Poems about chance


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Hopes second chance

Superman on kryptonite,
Why because it makes me feel alright,
Like rocky Balboa going into a fight,
As a try to save the world I die,
No obvious signs I'm hurt alone I cry,
I fight to survive but don't care if I die,
If in the end no one cares why even try.
It's a new day today,
For the first time I feel better than okay,
An uphill battle still lies ahead,
Yet im smiling thanking god that I'm not dead,
Round 15 I'm still standing with a chance to win,
Anything is possible if you're willing to go the distance

chance,  hopes,  second.

Author: Bobby forget
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208696

I deserve a second chance

I deserve a second chance
But you were a fool and rush into his hands
You said you wouldn't fall for his trap
I guess that was just crap

We both made mistakes
But come on we could have taken breaks
I have always loved you
Now look at what you're putting me through

I forgave you for everything
For breaking my trust, for lying, and for cheating
Oh I wasn't even mad
Just sad

I still want you back
Who does that?
I deserve a second chance
Come on, let me give you some romance

chance,  deserve,  second.

Author: Vinod Padarat
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207206


A nip on your eye, then two fingers nick
Says a lot on how your Blessings should pass
Your Bang on the Ox; His White Teeth re-miss
Says a lot how your Neighbours listen at last
This such Budding Talent beyond Sweets expect
Must Carry-On still yet keep Handles clean
For if Ages hence would Decay this Respect
Will cast another Corpse to this Somber Mean
Never must such Happen on your Notes occur
Regardless on how Pop-Start Trends relate
Expression be blown; Of Holy Pens stir
Then strike Better Notes for a Better State.
This I Revere; And follow Friend's accept
To Magnify your Heart; Then spice such Precept.

chance,  sonnet,  sundry,  tribute,  wishes.

Author: Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203251

Give love a chance

I know I need you close
But today I need you closer

I know that I like you
But today I want to love you

Sometimes being alone is hard
Maybe you should try to let down your guard

Why are we afraid to love
Maybe we need a little shove

So that we can see the light
And try to open up tonight

So love me or hate me I don't care
As long as what you do is fair

Don't let the tough looks fool you
My elegance will move you

So you, yes you!!!
Don't be afraid

Just give love a chance and your sorrows will fade...

chance,  love.

Author: Flivansa
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1201470

One Last Chance

Will you give me one last chance
I love you with all my heart
Missing you every day
And now i say hey

I think about you
I know your there
Deep inside and i will
Never hide

I care now
And now i know
How you are my dream

I care so much
And all i need is
One last touch


Author: Alex Moore
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199093

A chance is a desicion

A chance stands for an acronym
*A chance every one wants one
People want to be cared about be happy grow old be carefully erupted to escape from bad times to create good everyone wants a chance. Don't you?


Author: Emma Potter
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198372


Upon a chance I have a dream
And when I sleep
I dream that I can keep
You close and then
I wake and know
That what I hold in sleep
I've got to let it go.

chance,  dream.

Author: Lynn Greyling
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1198284


I'll never love like
I used to LOVE him,
But You knew that,
Didn't You,

Cuz love comes in different
Shades of purple's pink's& blue's
Chance's are
I'll never care like

I once did,


You knew that too.
Chance's are
I'll never trust completely
Let me guess umm


You also knew that?
Chance's are

I'll cry again OR I'll smile again,
I'll live like I did before you or him came in to my Life.
I'll try once more to find my soul mate,

Chance's are
Nothing will ever be the Same,
Not with out You,

Not with out Us,
Chance's are

We're stuck right here.
With one another,
Is it so bad
Or do you like it this way.

I your everything

Your Nubian Queen
Chance's are
I'm nothing You thought I'd be,

I'm a lady yet Crazy,
You see how I do,

Chances are
Your already Immune.
Chance's are,
Your not ready

Maybe It's me,
Maybe I'm too scared and scary to be,
More than what

He made me,
Yes I am ashamed,
I let him take away my greatness

And steal away my fame
Made me think
I wanted this for myself,
Chance's are

Your gonna help-
Me to change

For the better,
Let me lean on you in this weather,
Let me hold you as you hold me,

Sweet talks,
While shedding our grief.
Chance's are

Your gonna keep
Your word un-like Him
Sorry there's

No Comparisons
Chance's are,
You'll claim everything,
Even the seed's of another man's

See now that's what I call a MAN.
The one's who really
Love and want that


What ever comes with HER.
Chance's are,
You could be fooling me

In time I'll know and I'll see.
Chance's are
I might just be using you,
But for what Boo,

Trust in us cuz,
I now got you too.
Chance's are,
I'll RUN from you,
Too Infected& Effect

From what others used to do,
I might blame you too
For the mess they caused me,
Chance's are
I'm doing this

Chance's are
I'll let you go too soon


Miss You the most

The love you give to me


Unconditional! ,
Even your touche's



From head to toe!
Chance's are,
I'll beg and plead for your heart
Just to get it and tear it all apart.

With every thing in life thou ain't
It worth the risk cuz
Chance's are
I wont do none of

I might just love you for you

Like you'll do for me,
I might just give into you

In your time of need,
I might just hold you


Play with your hair
Maybe braid it or what ever

Cuz it's there!
I might just let you heal me til I hurt No Mo,
Even claim

YOUR OWN seed's as my OWN!
I might shut the HELL up and let you win A fight,

Maybe just to have make up Sex on Winters cold nights!
I might just be everything your looking for huh?
Maybe cuz you know
Chances Are
Abundant... ,

To be right there
I wouldn't care.
I might carry you to victory,
We might find pleasure in enjoying the little things,

We might make this a lasting thing.
Something to tell OUR grand kids.
You never know and that's the beauty of it
We still try and even thou LOVE hurts,
How do you KNOW

Tomorrow will bring rain or sorrow?
Maybe the sun will Rise AGAIN


You'll fall in love with me.
Take a chance on me cuz,

Chance's ARE... ,

(whatever WE make them! )
Always Me Ayeshah
Copyright © Ayeshah K. C. L. N 1977-Present YEAR(s)
All right reserved


Author: Ayeshah
Date: 27/03/2020