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Love Catch Us When We Fall

Live in
A world
Love and ambition
Want it all
Build the wall
Love catch us
We fall

catch,  fall,  love.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1202332

Catch Me

It's funny because as I sit here,
Watching you love another,
I still continue to fall
Deeper and deeper
Hoping that in the end,
You'll be the one of catch me.


Author: Karah Wilson
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200740


Icicles through my arteries
And a frown resting upon your face
Lines losing control
Nothing left to be misplaced

I want You, i want You
And lead bits in a plastic bubble
Graphite poisoning: your love's humor
Wriggling and embracing trouble

She's gone, drunk on confections
And darkness consuming
Chocolate wrinkles brushing birthmarks
A skinny boy fuming

Be Mine, only Mine now
Perch on caulked sandstone blocks
Stitched sleeves will scrape bricks
And bricks pulling locks

Let's don masks and hastily pretend
The atmosphere is painted with limit
Serifs blurring my vision
Drive your spaceship into it.


Author: patella
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200701

Dream Catch Me, When I Fall Or Else...

Falling apart recently,
Hearing music...
Seeing things out the
Corners of my eyes.

Turn and look and there's nobody there. Dark, shadowy figures with the evil feel about them. Feeling tense. On edge. Mood is getting lower and lower and the only thing keeping me functioning slightly is the anxiety! Not sure what to do, what to think...trying to ask for help from friends/family because I know they can help me
But scared they won't want to.

Stupid, stupid paranoia.
I hate this, I hate who I am, that I am this...
Not sure how to cope.

So so scared all the time,
Thinking, feeling like 'they're' close...

Where is the barrier between this being 'in your mind' and 'real'?

Trying to remain level-headed is harder than I thought.
Trying to persuade myself it's not real
But my instinctual reaction is that that works with it being real.
I am so on edge... don't know where to turn... how to cope...

Thinking about how much easier this would be if it was all over...
Self-harm...bad, horrible thoughts. Needing this...pain,
This urgency to hurt myself is driving me mad.
It is not normal to want to hurt yourself...I know that,
And when I'm feeling good, I'm able to keep a complete lid on it,
It doesn't even occur to me that it's something that needs to happen...
I know this, yet when my mood drops, it's back to my old ways, the before ways, the causing myself pain to function part of my life.

Plus, I keep having fears that I'll be possessed
And end up hurting people I know and love...
Not a very in depth fear for the moment...
But something that is crossing my mind...
What if these 'demons' are to try and get the most out of me
Before I die...what if I am used to hurt others?
I almost feel like I have to avoid other people in case
I'm possessed and I hurt them.

catch,  dream,  fall.

Author: NitaAnn
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1197825

Let me catch my breath

My throat is closing
My eyes are blurring
My mind is racing
My hands are shaking
My chest is burning
My stomachs dropping
My mascaras smearing
My heart is breaking
My soul is dying
Though I keep screaming
And I keep crying
They never notice

breath,  catch.

Author: Haley Elizabeth
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196719


Mix and match
We all catch
The eyes of one another
With a wave
We all save
The heart of one another


Author: Ruth Lopez
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1195592

Catch 22

I'll pretend you are not the exception if you admit for one second that I was


Author: Melinda Barrett
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1178724

Catch too much

My dreams
Are dark now
Without you
Darkness consumes
Darkness devours.


Author: Victoria Jennings
Date: 09/03/2020