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Two loves compared
Mine and yours
Your man buys you things in exchange for you to do sexual things
My man loves me and tells me everyday
"what would I do without you today? "
Your man has a few cars
Well at at least my man doesn't go to the bar
At least he's not close in age to my friends dad either
Writing this is even making me mad
I need a breather
For heavens sake
You need time alone, by yourself, to learn yourself
"I've always been this way, never alone"
A quote directly from you
I don't see why a potential independant women needs someone
You've turned to a monster
I don't know you anymore
Going against everything our parents have taught us
Just to hear your man go "cha-Ching"
"I'm tired of getting called a gold digger"
Well I'm sorry but unless you can prove it im gonna be bitter
Two loves compared, yours and mine
My lover and I took time
We learned about eachothers ways
And didn't sleep together at the first gaze
I can prove I love my man cause he doesn't have much but himself for me
Your man has always given you crap, from purses to bras and now will come curses
My man doesn't need me all the time and i don't need him, just keep that in mind.
All you are is leaning on him, money & sin, I mean that's how your relationship did begin?
Don't try to tell me he cares about you
He cares if your staying the night
Because if he cares he would know that you need family too
And that's what he has taken away from you!

buy,  man.

Author: Sarah Kline
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193242

Cant buy love

Money makes the world go round or so the people say
Though it cant buy love that you give away
It can buy you luxury or a great big yacht
It cant buy your love this it just cannot

Love it cant be bought its something you cant buy
Something that you own till the day you die
There to give away a very special thing
There inside your heart that money just cant bring.

Wether you are rich or a millionare
Love is not for sale though its everywhere.

buy,  love.

Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1184615

Buy This Poem

This poem is green
Would you buy this poem?

This poem is do-it-yourself
Backyard garden green.
This poem is save the world
Give peas a chance green;
This poem is azure sky
Squeezing the golden sun
All over the world green.
Could you buy this poem?

This poem is apples and oranges
Farmer's artist market green.
This poem has
Leaves as pillows
And blankets as grass;
This poem is a lil' patch of green
Earth purchase me plot;
This poem is
(after all it has gotten this far)
You should buy this poem.

This poem is green,
Its' tyro-technics
Shooting out of asphalt cracks.
This poem is a snot-nosed brat
Full of SASS
(short attention span sentences)
This poem is the hope of audacity.
This poem is fumbling with bra straps
And tongue-tied techniques,
This poem isn't old enough
To know any better, it's wet
Behind the ears green
Petting zoo pellets green
Willing to SCREAM green
But not part of
A gang green
This poem is all alone
With its words
Buy this poem?

This poem is green
Its envious of
Solar panel studios with eyes on the price
Of a venti economy
This poem is the green-eyed monster
Of product placement pick-o-the profit
This poem WANTS to make
Consumer obedience the easy culprit.
But really...
This poem just wishes it could sing
Won't you buy this poem?

This poem is green.
This poem has no half-life,
Shelf life or
Night life.
This poem exists solely in this moment
Of your imagination.

This poem has milk carton desperation.
This poem is begging for change.
This poem was stolen from all of you.
This poem is not for sale.
Buy This Poem!

buy,  poem.

Author: Swanswart
Date: 14/03/2020

№ 1146887

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buy,  galaxy.

Author: shireliiy
Date: 09/02/2020

№ 1125973

I like lilies; funerals are one of the most concrete, finite things we have. ... Buy me lilies, anybody. (Just kill me first.)

The loneliness set in
When I couldn't fall asleep
I had grown accustomed to
Steadying my mind
With thoughts of you

I laid awake
Wandering my conscious
Dragging myself away from you
No, not dragging, walking

Away from something
I once needed
But can no longer stand
No longer rest my head on
When the loneliness sets in

buy,  concrete,  finite,  funerals,  lilies,  things.

Author: WistfulHope
Date: 21/01/2020

№ 1123795

(In my mind)IF YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT (draft)

In my mind
All things start as one
Become one again
In the end
Ashes to ashes children
And dust to dust
All fallen stars eventually rust
Look up at night somewhere
Far away from the city light
So that the sky pollution
Has not yet encroached on it
Like moths to a flame or a drunkard belling up
The stars of our old ancestors
Both our brothers and sisters of the universe
Shining lights to guide us
To teach us how to move forward
How to grow and sustain life
No matter how smart we think we are
No matter what you believe in
We are all here together
Like it or not
God is love
Life is love
Tolerance is important to learn and utilize
Be kind to one another folks
Both black and white
The skin is just a vessel
For the heart and mind
That we all share inside
Leaving only the old angers and colors to divide
Conscious minds become weak under pressure
Melting like putty when pressure demands
Why do we forget this on
All sides of the coin and evil dollar bills
Life was never meant to be fair
And the earth is made of the beast
Enjoy the beautiful things that you pass by daily on your journey
Life is given free but one still must eventually learn to earn it
The body is a temple for us to build or destroy
The mouth can be a heal or snake charmer
So be weary and question everything
Watch your back
Teach yourself to learn
To reach your highest mind
Armed with peace, hope, and love
The eyes are the windows to the soul
And if you break it you buy it.

break,  buy,  draft,  mind.

Author: SSeagraves
Date: 19/01/2020

№ 1119604

Buy me moments.

Buy me moments.
Buy me moments of frappe and cappuccino where we can have deep conversations.

Buy me moments,
Of love in whispers,
Of tea in small antique cups,
Of life away from drama.

Buy me moments,
That will make me forget materialism,
That will make me yearn for longer nights on the terrace,
Singing songs as old as the museum,
And burying ourselves away from what they call “modern and trendy”.

Buy me moments,
Enough of them,
To make me declare you as my own.

buy,  moments.

Author: Salma Abdulatif Yusuf
Date: 16/01/2020

№ 1108840


Who am I to question why
The hotdog has its name?
I'll eat all I'm ordered to
(besides, they say it's good for you),
But still, what sort of dog is used
That's born with such a shape?

Quick, before my stomach turns
And opens hungry eyes,
I'll relish sweetest ignorance
Of what my meal's comprised.

buy,  product.

Author: Cory Childs
Date: 06/01/2020