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Carry On

Life will undoubtedly get out of hand.
But our wounds will mend;
Our hope will replenish.

Our tribulations will evolve into tributes to our tenacity.


Author: Katherine Newman
Date: 06/04/2020


Carry That Weight

If I used my heart to string up my guitar
I'd break it on my own because I play it too hard

carry,  weight.

Author: Joseph C
Date: 04/04/2020


You carry my piece

We come together
Eyes locked

Holding each other
Chest pounding

Two pieces became whole
Hearts resounding

One after another
I leave my piece with you

carry,  piece.

Author: Barabbas
Date: 01/04/2020


Carry-Me Keri

Tis the tale of Carry-Me Keri,
And how she got the name
On vacation off to Boston
(Of Tea Party Fame)

There's a trail marked in yellow
Along those famous streets
Her father, saving money
Thought they should walk somewhere to eat.

So they walked the famous trail
Keri and her Mom and Dad
And they saw all kinds of history
And that part wasn't bad.

But then they set off walking
To a restaurant on the pier
They were hungry, thirsty, tired
In need of soda pop and beer.

It was very hot and sweaty
In Boston in July
So they promised her spaghetti
So she wouldn't start to cry.

And they continued walking
At least a couple miles
Tears and angry talking
Had replaced the once bright smiles.

Keri sometimes fell behind
When her parents turned around
They saw their daughter on the sidewalk
Sitting on the ground.

€Carry-Me” their Keri pled,
"I'm tired of all this walkin'"
€Pick her up”, her Mother said,
And she continued talkin'.

€You've taken us on this long walk.
Now we're tired, hot and mad.
You've got to Carry Keri
Cuz' you're the big, strong Dad. "

So I picked her up, and I suppose
I thought the restaurant was near
The two girls could get some water
And I could have a beer.

FINALLY! We made it!
(Although I now forget its name)
It was a ‘recommended' restaurant,
One of quite a bit of fame.

€Do you have reservations? , ” asked the haughty mai tre d',
Well... We had none, of course.
€No matter, you can't eat here anyway;
€Your daughter's wearing shorts. ”

We turned around, defeated
But what to my surprise
A cab just sitting in the lot
I caught the driver's eyes.

€How much is it to get downtown? ”
(Though I really didn't care)
I was gonna pay most anything
To get us out of there.

The driver's surly answer,
I remember to this day,
€If you have to ask, you can't afford, ”
Then the bastard drove away.

I carried her back into town
And we found a place to eat
But before we even ordered
Keri was asleep.

So I carried her to our hotel
She slept until the morn
That's the story of Carry-Me Keri
And how the name was born!

PwL 4-14-15


Author: Phil Lindsey
Date: 27/03/2020


Carry On

Dwell not in the past
Nor dwell on what is to come.
Concentrate right now.

Matthew Harlovic


Author: Matthew Harlovic
Date: 24/03/2020


I Carry Your Watch

I've carried your watch in my pocket for weeks
The silver brace stays cold
Mocking my weary legs with its ice-circle.
And I could have sworn I just felt your fingertips
Ticking on my thigh, the way you
Nervously tap-tapped, an incessant habit.

And I still can't change your pillowcase
The one you nestled your sleepy
Morning shadowed cheeks into.
I drown my face in it's solemn scent of
Your bittersweet traces; blueberries and aftershave.

As I drain my soul into its cotton,
I wish you were here to scold me for
Leaving your pillow case damp and smeared ash black.

carry,  watch.

Author: Lacey
Date: 20/03/2020


Carry on luggage under my eyes.

Its not like I don't sleep.
Then why does it look like I haven't seen a bed in months.
I'd say it's you keeping me up at night, but they were there first.
It must be that my teenage soul leaves my body while I sleep and parties with the skeletons in my closet.
That would explain why we're always out of chips.

carry,  eyes,  luggage.

Author: Jake
Date: 17/03/2020


Why I Always Carry Tissues (2008 - the poem I love the best)

Why I Always Carry Tissues

To My Children:

I'm laughing at myself,
As I am prone to do because
Why I Always Carry Tissues
Is the title of a poem
I write for you.

There is a story here,
Of parenting, and responsibilties
That transcends yourself, defines me,
Vis-a-vis you,
Then and there, and maybe now.

When you were small,
I took you by the hand,
The cement canyons, trails & rivers
Of West Eighty Six Street,
Together, we would ford.

Periodically, as Fathers are prone to do,
Your hand, from my hand,
I would release
So you could fall down,
All on your own.

It bemused me that I could see
Three or four paces ahead of thee
Exactly which crack,
Upon which you would trip,
And come crying back to me.

That was then.
And now,
Yes, no more,

But I always had tissues
To dry your eyes
And no surprise,
I still do,
Always will.

These days, they,
More likely used to dry mine,
As I have forded that Styxy river,
When crossed, you spend more of the day,
Liking Back more,
Then looking ahead.

No matter, by right and tradition,
It is still my mission, that
When you need, when you bleed,
As I know you surely shall,
These pocket tissues will be there
Ready, willing and able, fully capable,
Of snatching away your tears.

When you need,
When you bleed,
And you surely shall,
These pockets of mine,
Of tissue made,
Are waiting for your tears,
And you, to fill them,
For without them,
Their raison d'etre is unfulfilled.

These used tissues are my history book,
Re the art of loving, and the arch-i-texture of life,
Of tears and hearts,
And concrete spills,
That need knees to be complete.

That is why you will find me, without fail,
Ready, willing and able, holding my
White Badge of Courage at the ready,
Waiting patiently, for my mission to be redeemed,
Missions known as parenting schemes.

The scheme is clear, even if
My tissues you no longer request,
You will let your own babies
Fall n' fail, then take their tears
Put them in your pocket,
Keep them forever wet,
Like my memories of you
The ones I cherish best...

Perhaps a tradition
We will start,
Unsightly bulges in our pocket rear,
Where we will store our packet of saver-saviors
Removers of our dear one's fears.

If we are truly wise
Those tissued memories
We will keep,
Die among them contented,
Knee-scraped deep
When tears fall...


best,  carry,  love,  poem,  tissues.

Author: Nat Lipstadt
Date: 16/03/2020