complex of a gold god
More than a man
Eyes of fire
Breath of frost
Full of of contradictions
Mind lost in the gaze of her eyes
A tradition far lost
But if god made man how do men make gods
And expect these gods to fit with in a frame
That men made
Ain't that a shame we create frames for something far more ascended
Then feel as if it had betrayed us once we realize we were the fools
Just mundane tools

bronze,  god.

Author: chase philip
Date: 16/12/2019

№ 927957

Below Bronze Medal

You are not the only one.
You can be replaced.

I should know.
I've been replaced before.

bronze,  medal.

Author: E Townsend
Date: 26/07/2019

№ 912629

Dust and bronze casings

That unending
That everything can be taken

The day
You pegged the
Cottontail with

Short breaths
Eyes dart
Quick and eternal
Riding the edge of the
Death waits behind

bronze,  casings,  dust.

Author: Benjamin Woolley
Date: 12/07/2019