Poems about caterpillars


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Caterpillars and butterflies open up your own sky.

When you feel down just remember to smile...
Just remember to crawl a few miles.
Just remember to walk and talk.
Just remember if you are in pain, and have a cane.
You were young once, and you're still the same.
Even if you are crying or dying.
Just remember you are trying.

Just remember life opens many doors, and even if they are locked, just remember you have the key to your own destiny.
We're crawling on the ground when we were babies
We're walking and talking to our friends in our twenties.
When we're old and cold, we feel like we're stuck in turmoil.
Just remember to toil out of the oil because there is a helping hand.
You will run on the path god has chosen for you, and that is your plan.
He knows you're fighting, even if your hit by lightning.
You've changed into a God.
You feel like you can conquer world.
You fall down, and beat yourself up but God will always give you another chance in heaven.
Do what you can in your lifespan.
You know this is your plan to reach up to the skies, and thank whoever you want for the unique figure you have, and your beautiful eyes.
Never let the world bring you down, just keep moving, flying, and keep trying.

The tears that dropped.
The roadblocks you faced.
Will be under construction.
And no longer in the way.
You're a demolitionist.
You're a construction worker.
You can build what you want to make you happy, and your family of course will be proud of you.
You don't have to be perfect or rich
You just have be happy, and live life and get a tan by the beach.
Even if you're sinking and drinking.
Just remember make a salubrious stop, so you don't let the blood clot.
You can be a nurse or a doctor, or one hell of a worker.
Your profession is what you love, and that makes God happy and the angels above.
You live one life at a time, and you only can do what you can do.

Life can be rebuilt from the ground...
Your mind and body as well.
Life is a cast, but when it's off we are healed.
You were a caterpillar.
But now you're a butterfly.
Will you be at school, and at work on time.
I think that choice is up to you.
Life has a plethora of routes.

We all have different colours, and you know what that's fine.
You will open that door.
You know you have the key.
Just look in your pocket.
Just don't lose it because you need it for a meeting at three.
If you do happen to lose what you have, just remember there is a way to get it back even if it takes you twelve months up to September.
There is a ladder you have to climb to mount everest.
I believe in you, and so does God and the rest of us.

Life has plenty of colours.
Just like our wings, and we hear our voices sing
We all walk the same line, so let's reach the finish line.
Let's open that door together.
Let's see what the future will bring.
Who's with me just grab my hand, and let's crawl and fly together.

butterflies,  caterpillars,  open,  sky.

Author: Shane Michael Cleary
Date: 23/10/2019

№ 979544


People are like caterpillars.
We all start out the same but we all change.


Author: Lexi Dvorak
Date: 11/09/2019

№ 964518

A Caterpillars Story

There was a caterpillar that had no friends
She feared she would be alone in the end
She had all, but given in

She stayed in a trees
And hid behind the leaves
Until she ate them, or there was a breeze

She had become so very fat
All the other insects made fun and spat
Out cruel words, she no longer wanted life and that was that

But before she could eat the poison leaf, along flew a hunny bee
"Hunny child you just dont see
That one day your gonna fly like me"

She looked at him in bewilderment
Surly his brain was a little bent
Wings for her would have to be heaven sent

But she decided to hold on a little longer
Just to prove he couldn't be wronger
That bee's words she would often ponder

The other insects still showed their hate
The more they said the more she ate
She knew they was right she'd never find a mate

So she made a cocoon, to hide herself within
So she no longer heard the words that could condemn
What awaited her would be hard to comprehend

The bee seen the cocoon, and sat and waited patiently
He wanted to be the very first to see
At what a beautiful creature she had came to be

When she emerged the sun hurt her eyes
Many a day had gone by
The sun seemed way to bright in the sky

But then she got a look at her wings, they where gray
"Why didn't God paint them, why are they this way"
At the bee in disgust she shouted, "You should of let me die that day"

"But my lovely one, you are now a creature of the night
And will fly by the enchanting moonlight
And see many many wonderful sights"

"Besides my hunny chid they're wings
You can now fly to the heavens and sing
Your point of view will now change on many things"

"God painted your wings gray
So in the bright of day
Against the tree bark you can lay
And safely sleep the day away"

"God only picks the strongest
To prowl in the moon lit darkness
He only picks the bravest
That at night can help with the loneliness"

The Moth bent her head in repentance
She couldn't even finish her sentence
For she realised in that instance
The bee was talking about her transcendence

caterpillars,  story.

Author: Pauline Russell
Date: 28/08/2019

№ 953994

Two little caterpillars

Two little caterpillars sat upon a leaf
One was on the top the other underneath.

They walked along the leaf one on either side
With there tiny legs both of them would slide.

They would chew away until the leaf had gone
Then on to another and simply carry on.

They would chew and chew every single day
Until they became a butterfly then simply fly away


Date: 18/08/2019

№ 927184


Whenever I find
Myself thinking about you,
I get butterflies.


Author: Courtney Snodgrass
Date: 25/07/2019

№ 909710

Eastern tent caterpillars

Mid-spring, skinny, black, blind
Eastern tent caterpillars -
Malacosoma americanum -
Falling from the cherry tree
Leaning, human, over our deck.
Irksome. Mash and kick
Them with my feet, continue
Practicing or reading.

Three weeks later, reading
Late at night. Heavy-bodied
Black-eyed, reflexed antennae -
Many hundreds of moths
Crave the lamplight, some attaining
Extinction through cracks
Around the window screen. Vexing.
Until next morning, I look
Up the name that has eluded me
All spring and early summer.

The single-minded moth and larval colony -
One small monophony.

caterpillars,  eastern,  tent.

Author: Robert Ronnow
Date: 09/07/2019

№ 904640

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Dying's not the problem
There's nothing for me to solve
It's in the living
Where we need to evolve

We crawled together
Caterpillars on leaves
We found each other
And shared our dreams

We knew our place in life
And dared for more
We had a sense
Of what was in store

Would it be life after death
Or some kind of revelation?
Like grandparents alone on a porch
We yearned for transformation

How can you believe in what you cannot imagine?
Faith is so hard in a world so unrevealing
We see our limitations and wish for something more
So we separate our fate into a coffin of our own making

Is she thinking of me while I suffer?
Is she sad and lonely too?
Something though is happening to me
There is something that I must do
I cannot share a moment so private and personal
And yet this is about what two people can be
As revealed truth emerges will she be waiting?
Will a memory allow my life to be free?

It is time to fly now
The past is over

Who will fly with me?
Who will be my mate?

I am bathed in a gentle kiss
From a shadow that knows
Of the past and of a dream
As together we choose our rose
For God has answered our prayers
The crawlers have risen
We have shed our fears
And into our souls our love has been woven

butterflies,  caterpillars.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 05/07/2019

№ 898215

Never Swallow Caterpillars

My hands are shaking,
Heart is racing,
Butterflies in my chest.
My knees are quaking,
Feet are pacing,
Speech not at it's best.

My mouth is drying,
Ears ringing,
Too much energy in reserves.
I'm really trying
Soul singing,
I'm just a bundle of nerves.

caterpillars,  swallow.

Author: Duplicate Virus
Date: 29/06/2019