Poems about butterflies


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Rainbows and Butterflies

I want to go
Where there's rainbows and butterflies
Bunny rabbits and kittens
Where the sun is always shining
Warm and breezy, no need for mittens
Horses run free
Sandy beaches for miles
Not a day would go by
Without a big smile
No one to judge me
Peace and serenity surround
Like a soft fluffy blanket
Keeping me safe and sound
Mountains and waterfalls
Beautiful trees
I pray for these things
As I drop to my knees

butterflies,  rainbows.

Author: GailForceWinds
Date: 06/04/2020

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Butterflies pt 2

(you will say something today! )
Yeah, that isn't stupid
Or maybe she thinks it's cute
When i fumble over my lines
(you're losing time just say something! )
Hey, how are y-
(too generic)
The weather's nic-
(it's raining, stupid! )
(you're fumbling)
She laughed?

butterflies,  pt.

Author: Noah A Baker
Date: 06/04/2020

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The Butterflies

Whenever you're around me, I feel so alive
Like I've found a vital piece of my heart once again
You make me happy, you make me smile
You make me feel the butterflies in my tummy that just can't seem to stop
This feeling is just so fantastic
I wish to freeze time

But this isn't a fairy tale, oh no it's not
You're fading away from my life and i need you to not
Not go from my life, not make me feel alone again
The butterflies that used to flutter about are now dying instead


Author: LostDreame
Date: 05/04/2020

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I doodled butterflies on my arms, and pretended
They could fly into my veins, and they were named after
Celebrities and friends and family, no not family
I let my butterflies
Live, and they lived real lives while I,
I lived a life already dead i n s i d e
And I let the butterflies soar back onto my skin
After every shower scared them away.
I was a flower and they were perched on me,
They were pollinating my strength with kind words
And you're going to be okay
Because we love you
You're our flower and we are your butterflies
And you will be okay. So thank you,
Dear butterflies,
Thank you for living.

R. c.


Author: Quiet
Date: 02/04/2020

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Stepping On Butterflies

We're always trying to see the future
Never looking at our past
Not thinking about the things we've done
Or the shadows that they cast

We crave the mystery, that we haven't seen
To see what road life takes
Marching ahead and never looking back
To learn from our mistakes

For today is only a stepping stone
That leads to tomorrow's door
The signs that history has placed in our way
We only choose to ignore

For yesterday's gone, it's slipped away
And never even put up a fight
So we'll go through life, searching for things
Just barely out of sight

Stepping on butterflies, both day and night
Where ever butterflies are found
But no one's around to hear their screams
For the future can't make a sound

butterflies,  stepping.

Author: Larry B
Date: 02/04/2020

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Little Yellow Butterflies

Little yellow butterflies
Smaller than a dime
I wanted conversation
But you didn't have the time

I saw you in the meadow
Tasting clover and sweetgrass
Your paper wings beat faster
As you flew from my harass

I watched you half an hour
¬АШCause I had nowhere to go
While the sun beat down around us
In the midday ever glow

Then I chased you to the sidewalk
Where my afternoon began
And I said "Let Peace be with you"
As I waved a goodbye hand

Written by Sara Fielder © Oct 2012

butterflies,  yellow.

Author: Sara Fielder
Date: 01/04/2020

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The grass tickles my legs as we lay in the grass and look at the sky
I'm not sure which are stars and which are fireflies
I feel butterflies when you hold my hand.
We talk about the finer points of DC comics and Batman.
You turn and get up on your elbow
I can see a glint in your eyes as you stare into mine
You brush my hair behind my ears and lean in
I can feel the warmth of your skin as it brushes against mine.
You kiss me softly and then again this time harder
I can feel your hand in my hair and I feel you smile
And just for that moment I forgot about the butterflies.


Author: Adrianna Perez
Date: 29/03/2020

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You're dreaming
As you gently kiss me
On my lips
I whisper
I wish it were real
Then open your eyes
After I give you this kiss
You whisper


Author: Paula Waters
Date: 29/03/2020