Poems about car


№ 1207263

I slept in my car last night and listened to the sound of raindrops on windshields

You imagine a meteor shower
Because you have never seen

One before. and of course, there
Is a hummingbird, of course. there

Is every kind of bird. my biggest
Fear is that the sky will one day

Fall. unexpectedly. not that the
Sun will grow and swallow us

Whole, but that one day it will be
Colder than it should be. and of

Course, the hummingbird flew right
Into your mouth, of course, and of

Course, it swallowed you whole,
Of course. you are sweet like honey

And a body marked, diseased with
Flowers. a garden to your skin. the

Sky to your fists. it is raining. and
Of course, the biggest fear, of course.

This planet is plagued with falling
Stars and birds that cannot fly.

car,  listened,  night,  raindrops,  slept,  sound.

Author: Bailey Cohen
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205345

Out the car window

That feeling
When you're driving down the interstate
At a hundred miles per hour
And you're staring out the car window
Trying to focus on one object
Flying by your vision
But you can't
Because it's all going to fast
And your eyes only glitch
Unable to grasp stability
And everything is blurred
Through speed and tears
While your heart rate escalates
With the cars momentum

That feeling
Is the state my mind is in
Grasping at everything
Yet unable to hold on to anything
Frantic and in shambles

S. s

car,  window.

Author: skyler
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204574

Starting The Car With Nowhere To Go

The scariest part of
This loneliness
Is how much
I don't seem
To mind it

car,  starting.

Author: Ray Suarez
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204260

Long Car Rides

A I sit in this piece of metal and stare through this window.
All I can think about is what lies ahead,
Maybe a new beginning?
Maybe another embarrassing memory past coming back to haunt me.
In this moving hunk of metal I carry everything I need.
All my memories,
And the most valuable people in my life.
I know that anything that happens from here,
It won't change who we are.
The times we've had and the times we will have together.
This thought makes my restless mind settle down more.
I'm still very anxious of everything,
But maybe this is good for us.
We've all got our stories we're still scared to tell each other.
We all have each other.
What we have is valuable.
At the moment all that came too my mind was how perfect this moment was,
I looked at that night sky.
But all i used to see was a black sky always too big,
Bigger than anything i could handle.
I thought what was out there was too much to handle alone.
But now i see a millions of stars and i thought of such beautiful galaxies.
It makes me think that we could handle anything as long as we have each other.
It reminds me of such amazing car rides to oasis's yet not discovered by a group of curious teens,
Connected by sorrows, lovely times,
And wondrous long car rides.

car,  long,  rides.

Author: Atlas parzival syre
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203153

Car Ride Home

I'm in the passenger seat
Next to you
And you don't say a fucking word
And I don't say a fucking word
And we watch the world speed by
Eyes ahead
In silence.

I am content.

car,  ride.

Author: Richard Matheson
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200511

Historic Car

She watched the old couple unpack their many groceries
Into the ancient piece of art which was their car,
That must've carried a load of memories.
The old man hurriedly pushed the cart back into place, his broken boots leaving a trace of dirt across the hot pavement, which must've been from gardening by the look of his dirty overalls that buckled at his chest. The thin strands of hair he had looked almost white against the light of day.
The old lady watched after him, possibly amused in a way. Herr puckered, rosy lips pushed into a small smile, and her tired skin drooped below her eyes which were shadowed with a life of passion. The girl watching felt a simmer inside. Though she didn't know the couple, and could only come to a conclusion by how they appeared from the outside, she noticed happiness must surround them.
Maybe it was because she missed her love,
Or maybe it was because she too would grow old with someone she loved dearly, and couldn't resist the excitement growing inside her.
But for whatever reason being,
As the happy couple drove off in their piece of history, leaving only smoke in their place...
They left her with hope

car,  historic.

Author: Alivia Evans
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1196387

Car Wash Rules

The boys at the car wash know
The importance of what you drive
Machines that make you
Engines that define
It matters how you get there
All the boys agree
Sleek is sensual
Horsepower everything
Hybrids are for fools
Muscled and expensive
German jets
Italian rockets
No one gets laid driving green

car,  rules,  wash.

Author: jafarina
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1195387

When We Made Out In My Car...

When we made out in my car
Did you mean it when you told me
That I'm perfect?
Were you lying when you told me
That I was the first girl you've ever cared enough for
To cuddle with?
Your kisses made me melt as if my insides were fire
Your hands on my waist—
The security I felt with you was indescribable.
I love being with you
You lure me out of my shell.
You make me feel as if I truly matter to you
Every time you allow me the taste of your lips
And I love that

But this is too good to be true...
Isn't it?


Author: Dia
Date: 24/03/2020