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BOX BROWNIE MEMORIES (for my Aunt Gladys)

This is not you that lies before us,

Beloved Aunt, for you live on

In our hearts, our souls, our minds

As the with racquet and a ready smile,

As the doting older sister

With eyes shining like a proud spotlight

On two little girls on a crowded stage,

Singled out and made special by your love.

You do not lie here cold and lifeless,

Beloved Aunt, for you live on

In the warmth of your laughter

And your bright shining lively dancing eyes

And your girlish peaches-and-cream complexion

And in the memories

Of two small nephews

In the endless summer of childhood

Conquering the diving tower at Jellicoe Baths

Or frolicking at Mission Bay

And you capturing all our shared and happy memories

With your trusty Box Brownie.

aunt,  box,  brownie,  memories.

Author: Andrew M Bell
Date: 06/02/2020


"brownie points"

I'm not writing this for "brownie points",
But i think i've been compensated
Somehow -
Yes, my father was abandoned by his
Parents, and was raised by
His grandparents,
I managed to meet my paternal
Grandfather, but my paternal grandmother?
I actually don't know what she
Looks like... last time i heard she was
Living in silesia...
But? i've had my share of compensation...
Much more i guess of a fair share...
I had, on that count:
A maternal grandmother, and two
Surrogate grandmothers...
The surrogates? both jewish
(my mother was a carer for these two
Jewish ladies) -
What were their names?
Fuck, i can only remember their surnames
A mrs. rockman & a mrs. roßhandler...
I remember coming back from primary
School and eating tea at their houses...
Nice old ladies: as all old & frail women
I received a complete collection of
Bernard shaw upon graduating from school
From mrs. rockman...
Poor shit, died demented, and shitting herself
In bed... she'd be more likely to tell
You some obscure fact, than what time
Of day it was, or what day or month or year
It was...
Dementia? i call that free-fall -
The complete un-inhibition of what is otherwise
Restricted free-will: i. e. minding some sort
Of manners - theoretically speaking?
Beautiful to imagine - in reality? terrible
To watch.
So yeah, w. w. II compensation -
The germans only gave jews money,
The poles? well: someone like my mother -
Who was a carer to two old jewish women...
Sometimes money has the same
Compensation worth as handing the victim
A piece of sharp iron and looking
Into the eyes of the culprit...
So yeah... not a bad deal to have made,
Certainly not a faustian pact -
Mrs. rockman & mrs. roßhandler:
The latter, if i remember correctly,
Escaped via warsaw sewers, with diamonds
Sown into her garments...
I inherited some of my fucking books
From mrs. rockman, given that i visited her more
Than her grandchildren...
And my surrogate grandfather's
Monte cassino cross of honour...
My maternal grandfather had honorary
Had civic distinction, some soviet form of
Meritocratic "diversion" -
Crosses, sure, but the problem is,
As he still reminds me whenever i see him:
You walked out the house wearing them,
Like little general, and the other kids took
Them off you, now all i have are proofs that
I earned them, paper proofs, where are my medals,
You little fiend, you pawned then...
Well oops, i didn't get any skittles or
Marbles for them either.

brownie,  points.

Author: Mateuš Conrad
Date: 15/01/2020


Brownie Murphy R.I.P.

There will be no service and no luncheon
When you “now” becomes a “Then”
Just a dignified cremation
Awaits at your Journey's end.
There will be no spoken eulogy
By a priest who knew you not.
No crying yapping relatives-
For none had you begot.
There are those of us
Who'll shed a tear,
To think the old Girl's passed.
But there' s no need to wear a suit
Or get the Limos gassed.
You'll have passed on in your sleep
Having felt the needles pinch.
A far more humane fate I think
Than dying by the inch.
Brownie was a good dog
And often gave me her paw.
She always got excited
When she saw me at the door.
A better pet you couldn't get,
Nor meet a gentler soul.
I'll shed a quiet private tear
When I put away her bowl.

brownie,  murphy.

Author: John F McCullagh
Date: 07/01/2020


The 'Brownie Smile' Song Has Changed

She's got something in her pocket
It belongs across her face
She keeps it very close at hand
But I fear it's been misplaced.
Lately, I can't find it
She's lost it since, it seems
The smile of her Brownie days
When she was young it gleamed.
Little girl with butterfly pins
Her pink dresses and toes
Is now the older, different girl
With deep dark nails and clothes.
Little girl with changing mind
Well, that may be true today
But the little part is long and gone
Now she's got more to say.
She thinks about the world right now
How it's all so sick and old
She understand how people work
Without having to be told.
She tells you what she thinks right then
And stresses all too much
She misses how the old days were
Even though she's young and such.
She's lonely in a different way
Where the people are still there
She's sitting around her favorite ones
This feeling is not rare.
She had something in her pocket
I hope she finds it soon
I want to see her smile now
I want her to feel new.

brownie,  changed,  smile,  song.

Author: Kirsten Lovely
Date: 26/05/2019


The brownie salesman (the codes between us)

Restless hungry, found a tiny scrap of a brownie in the back of the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic about the size of a large 35 cent quarter.
Gobbled up and gone.

Eye had purchased it a week ago, maybe more.
Actually it was more like eye was held up at gunpoint by a sad young face for a large and green single dollar Bill.
In return, was bequeathed said brownie eye dropper-ful.

The apartment I live in a big city, many apartments were recession empty for a long time. But in the last few years, the empty apartments in the building were almost all sold to foreigners.
Now the bldg is an amulet melted of the lucky overseas fortunate, those overseers overseas seizers, who come to reside in the most fabulous site in these United States... and buy a piece of the dream away from the be-headers, secret police or governments that decide you are now an enemy of the state, as of this morning. No judgement.

Anyway, this doe eyed child of estimated six or eight years of age accosts me in our large lobby, proffers me the brownie scrap for a Bill.

Me a sucker of a salesman myself, and an eye affician-doe, well those doefuls, those eyes, no one could resist!

So eye asked her name,
But all she could say in
Anglais was...

"Brownie One Dollar? "

Laughing out loud for no apparent cause,
The hanging about lobbyists looked at me staring...
Why was eye laughing?

Laughing cause eye realized
This elfin child had become
Fitfully but fully Americanized.

And I loved her eyes in mine, and when I see her periodically, I say:

"Hey! Brownie One Dollar, How are ya! "

And everyone snicker smiles at the old man with the even stupider grin upon his eyes.

That would be eye.

brownie,  codes,  salesman.

Author: Bus Poet Stop
Date: 01/02/2019


Brownie points

I was teetering on the precipice
Of something.
Edging towards the glimmer.
Mashing tongues,
You tore me limb from limb.
I'm glazed with sweat.
You baste me in honeydew.

In the bedroom we speak in vowels:
The sounds of death,
Long awaited for.
I died like this every night and loved every minute of it, bruised down to my bones.
I i i, want moremoremore.
Give my teeth a whitening.

You are the eye of the storm
The first leg into a pair of pants
The bone with the best sense of humor.

You left me high,
But not dry.

Accept this broken french as a gesture of my affinity:
Je taime
Tu me manques
Je tadore mon lapin
Bisou bisou

brownie,  points.

Author: Circa 1994
Date: 19/01/2019



The brownie
Scented air always makes me
Want men more.


Author: Corinthians13girl
Date: 15/12/2017


Vanilla and Brownie

Lampions lit
Across your handsomeness

Candy crust
Twinkle brownies
Over the old oak diner
Molases for my thought
Flooded mind

Within the present

Scents - allure
Knows only
Of our human
Joyful innocence - at first

Only afterwards
From the deepest emerald ocean

Desire emerges
For our unsurmountable

Oh ~ To embrace you!

Not with the same
Tighteness as I would
Dream to give life to
I so long for

brownie,  vanilla.

Author: DivineDao3
Date: 13/11/2017