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№ 1210223

Requiem Seven: Please Don't Burn My Paintings

I am art.
I have made myself
Not just a creator of it
But the thing itself,
With all its mercurial strengths and flaws.
If I make my art
About you
I have made myself
About you.
It is the biggest, most secret gift
I ever give:
To love someone
Is to make them immortal.
It is to sing the song of their soul
To the best of my ability
Until the day I die.

burn,  don,  paintings,  requiem,  t.

Author: Mikaila
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210103

Burn the Witch

They come for me in the night
Torches burning, screaming their hate
Calling for the death of the witch.
Drug from my bed, I am flung to the earth,
Afraid of their anger, afraid to move
I do nothing to resist

For it is true what they say, I am a witch.
I worship my goddess the earth,
When the moon is high in the night.
Now the mob compels me to move;
Against strong hands and blind hate
I am helpless to resist

The judge, his eyes dark as night
And blazing with furious hate,
Gives the decree "Burn the witch! "
My body is frozen, I cannot move
I want to scream, but I resist
Unable to stand, I fall to the earth.

The pyre is built on hard-packed earth.
A malevolent presence on this unholy night,
The chosen tool to carry out their hate.
Towards this sinister form they force me to move
Kicking and taunting, for they cannot resist
Reveling in the victory of catching a witch.

My world narrows down to this darkest of nights.
Through a haze of pain and fear I move,
Wishing myself anywhere else on this earth.
Wishing that what they believe of a witch
Were true. I would fly away far from their hate,
Calling my magic, I would use it to resist.

But spells cannot save me from their hate,
And herbs would be useless should I resist.
As I am tied to the stake driven into the earth
The flame casts shadows that move
And dance against the backdrop of night
And fan the eerie chorus of "Burn the Witch! "

Silent as night, the spirit of the witch
Rises above the hate, and does not resist
As it quietly moves from the plane of the earth.

burn,  witch.

Author: Raven Cloud
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208832

Angel Burn

Angel lips
Devil eyes
One short kiss
Burns a while.

Like a candle
Burns brighter with time,
Reins, she's on a saddle
She'll whip you right.

A little touch
Goes a long way,
A hurtful nudge
Burns you to grey.

Kind enough
To let you go,
But only once
She's on the throne.

angel,  burn.

Author: Sasha Ranganath
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1206028

You r a burn

I tip u out afta
Your shift as u sit
Talkin to so called friends.
Swap $ for a more familiar handshake.
You joined us, finally... to burn one.


Author: Dark Fjord
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205200

Burn It To Ashes

Burn it to ashes and stare at the floor,
Until there's nothing left anymore.
Bleed it all out, bleed out the pain.
Flip the switch, you'll never feel it again.
Let it all go, like everyone does.
Forget who you were, forget what once was.
The days will pass, the memories will fade.
Soon you won't even remember what happened that day.
Take the ashes and spread them wide and far,
Because even if you forget, there's no way to hide from who you really are.

ashes,  burn.

Author: Hope Irons
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1202880

Babylon will (future tense) BURN

Time to write a poem, time to write a rhyme
A story 'bout the World, and the end of Time
God's Wrath will soon be poured, upon the USA
To the Dregs your going to drink, from a Cup you cannot stay
You will suffer and you'll burn, in atomic fire
Read the Book of Jeremiah... this Prophet was no liar
Chapters 50-50, on "Babylon" a CURSE
Soon very soon, the River Styx you will traverse
Not the Babylon of old, the Babylon today
Read the Prophecy of DOOM, this is the USA

babylon,  burn,  future,  tense.

Author: Elihu Barachel
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202571

Slow Burn.

Sitting as the wave engulfs me,
Unprepared and trembling.
This thought I have birthed,
Creeps and slithers
Its terrible fangs, gleam of death.
It is time.
Stalking youth, time is endangered.
Youth is too brief, its a vice.
Tempting faith.
Filed away in tabernacles.
Forgotten through consensus.

burn,  slow.

Author: Samuel Francis
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1202409

Let Temple Burn

As if she were a soaked cedar plank
Floating through a sodium smoky sea,
Her body overpowers mine;
Moth into flame protected.

My smokescreen, silver tongue
Marching down her stairway to substance,
White offerings are what she brings;
Slipping into delusion.

The pressure to not disappoint boils,
Like blue blood oxidized,
That taste of copper shuts my mouth
And I am stricken with fear and wonder.

Let temple burn
My defenses fail
Systematic shutdown
Rome has fallen.

burn,  temple.

Author: Cory Williams
Date: 31/03/2020