Poems about calm


№ 1209663

Calm mornings

I want calm mornings
I want to wake up on your chest and in your arms
For the morning light to wake me up
A smile on my face as i kiss your cheek and you slowly open your eyes to smile at me
The birds are a muffled song
A warmth in my chest I've never been able to explain
The bed creaks as we get up
The kitchen soon smells of coffee and orange juice
Maybe a cat maybe a dog with a tiny little silver bell
The soft patter of feet on the hard wood floor
Our tooth brushes in a cup in the bathroom we share
Yours is blue and mine is red
Maybe ill help you pick a tie
Kisses every time we bump into each other as we get ready
Jingle of keys as we hurry out the door
Promises of coming home early and making plans for dinner
The door to our home is locked and waiting for pur return

calm,  mornings.

Author: Sam
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208992

Calm down

It's OK sir calm down, calm down...
Im use to loneliness,
I canst handle this...

Step back...
I got this!!!


Author: brandon nagley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208268

Calm waters

Fell from the dark grey clouds
The sparkly drop of water so blue
Into the vivid colours of the ocean

calm,  waters.

Author: Taahir Hartogh
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207874

The Calm Storm

The butterfly and the swan, our
Most blessed creatures; for in
Natural painful transformation of
Crawler to beautiful freedom, of
Ugly homeliness to majestic beauty;
What is natural becomes possible and
What is possible becomes hopeful

Upon stormy waters he walked;
But only still waters draw us near
With melancholy determination;
Hearing that voice within, but
Does it direct you to throw stones
For ripples that soothe or to break
Apart the reflective image of what
You cannot understand?

We are anesthetized; for reality
Is no basis for happiness and
Delusion fuels pretension to be
What we are not; and so we applaud,
Loudly, for strangers who wear our
Colors; because what they do is
Our greatness; but do we cheer
For them or ourselves?

To those who sacrifice, it is a
Constant; to those who do not,
It is a moment; but we live with
Our fears no matter who dies
For them; fear because of our
Children; fear because of war;
Fear because of pride; fear
Because of ignorance

What was once a child's kingdom,
Narcissism versus intellect, is how
Adults now separate themselves;
The victory of a beautiful face over
Character is complete; mannequins
Who cannot speak enable those
Without conscience to ignore the
Consciousness of their soul

Silent love, quiet discomfort,
One human becoming God, for
Their blessing is salvation on earth;
But blessings are relative; relative
To where we were born and who
Loved us as children; we begin without
The knowing of favor; what we learn
Of ourselves is where we begin again

Art is not competition but expression
Reveals life; revelation of consciousness;
Our heroes must only make us feel; we
Ignore their flaws but does that prove
We are forgiving or only want vicarious
Pleasure no matter the cost or the
Rationalization of the conditions of victory?

The fisher of men's souls spoke to all
Men; for it was written from a mount; but
What do we embrace? War or peace?
Riches or charity? Arrogance or humility?
When ripples reach the far shore what is left
Is the question that wet living glass asks
About what we see and what we believe;
Because calm reflection is the only storm
We can survive

calm,  storm.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207432


The most beautiful clouds are those just before the storm

Peaceful are the tears that fall before the sky breaks

Troubles on the horiz' seem large and forever reaching

Doubtful are the smiles soon to part after the peaceful dark

Black shadows keep sunlight and blue from breaking through

Waiting hearts and hopeful parts find stillness in the sky

They'll search for the calm before the coming pass

Chaplin's words ring true for those who refuse to let fear in

In the placid moment before the storm effervescent hearts

Hold to the knowing hope that beyond the dark there is

A waiting light


Author: Liz Anne
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205643

Everything can calm

In the dead of winter, a wolf howls at the moon
In the silver light you can see its breath
A rabbit darts, a chase ensues
Caught his mark, blood does pool
Mix the red with the white, such is sustenance of life
Pain from hunger is calming
This is his life.
In the dead of night, my hand shakes, a pen stills it
My mind ignites and pounds
And paper calms it.
This is my life.


Author: Jordan Fischer
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204098

Calm Me Down and Shut Me Up

I'm giving you responsibility
To reign over me
Procure a leash and collar
And guide me
Unruly and stubborn
Is all I'll ever be
Set rules and regulations
Abide me

I'm hyperactive and loud enough
To break windows, shut me up
I'm a neurotic, erratic, a Jack Russell pup
I've given you free reign
Calm me down and shut me up
I can't control myself
Your power is a must
Again I say, calm me down and shut me up

calm,  shut.

Author: Q
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203915

The Calm

In the midst of all the chaos
A hand pressed into mine
And for a moment it felt as if time had
Slowed down to the millisecond

And within that frame
It was just you and me
Just your eyes meeting mine,
Keeping me somewhere deep within them
The whole world slipped away from
Beneath my feet as that moment
Ended and you vanished back into
The chaos

I will spend the rest of my life
Writing about that one second
I will spend the rest of my life
Grieving a love i had and didn't all
At the same time


Author: Midnight Rain
Date: 01/04/2020